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Rapture Photography

I'd been wanting to work with Alicia since I first saw an image of her. Alicia is an outstanding ethereal beauty who oozes sophistication. She is truly stunning.

It seems like an age since we'd been talking about working together and we finally arranged a shoot with Arabella at Arabella's home.

Alicia in person didn't disappoint. A truly lovely lady who is really easy to get along with and has the warmest smile.

Alicia's modelling skills are second to none. She knows exactly what looks great, whether it's lifestyle/fashion or lingerie/art nude. She also works wonderfully with Arabella so if you get the chance to shoot them together, take it!

We didn't even touch the sides of what I was hoping to capture during our 'getting to know each other' shoot so I hope I'm able to make amends in the future.

Alicia is wonderful and comes with no higher recommendation xxx.

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RLC Photographer

This was my first studio shoot with Alicia. I’d shot video content with her a while back. Sorting the shoot was very easy, communication was great and she recommended a studio which was great. We bounced ideas off each other well and Alicia had brought a good range of outfits and was very patient as I fine-tuned ideas. As well as being incredibly beautiful, she’s very kind, easy going and friendly. She even picked me up from the train station and took me back. A wonderful model and lovely person, totally recommended from me.

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Had another great shoot with Alicia at OpenSpace studio.

We always discuss beforehand the sort of styles that we want to shoot, which helps the session flow nicely.

We worked on some art nude and lingerie sets, for which Alicia was well prepared with some beautiful lingerie.

As always, Alicia is very polite, creative and enthusiastic, which makes her lovely to work with.

Highly recommended and would love to work with her again soon! :)

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Alicia and I worked together on a shoot and she was a star to work with ^.^ Would definitely reccomend her and cant wait to work together again x

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Worked with Alicia for the third time, and second time as a duo shoot with Arabella. This time spending half a day at the lovely Sandon Studio.

As always communication was great beforehand, discussing ideas for clothes and styles, so the ladies were well prepared with a nice selection of outfits.

Alicia is lovely to work with. Very polite, easy to talk to, hard working and creative, with lots of ideas for shots and styles as well.

She always looks great across a range of styles, from beautiful lingerie to fashion & casual, as well as having a stunning figure for art nude shots.

I would highly recommend Alicia to everyone, and hope i get the chance to work with her again in the future :)

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(Alanj and FemmeArt)

We had the pleasure of a shoot with Alicia, as part of a duo shoot with Arabella, recently and what a pleasure it was, too!

Once again, Alicia wowed us, not only with her obvious beauty but with her intelligent and sensitive interpretation of the ideas presented and her ability to follow us into the story adding her own brilliant ideas and wonderful creativity.

Alicia is a lovely, creative soul and we just can't recommend her highly enough and can't wait to shoot with her again! Thank you, Alicia.

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Had a wonderful duo shoot with Alicia and Arabella at OpenSpace studio.

We had good communications beforehand, discussing the sort of sets and outfits to shoot.

Alicia is always lovely to work with. Very friendly, chatty and confident in her posing. Arabella and herself bought some lovely outfits and lingerie, and were always well co-ordinated! :)

The two ladies work really well together and we shot a great mix of sets and styles.

I would highly recommend Alicia to everyone and look forward to working with her again soon.

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John Chapman

I had a very enjoyable shoot with Alicia yesterday. This was our first 1-2-1, although I had shot her briefly before on a group event and she has been at the top of my WTWW list for a while.

We had discussed a few ideas in advance and Alicia came armed with everything she needed. The shoot itself was a very relaxed time (just how I like it) and I have come away with a card full of images that I am very happy with.

I found Alicia to be a very professional model, knows her own poses but happy to take direction when given and is very easy to get on with. Great company to spend a few hours with.

I am happy to recommend Alicia very highly to any photographer and hope that I can be fortunate enough to work with her again sometime.

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Ken Hudson photography

I have been working with Alicia for a few years now and she is one of my all time favourites. She is very professional but also very friendly easy to talk to and get on with. Always on time with plenty of outfits, great to direct but can also pose on her own if needed.

Highly recommended, thanks Alicia for another great shoot.

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This was my second shoot with Alicia, this one was at her studio day at Pauls-Studio. Alice is a first rate professional model,give her a theme and she will work through that theme posing freely without direction and will respond to your ideas and direction.She can offer interesting ideas of her own which makes the shoot a real collaboration between model and photographer.Alicia has a charming and friendly personality,I enjoyed our shoot together so much,two hours is not long enough.

I sincerely hope that everything goes well for you Alicia in the next few months and that you will be fit and 'jumping for joy'again soon.

I look forward to the time when I can work with Alicia again.

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This was our second shoot and I hope we get a third shoot in before the year ends! We shot in studio this time and worked through a variety of ideas and lighting setups. Alice was charming and professional throughout, making every effort to make even my more woeful ideas work :) She made my better ideas come to life far better that I could have hoped! Everytime we shoot Alicia confounds by expectations. That's incredibly motivating and I hope we get to shoot many more times in the future.

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Guy Clix

Great shoot with Alicia at Paul's Studio a couple of weeks back. Alicia has great looks, is very friendly, professional and good at posing and we tried different studio sets and lighting effects on the day to create some great pictures.

Definitely like to work with Alicia again.

Highly recommended.

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This was my 1st shoot with Alicia. We shot at Paul's studio. A fantastic shoot and I am really pleased with the results. Alicia poses well, has great ideas and takes direction easily. Alicia is professional and a pleasure to work with. I look forward to working with Alicia again. Highly recommended. Thank you Alicia.

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Today I had my first shoot with Alicia. She's a model who caught my eye long ago, but I was not able to photograph her because of the distance between us. I was going to be in Sheffield this week and, at long last, managed to arrange a shoot.

There's a saying that "no one's perfect." Alicia rather disproves this saying; she's perfect in almost every way.

Beauty: Alicia has a great natural beauty with a stunning face and lovely figure. A great model indeed.

Outfits: I'm interested in lingerie and Alicia brought a very nice range. Much of her lingerie was very high-quality stuff. Simply excellent.

Posing: Alicia is good at posing and she was able to move from pose to pose effortlessly. She required little input from me, and made many suggestions of her own.

Professionalism: One of the outstanding characteristics of Alicia was that she wanted to do a good job. She's no clock-watcher and was virtually the only model I've worked with who suggested we time the session from when we started taking photographs and not when she arrived or put makeup on. Moreover, she didn't look at the clock and was happy to continue the shoot until I was happy.

Personality: Alicia was one of the models I've enjoyed working with most. She's very intelligent and interesting to talk to, and she has a remarkable personality. I can think of few human beings I'd rather spend a few hours with.

So, I can't recommend Alicia more highly. She's be a wonderful model for the beginner or expert photographer.

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I was lucky enough to get to shoot with Alicia again recently and as usual, she delivered pure elegance and class to me in a way that only she can.

I LOVED her hair and makeup, she had done a vintage look which I was very excited to capture with a classic hollywood clamshell lighting set up.

You can see the experience in the way that she moves, gives her signature looks and flows from pose to pose with pure ease.

I also happen to think she is one of the most lovely people on the planet so there's that too!

Thanks for letting this lil photo slug work with you again!

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I actually ended up working with Alicia when I needed help fixing my makeup at a group shoot. In the end she not only made my makeup look amazing, but photographed me as well! I was blown away by her MUA knowledge, and her ability to clearly direct poses from her extensive modeling experience made shooting with her a breeze. I heartily recommend Alicia because she is multi-talented, incredibly professional, and overall so lovely to be around.

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I worked with Alice for the first time at Saracen house studio and was totally blown away with everything about her .

Lice arrived early with a big smile and an amazing personality which put a huge smile on my face .

Polite , friendly , chatty and most of hard working to make sure we got the perfect shot for each style and lighting set up we used .

Alice is someone I would work with time and time again without hesitation

Thank you x

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Saracen House Studio

Chuffed to bits to have met Alicia for the first time this week, as she was here for her shoot with TNR Photography at our studio.

Supremely professional, yet totally approachable and relaxed; clearly a brilliant model with a great understanding of light and angles and the shots that TNR got were simply stunning.

Hoping that Alicia will be back at Saracen House again soon, but in the mean time I wouldn't hesitate for a second to recommend her to any studio or photographer.

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I'm not sure any reference I could write will reflect my enjoyment and image quality from yesterday's shoot with Alicia! Needs must though ... First, Alicia is charming, professional and easy to get along with. We shot in a, small, hotel room and then on location in a very busy country park. She was equally wonderful in both locations :). I'm very impressed with the hotel work: small location, limited options, limited light, new photographer. Not easy, particularly nudes, yet she rocked it! Thanks Alicia, I hope we shoot again soon.

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Alicia and I had an excellent shoot yesterday. We'd been talking about working together for a while. Alicia's comms are excellent, clear, friendly and enthusiastic.

In person Alicia is great, all smiles and fun. She seems a very relaxed person, easy to get on with, yet more than capable of working at a good pace without direction, yet takes it readily if it's offered.

Alicia looks great as you can see from her images, on top of which her make up and styling skills are excellent. Alicia arrived with a fantastic selection of lingerie, though her having suggested we focus on nude, some of it was a little redundant :-) The weather was kind and we managed both of our first outdoor nude set of the season!

I'm delighted with the images and look forward to editing them. Hopefully the first of many shoots. Thanks for coming Alicia. Highly Recommended.

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