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I had a great shoot with Alisa earlier this month. Good communication before, during and after the shoot. Alisa came with a suitcase packed full of amazing clothing, we had a relaxed but very productive shoot and I recommend working with this creative, versatile, lovely and hard working lady.

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Christian Felices

Had the pleasure of working with Alisa recently, and I cannot recommend her enough. Not only did she travels miles and miles, but her communication was flawless throughout, she has many ideas of her own, and boundless enthusiasm. Takes direction well and has confidence in abundance.

you can't go wrong with a shoot with Alisa Rae!

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Alisa is a star!

I loved working with her, she has beautiful clear skin, she sat lovely and patiently whilst I attempted to cover her tattoos for a project.

So versatile, Alisa is great for a blank canvas to create different and diverse images. She's lovely too!

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futura photography

Alisa is a creative I've been fortunate to have collaborated with a couple of times as a model and a photographer.

As a model she has a clear vision of what she wants and her preparation for shoots is always thorough.

On Monday we were able to work fast and achieve some great pics. Needless to say I would highly recommend Alisa and look forward to future shoots with her.

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Natalie Wood

Such a lovely model

Really great to get along with, talkative which was great, bubbly personality which showed in the photo's

Easy to work with, any hair and makeup look Alisa was cool with :)

Look forward to hopefully working again some time soon :)

Great model and recommend :D xx

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Kirkschwarz said...

We had fun, we had sun, we had chats and laughter and white russians and OK Diner milkshakes and Chinese food and wine and cookies... God, cookies!! But most amazingly, I think we actually shot too... Somewhere amidst it all, I can't be certain but I've found these shots, which I think are awesome, sat on my hard drive and my bathroom looked like it had been totally messed up and miraculously tidied again somehow...

I think in short, Alisa get's the awesome vote from me but just as a warning, if you have a pony.... she will find it and she will try and take it from you!

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Iulia David

I had a lovely time shooting Alisa!She came in time, really prepared and professional.We was also really chatty and easy going :)

I would definitely work with her again and I cannot wait to edit the photos.x

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Jon Downs

had an absolutely awesome urbex shoot with the totally gorgeous Alisa Rae recently near Corby.

Alisa is seriously cool - it was a relatively short shoot for me (just a morning) but I have to say that I enjoyed our brief time together immensely. Alisa is such a joy to work with and the shoot absolutely flew by. She came very well prepared - her makeup was beautifully done and the outfits were varied and absolutely in fitting with the type of shoot we were doing. We got some wonderful shots too - I'm really chuffed - thank you so much Alisa! until next time! :)

Alisa really is a gem - I wholeheartedly recommend her 100%!!!!!!!!!!!

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Graeme Curves

Well what can I say?!....To start with, Alisa is a lovely person to be around, friendly, bubbly and full of conversation. Pre-shoot comms were great, she arrived on time and was full of enthusiasm and ideas....However, 30 mins into a full day of shooting (and after almost a 2 hour trip to our location) that enthusiasm got the better of her...keen to get a beautiful shot next to a running stream she managed slip on a rock and gash her leg open. :-(

Unfortunately this cut our shoot short and forced us to visit the local minor injuries units and meant Alisa had to cancel a couple of other shoots this weekend. Unless you want to shoot a model with a heavily bandaged leg of course!

Every cloud has a silver lining though...we ended up having a relexed meal and chatting over a few drinks instead of finishing the shoot and Alisa is coming back soon to continue the shoot that we had to abandon.

Would I work with her again...Hell YES! :-)

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Jason Perkins Photography

This young lady is totally amazing both as a model and a person. Very easy to get along with lots of fun and very professional. We had been talking about a shoot for a while and finally got to work together on Sat. i love the images we both managed to come up with and I would highly recommend Alisa to any photographer who is after a professional, hardworking, fun model. Can't wait to work with Alisa again.

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Alastair Currill Photography and Studio

I did a beauty shoot with Alisa back at the end of April, we had been trying to arrange a shoot together since we met in October. We did some creative make up and Alisa was fantastic, she was full of ideas, awesome poses that matched the look i was after and so much fun to work with too. I would recommend her to everyone and really cant wait to do another shoot again soon

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dasphotouk Dave

I had the pleasure of my first shoot with Alisa, an evening location shoot which fortunately she brought the sunshine back for! I'd met Alisa quite a while back at some of the local social events and always found her to be friendly and great fun whilst also being knowledgeable about her modelling.

Alisa arrived at the location with a selection of outfits and a great attitude, wanting to ensure we got the best from the shoot. She contributed some fab ideas, and we got some great images before it went dark! I'm delighted to have shot with her, highly recommended!

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Lena Selkin Photography

My second shoot with Alisa (I'm surprised she wanted to work with me again after I dunked her in puddles last time)! This time we did a selection of beauty and fashion, with some very windy conceptual work on a beach. She worked tirelessly through my ideas and wasn't phased by the weather once. I love the work we created and I couldn't recommend her more highly. I hope to work with her again soon.

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Shutterworks Studio

Alisa Rae is a great model, and really easy to work with. She moves from one pose to another with ease and is great fun to work with. Would be very happy to welcome her back to Shutterworks Studio anytime!

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I have worked with Alisa Rae many times with both of us coming a long way since our first shoot together, always passionate creative and inspirational to work along side.

This shoot was unforgivably cold, windy and tough going but Alisa is always professional and manages to pose with her typical grace providing some terrific shots from the day together.

Great company, good fun, always makes me laugh and a good friend.

Thanks Alisa.xx

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Laura Jane Photography

Had a amazingly fun day with Alisa today. We drove out to the Brecon Beacons and had a great day getting lost and scouting out locations. She didn't moan once even though I made her lie down in moss, bracken and dirt for most of the day in the rain. I'm really happy with the shots we got and think they are some of my best so far. Alisa is so easy to get on, it felt like I was spending the day with a friend, not someone who I've only met twice. Thanks for a great day :) xx

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Iona Taberham

Another amazing shoot with Alisa! She's such a lovely lady and a pleasure to work with- every shoot is always super fun and and full of energy! Can't wait to finish editing all the awesome shots we got! :) ♥

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Katherine Velours said...

I had the honour of modelling alongside Alisa yesterday, when she came up to my home studio to shoot with myself and Darryl. :D

Alisa is just stunning and can pull off a variety of looks. She puts a lot of effort into making the shoot work. She arrived on time, bringing a variety of accessories, a ton of different outfits and wigs to play about with!

She is also a friendly and down to Earth lady. We got along from the word go, which made modelling alongside her really fun. :D

Looking forward to working with her again some time in the future.

Highly Recommended. x

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All Those Yesterdays said...

Yesterday was my first shoot with Alisa!

She arrived with a variety of different outfits and wigs for the shoot. This made shooting her so much fun, as we had a completely different look for each set we did. :D

Alisa is a professional model and knows how to play to her strengths, analysing her performance to get the best shot. She has a slim physique and a stunning face for portrait work.

I'm so happy with the results we got from the shoot and would definitely rebook for another shoot.

Highly recommended!

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Darryl J Dennis

I finally had the chance to work with Alisa at the weekend, and it was worth the wait.

Full of ideas and energy, Alisa made the shoot extremely creative and fun. She also put up with all the cold and all the mud without complaint. Total professional. :)

Hope to work with this talented model again soon.

Highly recommended.

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