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Helen Stephens

I worked with Andy on one of my last shoots of 2017! I worked alongside my very good friend, Katarina Marie at the lovely Little Chelsea Gallery.

It was such a fabulous shoot to finish off 2017. Andy is a fantastic photographer and always creative and bursting with whacky ideas (which is right up mine and Katarina’s street!!). And I was soooo glad I got to wear my tacky Christmas outfits! (I think Andy is one of the few photographers that can actually make a photo containing crappy Christmas outfits look totally cool).

As always, working was Andy was an absolute laugh and super creative!

Highly recommended!

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Katarina Marie Mannequin

Another WONDERFUL shoot with Andy and Helen Stephens at the Little Chelsea Gallery in Eastbourne.

I adore working with Andy, because even though we plan our themes I never really know what we're going to get or where we are going to go with it. We got some really fun Christmas smutty tat, which is exactly what we were going for, and there were many giggles had in the making of.

Lovely human, fun shoots, epic pictures - absolutely recommended!

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Jade Lyon

Just had a lovely shoot with Andy from my home in Brighton. I've met Andy once before at a group shoot but this is our first one to one shoot together.

He's such an easy person to get on with. Very friendly and polite.

The images looked really good on the back of the camera! Lovely lighting. He bought along an LED light panel to add an extra little light when needed.

He was happy to let me style myself but would help me out when I had a few options of clothing and asked his opinion.

Really enjoyable time.

Also happened to be his birthday so again.... Happy Birthday Andy! :)

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Kitty Dawson

I had a lovely shoot with Andy at Hangleton lane studio on my studio day. He was friendly, professional, easygoing and kind. I enjoyed meeting and shooting with him. I look forward to the results.

Recommended :)

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HL-Studio Commercial Photography Services

Andy was first in at Hangleton Lane on Jade-Kitty Dawson's studio day, arrived early (thank you), came full of ideas and made a great contribution to proceedings. 5-star. Please come again.

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Claire Mundy

I had the pleasure of working with andy on my tour to brighton, i have been very excited about this shoot because lets face it his pictures are stunning!

Andy did not dissapoint! the pictures he showed me were awesome and i loved them!

Very lovely to work with while being very professional.

Will hopefully shoot again in the future xx

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Bad Dolly

Another fabulous shoot with Andy, this time frolicking by the seaside in the sun! I've worked with Andy many times over the past couple of years and can't recommend him highly enough, he's always a pleasure to work with and I love his ideas, he's really creative and a pleasure to pose for :)


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I had the pleasure of shooting with Andy at hangleton lane studio for a couple of hours. Andy was a real joy to shoot with and so incredibly easy to get on with.

Andy was chatty, friendly and made me feel extremely comfortable.

We got through lots of different styles and created some lovely images.

I can't wait to work with him again :)

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HL-Studio Commercial Photography Services

Andy was booked to shoot Serenity at her studio day last Saturday, but when she went down with a nasty migraine the whole shoot was rescheduled to yesterday. It was Andy's first formal visit to the studio and although I was unable to be there in person Serenity let me know afterwards that everything went well and Andy was a super guy. Andy please come again, and hopefully next time we'll manage to meet up.

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This was my third shoot with Andy but this time at his locations which were just wonderful! Unfortunately this meant that he missed out on his hovercraft ride to the Isle of Wight though!!!! ;)

It was just lovely working with Andy again, great conversation, cracking locations and the time went by very fast.

The images that I have seen so far look amazing!

Recommended!! :D

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Andy travelled from Hastings to shoot with Gem at Platts Eyot Island. A photographer with a good eye for detail and friendly personality. Andy works very well with others and is welcome back anytime.

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Natural Happy Woman

I have happily worked with Andy several times and highly recommend him. He is the absolute dogs cogs, loads of fun and open to crazy ideas, totally adore him x I'm sure the squirting ducks will be etched in his memory forever, lolol...

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Honour May

Had my first shoot with Andy a week ago and wow was it a good one. From the first pre-shoot messages he was very professional and well organised, he arrived at the studio in good time and ensured I felt comfortable with all of the levels required before shooting. He was friendly and great to chat to but remained professional throughout, capturing some great photos and making me smile throughout the shoot. Over all a wonderful man with a real creative eye and fantastic skill for photography. 100% recommended 5*

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Highly recommend, Andy is amazing at getting beautiful images. I do not need to say how good Andy is at what he does because Andy's images speak for themselves.

The weather, bulls and cows were against us but we still managed to get some really stunning images. Andy is super relaxed, friendly and professional.

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Andy has to be one of our first victims, I mean customers.... In fact he has seen studio/location change over the years.

Andy had contacted us about shooting on a Sunday, I was unable to attend due to family party, but we were able to accommodate due to his advanced booking.

We here at RiverSideStudio highly recommend Andy, he is a true Gentleman and very caring with his models on the day .


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Cacti said...

I can't believe how far he agreed to drive for this shoot, I am extremely grateful.

I hope it was as enjoyable for Andy as it was for me.

Such a laid back yet productive shoot.

Andy was great at creating his and some mine ideas in location I scouted.

I feel like he could work even with "a cat in a bag".

Andy was so friendly and professional, he gave me a lift too.

His shooting angles are one of the most creatives of photographers I worked with.

Extremely recommended!!!!

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Nicole Rayner

Andy booked me while I was on tour in Kent and I'm very pleased he did!!

I had a lovely time! Pre comms were fab! Andy was kind enough to change the time of our shoot. He instantly made me feel comfortable and happy.

Throughout the shoot Andy made sure I was warm and happy! We did a fab range of sets! Some nude/lingerie and some outdoor fashion!

Our shoot was relaxed yet productive!! Andy had done great conversation and I enjoyed his company!

His images looked fab on the back of the camera and he has already published some lovely shots which I'm proud to be part of! A really lovely man who is happily recommended !!

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Bad Dolly

Another awesome shoot with fabulous Andy, as ever he was bursting with ideas and bought some really cool gadgets!

Andy is way way up there with my favourite people to work with, time flies by between chatting laughing and making quirky fun images. Super guy, top human being in general!

Thanks so much x

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Andy came to my home today to shoot some boudoir, portraiture and fashion. From start to finish Andy was an absolute pleasure- respectful, polite and easy to talk to. He had great ideas of how to use the available space, and we got a big variety within a small area. Andy also showed me the back of the camera- and there's some beautiful shots on there - he did very well at managing some less than easy lighting conditions! Andy is welcome to come back anytime - a lovely person and very accomplished photographer. Thanks for a lovely morning

H x

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Holly Stone Model

Working with Andy is always a pleasure, we shot our latest shoot at the beautiful Little Chelsea Gallery in Eastbourne, fantastic studio, so many ideas and we worked like clockwork.

Andy and I had only ever shot on film, so to work with digital was a first for us!

Andy is always fun to work with, chatty, great fun and professional.

Looking forward to our next shoot!

Thanks Andy! x

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