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Images/Edits Sharing

This group is owned by PurpleBot and was created 1588670786. It is open to the public and currently has 65865 members.

Whether you want to share images for others to edit or you want to have a go at editing other people’s images yourself, this group is the place for you. Upgrade skills, discover something new, or just have some fun.

This is not a review/critique group. If you would like feedback on your work, use either of the Portfolio Review or Single image critique groups for this. 

Useful articles

  • The type of images you can upload to PurplePort: You must only upload images to the portfolio on your PurplePort account that are relevant to your account type. There's information about the type of images you can upload to your portfolio (depending on your account type) in the article What kind of work can I upload to my portfolio? 

  • How to share images on PurplePort: You can share images in group posts, either directly from your PurplePort account or from somewhere offsite. The different ways to do this are outlined in the article How can I add images to group posts, messages etc?

Sharing images in this group

Files (e.g. RAW) for others to edit

You can share links to dropbox, free downloads on websites, or other methods.

Images you've edited 

There are two ways you can share your edits: 

  • Upload your edits to your Photoshop wizard account: If you have a Photoshop wizard account already, you can upload your edits directly to the portfolio on this account and share those images in this group. If you don't have a Photoshop wizard account, you can always create one. A Photoshop wizard account enables you to upload your edits of other people's work (with permission) directly on PurplePort.
  • Upload your edits offsite: If you would like to share your edits, but you don't have a Photoshop wizard account (and would prefer not to create one), you can upload these images off-site and share links to those edits in this group.

Check out our guide to posting in groups.