Richard Wakefield is a Featured PurplePort Photographer from Witney, UK. He specializes in cinematic, conceptual and fashion photography. This is just one of many of his amazing and varied photoshoots. These particular images are from his 'Kittypocalypse, feat. Shelly D'Inferno and Attitude Autos'.

This interview is a repost from a few months ago on our Facebook page. Check out what Richard had to say and have a look at some of his fantastic images below!

How would you describe your work and its inspirations?

"I don't really have a precise or obvious niche, but I do find nearly all my images gravitate towards what I call the 3 C's: cinematic, colourful, conceptual. I've most definitely been inspired by films (since childhood), and this has somehow fused with my more recent love of fine art and conceptual artists (Kirsty Mitchell, Adrian Sommeling, Erik Johansson)."

What do you love about being a photographer?

"I simply adore the notion of expressing myself creatively, and taking the viewer on a journey to a scene or different reality."

What do you look for in a model?

"I do try to see the best/potential in everyone, no matter what their experience or look. I do however gravitate towards those who can easily and seamlessly become part of a scene or look (much like a good actor). I can think of a few models I've worked with who have just been so versatile - in one moment, they're a futuristic android and in the next, a post-apocalyptic warrior!"

How has PurplePort helped you?

“Any time I ever need to organise a photo shoot (short or long term), I know I can go to the Purpleport website and be faced with an almost endless number of models, make-up artists, studios, stylists, designers... (basically, all the elements I need!).  The fact I can do this for anywhere in the UK (and internationally) is a huge bonus. For extra reassurance about the people I want to connect with, I love how I can easily check their references, portfolios, availability in calendars and send messages.

Purpleport has also helped in giving me a beautifully-presented portfolio page (with additional album folders), which I absolutely love to add to, show off and share around.”

Thank you to Richard Wakefield for taking the time to answer our questions! We hope you enjoyed them, let us know with a love or a comment in the comment section below!

Find more of his work here... PurplePort, Facebook, Instagram

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