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I had a duo shoot with Darren in Pathway studio and Colin as always took many great images.

Working with Colin is always fun, and easy and you could be sure to receive many nice images.

Looking forward to our next shoot.

Highly recommended!

Many thanks again.

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Rhos x

Colin was one of the first photographer I wanted to shoot with when I started modelling just under 2 years ago. And finally we got to shoot together today and it was well worth the wait!

Colin is professional, easy to get along with and create such a comfortable atmosphere immediately. It felt like we’d known each other for years!

Thanks for an awesome shoot Colin! Till the next one :-)

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Jade Lola

Had a fun evening with Colin and the gang at pathway studios. I felt extremely comfortable, nice chilled atmosphere and fun shoot all round. Looking forward to next one. Would definitely recommend, thank you.

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Always is delightful to work with Colin. We had another fantastic shoot and was very joyful to try the gipsy theme in his studio.

Colin sent me images a couple of days after the shoot and as I expected they are great and love them.

Colin is an experienced professional photographer and a nice person with a sweetheart.

Looking forward to working with him again and highly recommend him and his studio to models or photographers.

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Darcy Davies

I finally got the chance to shoot with Colin last night and what a pleasure it was. We came up with some colour schemes and ideas in advance and the results were fantastic.

Colin has some great ideas and know what works well in different lighting. From the posing to the props, his creativity resulted in us getting some really good shots.

I was made to feel welcome as soon as I turned up, with Colin being lots of fun, really lovely and down to earth. I’d definitely recommend working with Colin, you’ll have a great time and a lot of brilliant pics.

Looking forward to our next shoot!

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Fae Rose

I worked with Colin whilst I was at my studio day at his studio in Chester.

Colin was very professional, friendly and easy to get along with. I really enjoyed our shoot and he respected my boundaries at all times. He gave me the freedom the pose how I wanted and was happy to shoot some of my ideas.

Thank you for a great shoot!

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Kat Blakk

Met Colin for the first time last night for a club night shoot at his studio. Prior to meeting Colin's communications were excellent and kept in touch right up until half an hour before I arrived! We had a shoot together initially and what a lovely man! He is so chilled out and easy to work with. He gave me direction as well as just letting me move and pose. He is super friendly, chatty and funny. We went for a bite to eat prior to the club night where I also met a few of the photographers. Once back at the studio Colin introduced me to the rest of the guys and the club night began. He made sure I was comfortable at all times and made sure I felt safe. He runs such a great club night and you can see the fab rapport and respect he has with the group. He is very accommodating and also has some amazing props to use...The egg chair! Loved it! I hope we work together again in the future as it was such a lovely experience for me. Thank you Colin!

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It was my pleasure to have a shoot with Colin again but was in Antwerp Mansion this time!

Colin is one of my favourite photographers now as he is professional in photography, nice in behaviour and kind in heart!

Always working with him is enjoyable and highly recommend Colin to work with.

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Evie Kedavra

It feels like forever since we last shot together, in fact it was over a year although I'd worked a club night for Pathways in the meantime.

I love working with Colin because its like no time has passed at all, he's quirky and passionate and will think outside of the box.

Looking forward to our next shoot in a couple of weeks

Thanks again,


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clara 1

I had the pleasure to work with Colin. He owns a studio in Chester. What a warm welcome, like we knew each other. Colin is very friendly ,funny , and professional. I would like to thank him for the time he spent with me and the male model. He let us do whatever we wanted to. Very easy working with Colin. And also thank you Colin for your reference, and i would like to work more with you too in the future .

Very highly recommended by me.

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Had my first shoot today at colins studio and wff hi at a delightful man! We had a group shoot I was very nervous but I had nothing to b nervous about we all had a good laugh and got sone amazing pictures! Colin was a very good host good fun and I hopefully will work with him again thank you Colin love ❤️ eva ❤️

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It's always delightful to work with Colin! I'm glad that had another great shoot with this nice man and taking Halloweeny and spooky shots made it more fun! He sent me all images on the same day and as I expected they were fantastic and was very difficult for me to select my favourite. Because most were my favourite.

Looking forward to working with Colin again and highly recommend him and his studio to work with!

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Lots of fun had at colins studio in Chester, loved the different poses he thought of, I love anything different, friendly, felt at ease, funny , lots of fun props to work with studio lovely and warm , would recommend Colin

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Wendy Louise Howard

22nd Sep - Sooo I had the pleasure of working with my long time Friend Col again before a model night at his studio today.

Col is a perfect example of what a Photographer should be. Fun, relaxed, friendly and professional.

We managed to get so much done in such a short time. Productive is the word :D

I adore the results and had a great time.

Thanks again Col. A real pleasure as always.

Highly recommended still, after 12 years working together with 5 stars *****

I know that will never change :D

Much love Col, until next time.

Renaissance xx

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I had an excellent photo shoot with Colin at his camera club! It went so well and everyone was friendly. Hope to work together again in future x

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Firstly just want to thank Colin for a great afternoon. He is very professional and makes you feel as ease.He knows on point how to get great lighting and how to be creative.(loved the props ideas) Already got our next day booked and can't wait :)

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Fun times! I've known Colin for years now, and been in and out his studio more than my local, and finally got the opportunity to shoot 1-1.

Colin is a wonderful man, with a heart of gold. And I got to see his creative side! He is just as easy going on a shoot as he is out and about, making a comfortable atmosphere. He explained the lighting as he went along, and his technical brain meets his creative side to achieve wonderful results. A true professional and all round expert.

His pre shoot coms have always been on point, whether arranging a group shoot, or 1-1. He is clear about his ideas and what he wants to achieve, welcomed my input to get thise results, and boosted my confidence. Felt good on shoot, felt better seeing what he created. It always helps to have fun!

And boy does he clean that studio!

Hope to do it all again soon.

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Kat Y

It has been a lovely evening working with Colin and the other group of photographers.

It's been a fair while since we last did a shoot and I'm glad it managed to happen again!

The whole shoot was very enjoyable relaxed and fun. Colin, always knows what's he's doing, easy going and professional.

Making sure all the photographers has the right lighting set up for the next change.

I'm Happy to work with Colin, or do a group shoot again very highly recommended!

Thank you for having me.

Best wishes,

Kat. Xxx

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It was delightful to have another great shoot with Colin in his studio.

Very nice welcomed and opened to any idea, theme and posing even if wasn't his style.

Colin sent me images few hours after the shoot and just I could say "wow"! Images are fantastic and I love them.

Looking forward to working with him again and highly recommend him and his studio (Pathway) to work with. Many thanks!

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I had a great time today shooting with Colin in Manchester city center! Plenty of chatting and laugher guaranteed when you work with him :)

I would recommend him to anyone without a doubt.

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