If you weren't aware of it already, here's a great bit of news regarding the growing inclusivity in today's fashion landscape!

The high street fashion brand Missguided has created this #InYourOwnSkin campaign to celebrate what the industry percieves as 'flaws' and 'imperfections'. Their campaign features women with an array of skin conditions and looks which clash with the majority of high street fashion's campaign aesthetics of "perfection" and "flawlessness" in body and looks.

These strong and stunning women really set the tone for a more diverse and aware future for fashion modeling. Read on to see what they have to say about this new direction fashion brands are taking.

Maya, Joanne, Beth, Mariana, Polly and Isabella pose together for the #InYourOwnSkin campaign - Missguided

Joanne - a fabulous, plus-size model with albinism, said, "My role in life is not to be accepted by society. I live fearlessly, and I am unapologetically me."

Mariana, 24, who was born with a birthmark on her face and is pursuing her dreams of being a model and fashion designer. Missguided

“Missguided’s latest campaign signifies another bold and fearless move as the brand continues to build upon its globally empowering #KeepOnBeingYou movement,” the brand said in the campaign announcement.

Isabella - Missguided

Here's Isabella, who was burned in a house fire and is hoping to normalize disabilities through modeling. "Beauty is the feeling of self-confidence," she said.

Maya hopes the campaign will help raise awareness of her rare skin condition - Missguided

“I think we are on the way to empowering women a lot more than we used to,” explains Maya, who features in the campaign and suffers from a rare skin condition known as Epidermolysis Bullosa, which affects 5,000 people in the UK.

Polly who has freckles on 100% of her body and tattoos poses alongside plus size model Joanne, who has albinism. Missguided

The brand also revealed new mannequins featuring skin conditons such as stretch marks and vitiligo. Both activities fall in line with Misguided’s global movement #Keeponbeingyou focusing on positioning themselves as the leading brand to champion uniqueness and self worth for all women.

Maya, Joanne, Beth, Mariana, Polly and Isabella pose together for the #InYourOwnSkin campaign - Missguided

It's amazing to see brands that finally want to cast unretouched women and show that everyone is beautiful in their own way. We hope that these gorgeous young women have inspired you to consider the power of diversity in fashion imagery.

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Image copyright Missguided


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