With the current (Covid-19) situation, many of us are changing the way we work and/or diversifying the type of work we do in order to adapt and survive. Remote shoots becoming increasingly popular is one example of this, and we are working on ways to facilitate this kind of work on PurplePort. Another example is the sharing of images (such as RAW files) for others to edit and the editing of other people’s work (with permission). 

New groups created

Below are the new groups we’ve created. These groups are open to all account types.

Images/Edits Sharing group

The sharing/editing of images (RAW or otherwise) is a great way to upgrade skills, discover something new, or just have some fun. We’ve created a new group specifically for this purpose called Images/Edits Sharing

Remote Shoots

With the rise in popularity of shooting remotely, we’ve created a new group called Remote Shoots which is dedicated to this topic. Use this group to share experiences, provide tips, and help others.  

Success Stories

This is a group we have wanted to create for some time and now seemed like a good time to do it. Whatever your success - be it winning something, achieving a goal, getting published somewhere, or learning a new talent - share it with the PurplePort community in the Success Stories group.

Guidance for images uploaded to account types

We’ve seen a variety of account types participate in the editing of images, not just those who have existing Photoshop wizard accounts, Although we have allowed some leniency with certain rules on PurplePort due to the current (Covid-19) situation (e.g. short notice cancellation references), we must keep to the usual rules for uploading work to your account which is relevant to whichever account type you have. This includes work that you’ve edited, depending on your own account type. 

The separation of account types is integral to how PurplePort works. A relaxation of this would (amongst other things) weaken our Search feature and frustrate anyone browsing those portfolios affected on site.

We’ve updated our Image Upload Guidelines and created a new article to help re-emphasise the importance of the existing rules for images which can be uploaded to account types. The article is called What kind of work can I upload to my portfolio?. This article also explains how you can share work on PurplePort that is not relevant to your account type. 

Images which are not relevant to your account type will be deleted, and images which show work completed by someone else could up getting your account banned from PurplePort (e.g. due to copyright infringement). It’s really important that you keep the images uploaded to your portfolio relevant to that account type. This applies to all account types, and there are very few exceptions to this rule (which are outlined in the article mentioned above).

Need help? 

Remember, if you are ever unsure about something, please feel free to contact the PurplePort Admin Team directly via support ticket.

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