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This was our second shoot together, I thoroughly enjoyed myself! We tried out a bunch of different ideas and got some glorious shots! Andy's knowledge and skill shine through his work

Communication was excellent as per usual!

Cannot wait to work together again

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Loved today! The time flew by in our shoot. We started at my house and choose some outfits before venturing out into Brighton.

He uploaded the images in the same day and I love them! Recommend. Andy is an absolute gem

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I have spoken to Andy a lot in the unofficial purpleport chatroom but we finally got to shoot when I was vaguely near to him, although he kindly got up early to drive and shoot with me! Andy's pre-shoot comms were great and I felt totally at ease with him. We worked on a location shoot and it was great fun, with lots of conversation. Andy was professional at all times and I would happily recommend him to other models! :)

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Natural Happy Woman

Ahhh Andy, you're my favvvvouriteeeeee!!! I have had the pleasure of two shoots with Andy in recent weeks, the first with Chiara, and what a pleasure it has been. Andy is one of those genuinely creative people that can make something out of anything, he's got the eye, he'll see the angle, see the picture, and make it cool. It's lovely to work with someone who is open-minded and fun and produces such interesting and funky pictures, and he does it really quickly too, (sometimes even INSTANTLY!!) so you get that buzz of having a great shoot and then seeing cool stuff you did together appear really soon, yeah!

Plus Andy just was someone I felt naturally at home with, easy going and lovely company. Thanks for being awesome dude! Lots of love from me and Chiara and the tent and the fox and the bike and the shark x x

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Had my second with Andy today.......well, really I was purely a cover story for his hovercraft addiction!! :P

This time we shot different sets on a beach and surrounding areas. Absolutely love working with Andy as he is so friendly, easy to work with and his images are pretty cool too!

Tried to put him off with lots of steep hills and walking but I have a suspicion that our paths will cross again ;)

Seriously though, wonderful shoot and definitely recommended by me :D

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I got to shoot with the lovely Andy again yesterday :) He is just so friendly and easy to talk to. We made great use if what time we had jumping from one idea to the next.

Andy used a mixture of natural light and constant light which worked well :) He also brought a new camera he wanted to try out and lots of different and fun lenses :)

Andy is so easy to model for and a barrel of laughs. I totally recommend him to other models :)

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Odette Flaur.

Yesterday I had the pleasure of working with Andy for the 3rd time and what can I say about Andy that hasnt been said already ? :) Andy arrived at the agreed meeting point early and ready to shoot, we started shooting and the time simply flew by and the pictures looked brielliant :D

Highly recommended, Andy is a real joy to work with and a vey good photographer :)

Thank you,


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I finally got to work with Andy and I can honestly say, it was totally worth the wait. We had a laugh whilst capturing some great shots. He made me feel extremely at ease the entire time and continually told me how well I was doing! I do hope there's a second shoot!

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Bad Dolly

Another crazy shoot with Andy, this time Helen Stephens joined us and we had a hysterical 3 hour shoot!

Andy is always on time, prepared with crazy props/ideas and always a joy to work with, Between silly faces and giggles and Helen's alien impression we took some great shots.

Thanks again Andy and thanks for letting us go crazy and photographing it! xx

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Dee (Dynamo)

Had a fantastic shoot with Andy yesterday, Even though it was our first time working together and on a shoot which was very different to what he was used to, we got on great and had a fun time. I look forward to having the chance to work with Andy again to produce more crazy work :-) Highly recommended!

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I had a fantastic shoot yesterday with Andy at Chiddinglye Estate West Hoathly, This is our second time shooting and we had a blast!

Andy is brilliant with direction and helped me get the best out of some very challenging positions in some ruins on the estate, i can't wait to see the images :)

I highly recommend Andy! he is a pleasure to work with, thank you x

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DB Muffin

Got to work with Andy at a charity shoot as my first slot and it was great as we instantly got chatting. We both had ideas and worked with them and was even willing to count me for opening my eyes in shots as it was a beautiful morning and my hay fever was horrible!! He's an absolutely love chap!

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Katarina Marie Mannequin

Had a great shoot with Andy at the little chelsea gallery yesterday on my duo studio day with Helen Stephens.

Andy is lovely and very easy to get along with. And he brought CHOCOLATE!

We had loads of fun and really bounced ideas around - chocolate feeding and silly faces in photo booths and retro grungy looks, I think we got loads of sets/looks done in the two hours and the pictures looked fab on the back of the camera - really like the pictures I've seen so far, too :)

I would definitely recommend Andy & would work with him again.

Katarina x

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Rara Goes Roar said...

So myself and Andy have worked together a few times. And everytime we always have a laugh and create some epic shots. We got through a fair few sets and managed to just miss the rain. Once again, we got some amazing images and I, as always, highly recommend Andy to anyone!

Rara x

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Tink Kaos

Andy is a lovely one. We shot yesterday for a few hours, and I had such a laugh with him! We did a bit of cheeky location work then shot at my pretty b & B room after - he's a very friendly, sweet fellow with a great eye for the beautiful image, and I felt 100% comfortable with him. Definitely shoot with Andy! Got some incredible shots, am so pleased we got to shoot. Until next time my dear.

Highly recommended!

Tink x

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Bad Dolly

Another reference for the awesome Andy, not enough good things to say about our shoots together!

Never lacking in ideas, enthusiasm or anecdotes, a shoot with Andy is always a laugh and I cannot wait for the next :) Thank you! x

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Toxic Innocence

I really enjoyed my second shoot with Andy. He is a very friendly photographer with great ideas, we communicated very well and he takes great images. I would love to have a third shoot with him and I highly recommend him :)

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Sister Of Sinister

Always love working with Andy, he is super amazing to work with, every time is always fun, creative and one hell of a blast :)

Andy is lovely to be around, a dear friend and of course I can be my nutty self :)

Andy booked an early slot for my Eastbourne tour, which i think for both of us its the earliest we have worked together hehe and as always the images were awesome and I got to feature my new headdress, which was rather large, but Andy really did it justice, it looked smashing :)

Thankyou for another great shoot cant wait to work with you again its always a pleasure and a awesome experience :)

much love and highly recommended xxxx

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Bad Dolly

Shot with Andy at my home for two hours with Penny Lee, he was on time (and bought milk yay!) and full of ideas! Absolutely love working with Andy it's so much fun and the three of us had a great time!

Can't wait to see the results and loved the polaroids!

Coco x

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Penny Lee

OMG what great fun I had shooting with Andy today! We shot with Coco at her place and I really did enjoy myself! He is full of great ideas and just reallyy is a refreshing photographer to work with! I hope this is the first of many fun shoots together! Loved the shots I have seen already!! xx

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