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Sapphire Eve

I had my second shoot with Colin today, we have worked together shooting both cosplay and fashion looks and got some stunning, creative and overall fun results with both!

Colin is highly professional whilst maintaining a relaxed attitude, making both shoots I've had with him highly enjoyable. I can't wait to work with him again!

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Kelsey Wolfe

I had my first shoot with Colin on Sunday, and what a day it was!

Pre shoot messages were fantastic and we went with spontaneity on the day and managed to create some fantastic, and VERY fun images together!

Colin had only landed back in the country the day before, but was still eager to shoot and full of energy on what was a very hot day. He arrived on time and was a real joy to work with, an absolute character in fact, making me laugh multiple times!

Colin's photographic skills are fantastic, his knowledge of lighting and experimentation is very impressive and his pleasant behaviour makes the shoot fly by! We had lots of laughs and have now discussed studio days at his studio in Chester, workshops and much more on the cards!

Colin is a real pleasure to work with and I cannot recommend him enough to models of all experience! He's a gem this one! Cannot wait to shoot with him again and get quirky in his studio!

Thanks very much for a wonderful day, until next time!

- Kelsey

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Shot with Colin a few weeks back!

He was very easy to work with and extremely professional!

Shoot was stress free! With plenty of ideas being fired around from him for me to try out! But also let me pose freely in between!

Pictures came out epic too!

Would highly recommend Colin to any Model old or new! Can’t wait to work with him again! Already lined up a club night and possible second shoot!


Fi Fi

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Carla Monaco

I finally got back to Pathways in Chester and worked with the lovely Colin after 6 years...wow lol.

Colin is lovely as ever, down to earth, fun and a professional talented photographer with loads of ideas.

Colin is one of the nicest people you could hope to work with and great company throughout any shoot.

Thank you for having me and I hope you work with you again soon.


Carla x

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Neeve Kelly

Colin is possible one of the nicest people that you could have the pleasure of meeting.

I am so glad that I got to work with him for the second time. I enjoyed working through his silly' ideas all of which were lots of fun to work on and I enjoyed seeing the results on the back of the camera.

I must add that he also does a superb job at running Pathways studio.

Thank you so much, Colin for everything yesterday. I would highly recommend Colin to all!

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Had what hopefully is the first of many shoots with coming this evening and what a delight it was.

He made me fell totally at ease from the get go!

The whole shoot was so chilled and relaxed, we had such a laugh and got some great pictures.

Colin is so lovely and professional, I'm already excited for our future shoots. 100% recommended by me!

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Georgia Brown

After meeting Colin at his studio while working with another photographer we agreed it would be awsome to get a chance to shoot together, and that we did. Colin messaged to see if i was able to model for his studio evening on wednesday which was wonderful! followed by a shoot on thursday morning. Colin is a wonderful man with such a big heart, he made me feel super comfortable and constantly made sure i was alright and happy! we had a good laugh and both shoots flew by!

i look forward to getting more wonderful shots with Colin and i can not wait to see what we got from playing with those lights!

thankyou Colin x

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Shooting with this awesome photographer is always a fun and epic experience - I got to shoot with Col last week, doing a duo with the wonderful Dahlia Rose!

The images look amazing, he has a flipping fantastic way around his cameras, using the scenes at Pathways Studio is the most beautiful way :)

A fave of mine, I cannot recommend this amazing photographer and human enough to all models - he is ever so fun, creative and the hardest worker ♥


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Bobbi Castle

I shot with Colin for the first time on Saturday he booked me during my studio day at his studio in Chester. We got on really well and our styles and what we like really matched. I love the image he has uploaded and the images I saw on the BOC where looking really good too. I would love to work with him again and would recommend him to anyone.

Thanks a lot

Bobbi Castle

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Shot with Colin yesterday and as I'm fresh to the modelling world he was an absolute star and directed me when needed and made me feel super comfortable and relaxed. He is very friendly and super talented would recommend to everyone. Thank you again Colin... hope to see you soon x

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Colin is super fun and crazy, just like me! Colin really thinks outside the box and tested my creative boundaries and looking at props differently. Thank you!

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kayah louisa

Had my first shoot with Colin last night after meeting him while shooting at the studio with another photographer.

We had an amazing shoot and managed to get loads of great images while having a great time and I've even arranged to go back for one of his group events.

If you get the chance then I definitely recommend you work with Colin :)

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Nicole Rayner

I was lucky to have a shoot with Colin as it was a super spur of the moment shoot. I’m taking we agreed to shoot an hour before we started! Hahah! I’m so glad we managed to shoot though as Colin was SO MUCH FUN TO WORK WITH!

As it was last minuet we did really have a plan, we just winged it! Haha! Colin set everything up suer quickly - no messing about. Bish, bash, bosh, shoot! We started with some cool and crazy fashion, and Colin even shot me with my crazy socks on! Initially the shots were meant to be 3/4’s so my socks weren’t meant to be in, but Colin obviously has a good eye and spotted that actually they would look pretty darn awesome if included, so he captured me full length, and boy was he right! They looked great! Plus we had so much fun!

We did a range of outfit changes and Colin nailed every set! After fashion we went to some crazy shots with a screen was stood behind it and Colin lit it so the shots looked very abstract! Well, the end results were just awesome! Really unusual, different and so artistic! They were right up my street! And I really enjoyed getting so creative!

Colin is just a ball! He’s like a big polar bear! Super friendly! and just wonderful to shoot with! I am so glad we managed it!

Would love to work with him again and would highly recommend him!!! :D

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Colin booked me before an event at pathways so it was a great pleasure to actually get to shoot with him on a one to one.

I have known Colin for many years now and shooting with him was as easy as anticipated. His ideas were brilliant and I hope I did them justice.

Highly recommended.

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Jessy Ruth

Shot with Colin before the studio evening last week. It was awesome to catch up with him and as always had a great time shooting and got some amazing images :). I'll be sure not to leave it so long again before my next shoot! Highly recommended! X

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Charlotte Ann

Had an amazing time shooting with Colin, lots of fun but at the same time extremely professional. From the moment I met Colin, I felt at ease and very relaxed and couldn't wait to start my shoot, he is very friendly, genuine and down to earth. Would love to work with Colin again in the very near future and I'm so excited to receive my images, yayyy xx

Recommend 100% to anyone and everyone 😀👍

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Olivia Vale

Had an absolutely fabulous time working with Colin on Wednesday. Pre shoot communication was excellent and we collaborated to get ideas for the outcome of the shoot. This my first shoot in a full studio location, and Colin gave me good direction to some poses while allowing me to freestyle. He is a very friendly and genuinely funny man who is an absolute pleasure to work with, made me feel very comfortable from the offset and consequently was able to get some stunning images. Highly recommended!

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Lila DeWitt

I have worked with Colin so many times over the years at his studio.

Colin is just awesome. Great sense of humour, creative and a lovely guy. Our shoots are always productive and fun, he is a great photographer and takes wonderful photos. He also makes a good cup of tea. I always love our shoots and now class him as a friend.

120% recommended by me.

Until the next time

Lila xx

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Domina ex Mortis

I had my fist with Colin this week, what a lovely man he is, funny, kind and very talented.

He was happy to let me be free and move to my own rhythm in front of the camera but he also gives great direction. The photos that he took looked great, he definitely has a great eye and skill for edgy fashion and eerie photography.

Totally will work with this teddy bear again. Highly recommended!


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Livana Skye

I shot with Colin for the first time on Monday. I had such a great time. He's funny and professional. We had a good laugh and brews and M&M's!!

Judging by the images off the back of the camera, there will be some crackers! Can't wait to see them. Thank you Colin for a fab day and thank you for dropping me at the train station when we were finished.

Highly recommended and will definitely be shooting with this lovely man again.

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