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What Is Plus-Size And Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio!

What Is Plus-Size And Why You Should Diversify Your Portfolio!

By Penelope Purple | Amazing things| 6th November 2019, 08:15 | 43 loves | 54 comments | 3 min read

What is 'Plus-Size'? The human body comes in so many different shapes and sizes the definition is highly debated, highly subjective, and not altogether clear, it all depends on who you ask.

What is clear is that people who are on the curvier side don't get nearly as much representation as people who are, for example, size 4 or size 6, or "straight" in industry terms.

However, the modeling and fashion world are slowly becoming more aware that they really need to push for more representation and inclusivity as it receives such positive responses from the public and no longer alienates a major demographic.

As a photographer, a model with curves may pose more of a challenge, and may even seem daunting as it's outside of the realms of experience that a lot of photographers have, but with the right forethought and consideration, you can be certain of getting just as fabulous images. Not only that, having a variety of body types in your portfolio will undoubtedly showcase your talent, giving you an edge that a lot of photographers might not have, and land you more clients!

Here are some quick tips to consider when photographing the curvy community:

- Make your model at ease, make them feel confident! Beam with these things yourself, be confident, positive and relaxed. Your mindset as a photographer without a doubt influences the final product, and you want your images of plus-size models to ooze confidence.

- Styling is important, you want clothes/accessories to accentuate those curves, not hide them!

- Poses must be thoughtful, use hands and limbs to create complementary lines, shapes and to snatch waistlines. Place a leg forward with a partially lifted foot to elongate and flatter the model.

- Camera angles should be taken into consideration, often a slightly above eye line shot is most flattering for a curvier model.

Have a look through some of the PurplePort Community's stunning, curvaceous models below!

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Do you have plus-size models in your portfolio? If not, what's stopping you?

I hope you enjoyed this collection, what fabulous photos! Please share your thoughts with us in the comment section below and don't forget to give this post a love :)

Are you wondering why your images aren't in this collection? Make sure to use keyword tags on your images, as that's how I find most of your wonderful photos, and make sure your 'members-only' and 'opt-out of social media post' settings are turned off!

Thank you for reading this and feel free to message me, Penelope Purple, with an article or interview suggestion of your own.

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What an encouraging blog post! As a model that swings between the "average" size and plus size (but always curvy regardless) it is always nice to see good examples of plus size modelling/photography :)

I specialise in creative photoshoots for all women from 18-80, so I have women of all types in my books and happy to work with more.

This is a nice bunch of photos. I've always found plus size women far more interesting to photograph and much more appreciative when you take good pictures of them. I think too many photographers (and much of the public) have a problem with fat.

Lovley set of plus size models All different shapes! I’m Also a plus size model Based in West Sussex On the coast please check my Site let me know if you liked to work with me many thanks Danni :)

Elphege said...

wow, looks splendid :)

Curves, Yes Fabulous

Thank you for using one of my images! How exciting 😊

I was trying to show the whole spectrum of what is considered “plus-size” in the industry, even teeny size 8s are considered to be

Marlowe64 said...

I'm all for this, Penelope. Well done. I notice Arabella is in a couple of the shots, though. She's really quite teeny when you meet her, so not sure she's plus size. But the other girls are beautiful too. Hope to see some of them touring up North.

Great article Penelope

Josh Shenton said...

This is an amazing blog, I love out. All those images are so stunning! Well done everyone!

Afton said...

Here here.!! 👏🏽

Shanti_Lo said...

Love to see these inspiring beautys.

Foxy1973 said...

I class myself as a ‘plus size’ model as I’m size 18/20 and don’t get how a size 14 can be classed as ‘ plus size’, curvy model yes but not ‘plus size’ I don’t see size, I see beauty and class and the photos you have in you collection are stunning x

Full figure models always in my portfolio. Many with multiple shoots with 6 + shoots . . Nice to see PP raising the profile. See also my Models Mature album for models "of a certain age ".

Plus size is just another photographic challenge in my eyes - happy to shoot whatever size and hopefully my port shows that

Thank you for choosing one of my images in your blog. I Love everything about this blog couldn't agree more with what's been mentioned.

Nice to see me in this article! Thank you! I adore that shot from Salli Gainsford!

Good idea PP to post this item . As a relatively new member of PP it would be great to see more models of different ethnicity too

Artism said...

its far to easy to photograph a size 6/8 and make them look good. its more of a challenge to the photographer to find the best angle or pose for larger people. also not everyone is 6/8 we have to encourage normal size people to be confident in there skin.

rhinocer said...

I concur with this. I have not noticed a plus sized competition on the PP recurring list and believe that there should definitely be one (Apologies if there is and I have failed to spot it).

Lovely post. I definatelt find Us Plus-size models are under represented on PP and in the fashion world in general. Any photographers who wish to diversify their portfolio, feel free to message me.

EJSpencer said...

Yes this article is absolutely great! Beautiful models featured. Well done to every Photographer who has the skillset to be able to compliment us by capturing our best sides, we have many Haha!

pupin said...

Amen to this!!! 🙏🏻

EarlGreyHot said...

Thanks for featuring two of my images!

Irongem said...

Love this post. Personally, I much prefer a woman with curves aesthetically. I think all these images are beautiful and I'm so very happy to see this post

DBP Images said...

Thanks for using one of my images :-)


Please peruse my plus size profile...

Calandra said...

Great piece and images selected are top class. Some of the best models I have worked with are plus size and you can check these out on my port and gorgeous they certainly are!

Plus size is a toxic term, media uses it to label average size women as being larger in size. This gets people labeling themselves plus size and can have a negative effect on body image and standards of beauty. I shoot women all sizes, do not discriminat.

Ampho said...

Love this!

Personally, I shoot all body shapes, sizes and ages – Jasmine21 just yesterday. I work in the industry and ‘slow to change’ doesn’t come close. Most manufacturers are still in the 1980s

Valeimages said...

Bang on

Great post! I'm all for body positivity, my own weight is like a yoyo but I'm pretty happy whether I'm curvy or slim. I hope this will encourage more photographers to shoot curvy models as many say they don't mind a curvy look but have none on their port

On my list to do.

clara 1 said...

Very well done to all Models. Amazing work, stunning images. Keep up the good work. I cant see any extra size. I see only beauty, personalities. With your own and unique sex appeal. So proud of you all

K.M. said...

After my first 'plus size' boudoir shoot I ruined a photo by trying to edit out a crease in the skin. Eventually I realised my favourite part of the photo was the atmosphere and colours. That was the first and last time I tried to manipulate natural skin.

I tend to shoot people that pique my interest rather than based on there body shape, in fact I have been called out as "desperate" in the past for not having a "type" people are fun to shoot, enjoy what you shoot, shoot what you enjoy

K.M. said...

Photographing from above eye level to make the torso look slimmer seems counter-intuative if the objective is celebrating body fat. It's a good tip for the general public though.

NicolaPearce said...

Love love LOVE this post!! As a new plus size model I realise I am totally up against it for the reasons you stated. It's absolutely any tog's perogative to prefer shooting the slimmer form, but plus size can produce stunning art too! Thankyou!

MarkPark said...

I shoot mostly Fashion. Plus size ladies are a rare. If you would like a shoot message me.

In reply to photographers who claim that this article is somehow suggesting what they should shoot I would argue that it’s simply pointing out that plus size models are generally under represented, what you do with that is your choice.

Great pics! any Plus size model looking for a TFP shoot this sunday in london, feel free to get in touch :)

arh said...

Hmmm! In these I see glamour not size. At 6’6” I find people’s interpretation of political correctness self serving. It’s OK for a stranger to ask me how tall I am, but they wouldn’t ask someone how short or disabled they were. What is your point?

IrisFerret said...

Very glad to see an article like this. Having worked with fantastic plus size model @mrskinkink (featured above) , I can wholeheartedly say that she and our images were nothing short of amazing!

Andyt712 said...

I prefer a lady with some shape :-)

So happy to see this. Some of my podium dancers are plus size. I get to see them feeling and looking like a million dollars and capture them for the event page.

Maya Blue said...

Love this thankyou Penelope Purple xxx I'm also a curvy model and 53. I was feeling quite put out by casting calls only wanting young 8 to 10 size models and subsequently got down about my size instead of being proud of my curves, I needed this ❤

SylaAnna said...

As a plus size girl I think your article is great, we all know that body positivty is more popular those days.love the ideas 0f the poses 😊

Art Attack said...

A lovely set of images and a nice article! I personally have always been happy to work with models of ALL ages, shapes and sizes, and my portfolio is testimony to this fact. I have no intention of ever altering.

PaulJE said...

Great thought provoking blog.

Jules said...

All for body positivity, but telling me what I should shoot albeit gently, sorry, not going to fly. People can shoot what they like, respect that,

priceb61 said...

When I am told that I "should" do something, I usually refuse.

So pleased to see this on here