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Featured Model Interview With The Talented Amie Boulton

Featured Model Interview With The Talented Amie Boulton

By Penelope Purple | Interviews| 9th October 2019, 15:00 | 22 loves | 17 comments | 3 min read

Professional Model Amie Boulton from Torquay, UK was interviewed a while ago when she was chosen to be a featured model here on PurplePort, but I wouldn't want you all to miss out so I am reposting our little interview here! Read on if you’d like to hear her story!

How would you describe your inspirations as a model?

“So about 5 years ago I was asked by my local hair salon (kaboodles hairdressing) down in Devon if I would model for a hair collection that they were doing. Me, mum of 2 laughed at the thought of modeling, not something I’d ever thought of doing especially at 27 and a mother of 2 children, however, after much persuasion I went for it and what an overwhelming experience it was. I worked with a full creative team and some well known professional model who massively inspired me! I realised shortly after that actually this could be something I would love to do so with help from some local photographers who have now become some of my very best friends and encouragement from my family I went for it. I never knew what would come of it especially as I only wanted to focus on fashion and hair. I honestly thought in order to do well my levels would need to be higher, then I found huge inspiration from some of the top models who actually excelled in the levels I wanted to do and admired them massively. 5 years on and here I am thoroughly enjoying my job and meeting some of the coolest people and getting to work alongside them. I can honestly say I love what I do.”

What is your idea of a perfect photoshoot?

“I absolutely love creativity! Having a full team on board with cool outfits, makeup and hair working from a mood board creating something unique and sometimes outside the box. I can honestly say I’m lucky and have never had a bad experience and loved every shoot but the ones that give me the biggest buzz is when everyone is collaborating and on top form to produce the best results possible.”

What do you look for in a photographer?

“Fun!!! Getting creative is obviously the main objective, working alongside a photographer who has a passion for what he does, like myself but….. what makes the perfect shoot and what I hope for when meeting the photographer is that they enjoy what they do and can have fun at the same time. I feel a shoot is always much more productive when you are laughing and I’m a little bit nutty sometimes, I think possibly half of my references say so however, as long as a photographer is professional, has a good idea of what he’s looking to produce from the shoot and respectful I would hope to also have lots of fun and giggles whilst producing art.”

Where do you get most of your paying Model work?

“I would say over half is via purpleport. And the other percentage is shared between insta Facebook and my website www.amieboulton.com”

Thank you so much Amie for taking the time to answer my questions! I hope you all enjoyed hearing more about this talented and prolific front page imaged model! Give this a love, share or comment in the comments section below!

Feel free to message me, Penelope Purple, with any future interview suggestions :)


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Quality in every capture-excellent reading

I worked with Amie and Chris early on in my journey and they were lovely people to be with. It is impossible to take a bad photograph of Amie so you can concentrate on getting that little bit extra which elevates your work from Tog to Photography.

James Webb said...

One the first models I worked with and such an amazing, talented person! Love this post, you're epic Amie!

Wow good on you for taking the plunge. You look amazing I love the pictures, very creative . You are an inspiration to future models.

Amanda Leigh said...

Absolutely stunning model, with such wise words, which motivate us new models xxx

Starzoneone said...

Pure magical inspiration... Way to go! Super and ongoing!

What a story - many thanks for sharing

Great shots. Top model. Sets the bar high for others to follow

Well worth the effort

Amie Boulton said...

Oh wow thank you for sharing 😊

Very interesting blog, look forward to seeing more of the same, wonderful to find out about a models introduction to the world of photography and modelling.

Valeimages said...

Excellent interview

AndiM said...

Thanks for this, I love reading people’s backstory! Lovely photos as always too!

Great Idea Penelope. ..I have followed Amie for ages .. very professional in all that she does. . Another high profile model who's work is very well known and woks to a very high statndard is Ivory Flame. .......I enjoyed the article very much Ray H

Lightworks said...

Good to see. Great to work with. Very well deserved. I hope that she continues to go from strength to strength. Well done!

Truly inspiring .... wow 😊