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Adam Mark Williams

After getting worried about having a model cancel on myself and Robin French for a specific shoot. Alisa Rae came to the rescue as a stand on for this shoot, and I'm very pleased I got the opportunity to work with her.

Alisa was able to accommodate a few creative ideas I had in mind, and brought loads of outfits to choose from to make the range of looks as wide as possible.

Alisa was fully prepared, a total professional, and a lovely person to chat too and have a laugh with!

I was very pleased with how the end product came together and I would love to work with Alisa again! Highly recommended!

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Robin French

This was my third shoot with Alisa, as she was able to stand in at short notice for what was a very creative makeup shoot. I had every confidence on her posing ability and to carry the look the makeup artist wanted.

Alisa is great to work with, funny, gregarious and so professional; when the camera comes into view its a new pose on every click. I can't recommend her highly enough, book her now!!!

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Robin French

I had the pleasure of spending a day working with the lovely Alisa just a couple of days ago. We spent a few hours plating with the autumn leaves and eventually ended up on the beach, creating some amazing images in the process.

What do I need to say, hair and makeup is always immaculate and has an amazing wardrobe to fit any occasion and just a lovely person to work with. Can't wait to work with her again and she is of course highly recommended.

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We had a lovely shoot whilst Alisa was down visiting he big smoke. Lots of cool outfits and Alisa made lots of cool shapes. It was a fun, relaxed, easy and really cool shoot with some awesome images as a result.

I highly recommend Alisa and would happily shoot with her again. And I really am liking her new hair style (Y)

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Zach Dodds

Had a quick but productive shoot with Alisa while she was down in the area, great fun to work with and a super capable and professional model! Would happily work with her again and wouldn't hesitate to recommend!

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Quality Pixels

Alisa popped in to us to be dolled up and we had a lovely morning shooting and planning her doll. As always looking great and cannot wait to start working on these images. Recommended of course.

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Anjelica Hyde

I loved working with Alisa and I'm so glad I got to work with her.

We spent a day nattering and dressing up and taking pictures, like a fairy tale :)

We came out of one lovely location and went to another :) I could have happily shot all day as this lady is fabulous company and great fun to shoot with

Highly recommended :)

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Glenn Balsam Fineimages

Had my first shoot with Alisa and it was a last minute thing. I had the chance to shoot an empty flat in Bellevue Clifton that had just been re-floored and painted. Alisa turned up on time with a bag of bits and hair and makeup done to high standard. She had plenty of ideas and I could watch her pose all day. Very fluid and elegant and a few models out there could learn a thing or two! Love to shoot her again as she was friendly and good fun. 100% recommended.

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Graeme Curves

I had the pleasure of spending a lovely weekend with Alisa, finding cool locations, having lunch in a beautiful setting, creating some lovely images and drinking cocktails.

Alisa is quite simply a joy to both work with and to spend time with. Beautiful yet quirky, friendly as well as professional. She also has an eye for detail but isn't afraid to 'suffer for her art' if that enables you to get the image you are looking for.

I am proud to be able to include Alisa not only in the list of models that I've worked with but also as a true friend. Would I work with her again?.... Of course I would, in a heartbeat!

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Jon Downs

Alisa and me did a shooty thang again!! yay!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

we spent the bulk of a day together doing a little quirky and light boudoir followed by some location work around Bristol. sadly the weather wasn't its best but in some respects I think the poor weather (wind and rain) added to the look of the photos - but Alisa is a real trooper and this didn't phase her at all.

got to say right here and now Alisa is totally awesome. There is something about her that brings a really deep beauty to a photo. I'm very proud of the work we did together.

Alisa is an absolute gem - she's a friendly, talented and all round natural model - and such a lovely person too!

I have absolutely no hesitation at all in recommending Alisa and would love the chance to work with her again! :)

thanks so much for awesome day and shoot!!!!! :)

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Yet another great shoot with my buddy Alisa. She saved my bacon as a last minute cancellation in Bristol left me with several hours to spare.

We shot some of my narrative style, which focuses on place and location to incorporate a theme and story into the images. Fortunately we had some great spots and we managed to create beautiful photos together on film and digital.

I'll see you at the next social!

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Chris Cook

After a terrific first shoot with Alisa, we finally got around to shooting again, asking her to give me something new for my portfolio, we decided on portraits with a twist on the day, coming up with ideas on the spot and shooting them instantly, it was a creative dream and Alisa worked brilliantly.

A fantastic shoot had, with a terrific, hard-working, and very polite model :)

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Alistair Cowin - beauty specialist

Alisa is an excellent model and I'm happy to recommend her...

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Iulia David

My second shoot with Alisa. What can I say? She is fun and amazing to work with.:)

She is very versatile and came in time and well prepared. Definitely recommend and hope to work with her again


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MissEva MUA

It was my first time shooting with Alisa, but the second time with this photographer and she was recommended to me as "different", and "expressive" I didn't know what to expect but I really fund a common ground with her. She's a lovely and experienced model who knows her body very well and will help in every way to get the perfect shots. She really rocks unusual, querky, and alien-like looks but she also can do cute and pretty very well :)

I'd love to work with her again in the future and would recommend her 100%!

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This was my first time working with Alisa, she was an absolute joy :)

Alisa had brought a great selection of clothes and accessories which allowed me to play around with colour and looks and she was very open to new ideas!

I would defo work with Alisa again and recommend her!

Thanx for a fab day x

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futura photography

This gurl! Had a lovely shoot with Alisa last week. I said surprise me and she came up with some cool outfits that were well rocked against some neon lighting. As always she was highly professional and didn't disappoint :)

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Sam Goodridge

Alisa was so super lovely :) She is a fantastic model and has such a gentle soul. We got along so well and had a blast getting all covered in sparkles, stickers and paint. Alisa is definitely the type of person I could see doing multiple different shoots and concepts with and have no problems at all. She can be emotive and dynamic but also soft and subtle. Her tattoos are beautiful, unique and easy to fit with outfits and textures.

We've already booked another and I can't wait! :D :D

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Laura Jane Photography

After arranging an impromptu shoot with Alisa, we quickly brainstormed some ideas and off we went. Anna Baldwin joined us to do some amazing make-up and as it is my favourite time of year we thought we would use the autumn colours as a backdrop as well as doing some more edgy urban fashion. Alisa is such a lovely person, very easy to talk to and made the whole day really fun. We got some great shots and I'm so happy with the results! ♥

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Anna Baldwin MUA

I had the pleasure of doing makeup for Alisa on a recent shoot with Laura Jane Photogtaphy.

Alisa is a fantastic model and poses with very little direction. She has a great personality to match too.

She also brought some fab outfits for the shoot which complemented her makeup so well.

Highly recommended and hope we will work together soon in the future :) xx

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