NEWO is an alternative photographer based in Harlow, UK. Her style and gorgeous imagery caught the eye of the team and she's now a Featured PurplePort Photographer! Have a read of our interview with this talented and creative photographer below!

How would you describe your work and its inspirations?

“Dark beauty has always been a big inspiration for me. I always loved dressing up when I was younger, and exploring my own personal style during my teens - so it made sense that my focus would always be taking photos of gorgeous handmade creations, modelled in the style I always used to look up to when I was younger (and still aspire to now that I'm older!).

I take a lot of inspiration from iconography and religion too - I love incorporating headpieces, detailed outfits, often with this sort of twist. I think there's something timeless about the subject, yet you're able to put a million different twists on it to keep it interesting. I also find myself influences a lot by fantasy and mythology - but trying to keep the photography style still 'fashion-y' enough that the focus is on the model and the styling.”

What do you love about being a photographer?

“I do my photography still very much as a hobby, so I still get major enjoyment out of it as a creative outlet to my usual work. I love being able to explore concepts or styling that I think will look amazing, and there's always so so much to learn. There is an infinite number of amazing photographers, artists, creatives out there who constantly inspire something new that I want to try, and so even though I've only been taking portraits for 3 years now, there's so much I've learned and so much still to learn.”

What do you look for in a model?

“Sometimes it's tempting just to go 'this is a classically beautiful model, so they will be very easy to photograph' - but in my opinion, an amazing model is someone who can pose confidently, and more importantly appropriately for the scene. Sometimes a look will call for fierceness and boldness and you want to capture some of that real fire - then other times you want delicate, dancer-like poses and emotions that can translate well through the lens. I personally also love a model with a unique look, unique features, and someone that is striking and I will remember (for whatever reason!).

It's always great as well to have models that bring as much enthusiasm and passion for the styling and other creatives involved as I (hopefully) do! This makes shooting so much fun - just how it should be.”

How has PurplePort helped you?

“PurplePort has been invaluable in helping me start out on my photography journey. Luckily I started off having modelled for a while, and so I knew a couple of contacts who I could call on - but when I wanted to branch out and get lots of different faces involved in my work, it was so useful to easily search for models, MUAs, designers, etc. who could all come together to create some beautiful images."

I want to give a big thank you to NEWO for answering my questions and letting me share her work! Check out her pages to see more of her incredible work...

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