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Miss Versatile

Well I very nearly didn't get the opportunity to write this reference for Andy,after his comment on my tours thread stating he was busy this weekend I was pretty gutted....but I then received a message of apology and a happy ending was had because Andy could shoot with me,I cannot believe someone would choose shooting me over a football match ;),I owe you one Andy ;),pre communication was spot on Andy kept in contact from the first day right the way to our meeting time :)

The one thing I asked was that the duck had to be used ;) it would be a sin to shoot with Andy and leave the duck high and dry ;),Andy and myself met at Costa first had a coffee and a chat,what a lovely lovely man :),when we got to the hotel Andy had a bag of goodies he wanted to use which was fine with me,Andy is very professional and knows exactly what he wants,his direction was spot on but I am a little deaf and Andy is pretty quiet (shout at me man :p) I would shoot with Andy over and over again with out a shadow of a doubt,thank you so much sir for giving up your free time to shoot with little old me :)

My trip to London was amazing I will be returning for sure

All the best

Kelly :) x

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Jodie Ellen

I had the absolute pleasure of shooting with this little monkey last month at toms cottage!

I can honestly say I've worked with Andy over the last few years and I think this was probably our best shoot ever!

The images were strong, powerful, beautiful! We just flew trough time and smashed it!

Andy is an absolute fantastic photographer with brilliant skills! And an absolutely fantastic person! Couldn't ask for anything better!

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Rachelle Summers

Another super shoot with Andy!

He has such a bubbly, fun personality, always has a smile on his face and brightens the mood as soon as he arrives.

It's a total joy working with him and more than happily recommend him!

Hope to see him again in the future :D

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Bad Dolly

Nothing I enjoy more than a shoot with Andy, he listens to all my crazy ideas and we have a good laugh. So please he was the first to shoot my new hair and by god did he do it justice!

Thanks so much Andy and I can't wait for our next location shoot, I'll try not to make it too weird ;) xx

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Bad Dolly

Shooting with Andy is so much fun, 100% guaranteed! On our latest shoot he provided me with an AWESOME costume, I channelled my inner Mad Hatter and we got some bloomin' epic shots!

Andy is a pleasure to work with, professional fun and an all round legend. Please refer to my other gushing references!

Highly recommended :D xx

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Helen Stephens

I always love working with Andy!

This was my third shoot with him and as always, I had so much fun! I worked alongside Katarina Marie Mannequin at the Little Chelsea gallery and the shoot was full creativity, a wonderful array of ideas and hysterical laughter!

I'm really looking forward to working with him next week with Coco!

Very highly recommended!!

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Amberlin Michelle

I had a lovely first shoot with Andy at Tim's Cottage on Easter Sunday. What a genuine, approachable and chatty person he is. Not only did we get some great shots, Andy is a pleasure to chat to as well as making the most of the space and light available. He has an eager eye for the best shot, and with perseverance we sure did come away with some lovely images. I am looking forward to shooting with him again, thank you :) xx

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Bad Dolly

Just finished an absolutely hilarious shoot with Andy, we experimented with a projector and from what I saw the results were awesome!

Andy is so laid back and super creative, our shoots are always fun and we kind of play it by ear till one of us comes up with a crazy idea! Highly recommended every time and can't wait for the next shoot :)

Coco xx

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Zara Watson

Had another great shoot with Andy in London. He is very easy to work with, friendly, chatty and creative. He has a great eye and I absolutely love the images I have seen from this shoot :) He is genuine, trustworthy and I can only highly recommend him again! :D Thanks for another fun & creative shoot :D

Zara :D

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Andy is one of our regulars, and we love having him here at RiverSideStudio's.

Great Guy, polite and has a great imagination .

We Highly recommend Andy as he is a true gent .


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I worked with Andy for the second time during a studio day at Riverside Studios. Just as the first time, he was great fun to work with - friendly, chatty and creative! I love the images I have seen, both digital and polaroids. I certainly hope to work with him again and I'm sure I shall! Highly recommended.

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Zara Watson

Worked with Andy as part of a duo day with Chiara Elissabetta :) Andy was easy to speak with before the shoot and sent ideas :) On the day Andy was friendly, fun and easy to get on with. We shot some really lovely natural stuff and a few bonkers pictures too, which is always fun :D Andy is clearly creative and has a genuine passion for this photography and it's lovely to work with people like that :) He manged to survive the 2 of us , so he deserves a beaming reference for that alone ;) :D tehe

In seriousness Andy is a gentleman, polite, respectful and I would highly recommend him.

Looking forward to seeing you again soon :D

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♥ Chiara Elisabetta

Andy came all the way to London, to mine & Zara Watson's duo studio day on Saturday to shoot for a coupe of hours - my second shoot with him, and we had a blast. Andy is always relaxed & chatty, yet productive and so lovely to work with. He brought a few different cameras this time, including some film & instax - always a pleasant surprise, and always love working with him.

Thanks again x

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Rara Goes Roar said...

I had a lovely 4th shoot with Andy today at my hotel. As always, it was full of laughs and wondering why I have another bruise. He's so easy to work with and we got some lovely shots. Recommended, as always :)

Rara x

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Artemis Fauna

Another great shoot with Andy! Our fourth now?

Despite the fact we had just two hours, we once again got some cracking images with great variety! Quirky and fun...just what I like! :D

I loved loads of the shots and can't wait to see more final images! Thanks Andy, you rock! :)

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Bad Dolly

Another home shoot with lovely Andy, minnie mouse and trash couture was our theme of choice!

Not enough superlatives to describe Andy, he's refreshingly creative and a pleasure to spend time with,

Thanks for a lovely afternoon and look forward to our shoot in March :) xx

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Andy visited me on the Isle of Wight today, thankfully the weather was on our side so we were able to drive to a large derelict site for our shoot.

Andy is lovely to work with, he is relaxed, considerate, respectful and great company too! We worked through different sets from nude to fashion nude in various locations on site, Andy having great ideas for composition and using the natural light.

I totally recommend Andy and hope we have the opportunity to work together again in the future!

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Jodie Ellen

another wonderful shoot with the wonderful Andy Wilson last month at Riverside! Andy is so fun to work with always coming up with something odd and strange---- which always makes a fantastic image! I love working with Andy and seeing what's in store next!

100% recommended!

So sorry for the late reference!

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Bad Dolly

First shoot of the year with one of my favourite snappers, this time we were being all serious and grown up doing beauty shots! Makes a change from our usual crazy antics and the pictures look stunning!

We shot for two hours at my home and Andy was his usual awesome self!

Can't wait to see the results and as always extremely highly recommended :)

Coco x

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♥ Chiara Elisabetta

Andy came to my temp. home in Angmering to shoot with me inspired by a Nan Goldin moodboard, which suited the location perfectly.. we improvised in a small modest bedroom, then the kitchen and bathroom.. the shots are quirky, yet simple and beautifully framed.. Andy has a real knack for composition and he is able to shoot this right in camera. The shots are fabulous and I can't wait to work with him again. Thanks for a great shoot! x

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