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I had my first shoot today with Alicia at the Boardroom in Derby. I contacted Alicia due to a cancellation it was very short notice and she was more than happy to shoot within a couple of hours. I am so glad I did contact her because what a Gem I've found.!! Really fast pre shoot communication, Alicia arrived on time with some amazing outfits and lingerie I got the exact look I wanted.

Alicia is such a fantastic person, such a lovely personality, bubbly and so easy to talk to, she requires little direction and her poses are brilliant a very professional model, needless to say we got some fantastic images.

I will certainly be shooting with her again and I recommend her one hundred per cent.!!

Thank you Alicia for a fantastic day.!!


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Images (Ray H )

A much over due first 1-2-1 with Alice, .We have worked group before and now at last a dream shoot with this professional Model. Timely, great comms and all you would expect from this talented model. Alice and I had a fun time and from a basic shoot plan we had a great shoot .all flowed very well ,a delightful 150 mins of creative work many thanks Alice ,I look forward to the location shoot we discussed. Highly recommended to all members ,Alice is a delight to work with ,many surprise poses my camera has not captured before .memorable for sure .. Ray H

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Had a Wonderful Shoot with Alicia. Pre-Comms was great, she arrived Prepared with a Great Selections of Outfits.

She was super easy to work, Communicated to ensure we achieved the shoot vision and worked well with and without direction.

Wonderful to talk to as we went through the Shoot, which was my first in over a Year. Really enjoyed working with Alicia, and can't wait to shoot with her again.

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My first shoot with Alice for almost two years, and it was great to catch up with her again!

We have shot together a number of times now, and it is always fun to work with her. Pre-shoot communication is always good and we discussed ideas for outfits and sets in advance.

As always, Alice is prepared with beautiful lingerie and outfits, and we shot some lovely boudoir and art nude images. Alice always has great input into the shoot, with lots of ideas for looks and styles.

Highly recommended by me and would love to work together again soon :)

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Big Shot Studio

I met Alicia for the first time yesterday and I found her to be a really lovely and easy going person. She attended the studio with a photographer and what struck me was that she really went out of her way to participate in the shoot and make sure the photographer was getting images he was happy with. She was genuinely interested in the creative process of working with the photographer and in my book that is a model who cares a lot about what she does. It is nice to see a model who has such enthusiasm for what the photographer is trying to achieve. Alice has a great look and is very professional in her attitude and she is obviously a very versatile model as her portfolio shows. I would have no hesitation in recommending Alice to photographers or studios alike. It was lovely to meet you yesterday Alice. :)

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BD Media

I've had the pleasure of shooting Alicia twice for website publications and she is every bit the professional, beautifully presented with a great camera presence and a wide varied wardrobe. Alicia is an experienced model which makes her very easy to shoot, she also has experience behind the camera which is always helpful.

Highly recommended from me and I look forward to future shoots :)

BD x

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In Search of That Perfect Shot..............

Had a fabulous shoot with Arabella and Alicia K at the Boardroom, Derby. Both gave 110% to the shoot. They worked hard to get the set that would be suitable for the shoot and were great lighting technicians too (this being a remote shoot). Awesome wardrobe and posing - was lovely to meet both of them for the first time. Hope we shoot again sometime. Thank you ladies - Best wishes Jann

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Finally got around to shoot the wonderful Alicia !

Great clear, concise and speedy pre shoot comms allowed us to plan the shoot and me book the Studio in double quick time.

Alicia arrived early at the studio, hair, makeup, nails done as requested to perfection. She bought her extensive collection of high end lingeries that we used with great effect.

It was clear from the first frame we were in for a great shoot. Alicia is very passionate about her modelling and strives to achieve stunning results (checking makeup and other attention to detail) which makes for a great collaborative shoot.

Bundles of lovely poses with lots of subtle variation ensured each frame was unique. The subtle variation in poses was accompanied with an astonishing work rate.

Alicia maintained her commitment and enthusiasm through a long but fun packed relaxed shoot.

Stunning poses and resulting images from the 1st frame to the last.

Highly highly recommended. Thanks Alicia for a truly fantastic chart topping shoot. A+ results from an A+ model !

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SiNiMi Photography

This was my 2nd photoshoot with Alicia, it had been too long since our first, nearly 2 years ago!!

I think it fair to say we had a pretty awesome photoshoot, we were working at the equally awesome Thurston Lodge, and captured lots of great images.

Having edited the first few images from this shoot, I can safely say that I'm very happy with the results, Alicia is a fabulous model - as her portfolio demonstrates, with great range and effortless posing ability.

Alicia is a joy to work with: easy to get along with, and chat to, a creative individual who works tirelessly throughout the shoot, works collaboratively with the photographer and is extremely helpful in coming up with ideas throughout the shoot.

I hope to work with Alicia again in the future, and I hope it won't take another 2 years for us to get that 3rd photoshoot arranged!

Thank you Alicia for a great shoot.

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Alicia's one of those models who are so low-key that you almost don't notice them until you look at the images. Then you thinkk 'WOW!'

She ran a casting call for dong duo worh with Arabella (who I've known for some years) and I booked them. I'm so glad that I did.

Some models fake a relationship in front of the camera. Some display a range of limitations. The best models display a credible, natural look next to another model, completely at ease with themselves and each other, and working confidently within their chosen range of styles and levels.

Alicia, with Arabella, if firmly in the latter category. They are beautifully matched, physically, and work together with absolute confidence, and a chemistry and elegance that are entirely enviable.

Add to that careful, clear and precise comms, punctuality, and a really lovely personality and you have Alicia. Book her. And if you can, book her alongside Arabella. You won't regret it!

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Finally got to work with Alicia and my goodness what a pleasure to work with her! We met at a Lensmaidens Tankspace shoot, which involved underwater photography, Alicia was incredibly determined and adapted well to a new environment in the water.

She has a warm and lovely personality and is able to convey a range of emotions and passion into her posing. An absolutely incredible model and soul who I cannot wait to work with in the future!

I would highly recommend her to anyone!

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Elle Jones Photography

What a beautiful lady inside and out! This was my first time working with Alice and I was blown away by her professionalism, her beauty and how easily she posed. Myself, Arabella, Phil and Alice worked together at The Boardroom and we all worked so well as a team. We can chat freely and I feel happy to ask her opinion on anything. She is a joy to work with and just fun to be around.

She was also so kind enough to drive me home, I felt safe in her car and her driving is really great. She is a lovely lady as well as talented model and photographer.

I would highly recommend her to anyone! Thanks Lovely! X

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I had the pleasure of doing a duo shoot with Alice. She has such an easy, pleasant personality that made shooting relatively stress-free. Her experience really shows through when the camera is there, and as a newer model I learned a lot just from watching her. She also once again did my makeup excellently. We already have another shoot concept lined up and I can't wait to work with her again ♥

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Another amazing shoot with Alicia - this lady never fails to impress, with such fluidity and imaginative posing, flawless styling and a warm persona.

I absolutely adore working with her and would happily do so every day if time permitted!

I've already written a lot of these references so I'm sure that the above is clear anyway but hey, it bears repeating!

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Had another great shoot with Alice, this time working on some outdoor winter styles in beautiful Derbyshire.

As always Alice is lovely to work with, polite,friendly and easy to chat to. We shot in a very pretty location and were lucky with some lovely December sunshine. Alice was prepared with a couple of changes of styles to ensure we had some different looks, and i was really pleased with the results!

Alice is highly recommended by me, and hope to shoot together again in 2020! :)

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James Box

What a delight it was to have a shoot with Alicia & Arabella when they came to Utrecht, Holland.

Alicia is a great model, and despite me being the last photographer of a long weekend, Alicia was totally professional, working towards getting the best shot possible.

Alicia takes direction well, but comes up with her own ideas, and on top of all that we had fun during the shoot. Time flew by.

What more could you ask for, everyone happy.

Genuinely a great model to work with, and given the chance I would work with Alicia again.

Pretty obvious I think that I can highly recommend Alicia.

Thank You :-)

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When Alicia and Arabella were in Holland recently, I had an opportunity to do a shoot with them in their rented apartment.

They were both very nice to work with, and it showed immediately that they like to pose solo as well as a duo. They both picked up my suggestions quite well, and had a number of ideas themselves.

The hours flew by - so we had fun - while creating some nice images...

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Louis Sauter

I had a shoot with Alice and Arabella in Utrecht yesterday. The ladies had a perfect apartment in Utrecht. I was received very nicely. We have made beautiful photos in a relaxed atmosphere. My models have inspired me with their feedback and their perseverance. It was a useful and pleasant afternoon.

Thank you ladies!



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It was my first time to do a shoot with this beautiful lady. Alicia did a trip together with Arabella and for me the possibility to do a duoshoot. What a wonderful duo and good energy those two ladies have. There were several ideas to work out and it was awesome. Alicia is very pleasant model to create something beautiful , just as she is.

Thank you again , hope to see you next time here in Holland.

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Penny Banks

I had a wonderful day shooting with Alicia who was an absolute pleasure to work with. Had an absolute blast bouncing ideas off each other - Alicia is incredibly personable and friendly while maintaining a high level of professionalism. Can't wait to do it again!

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