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Studios: How to get more bookings

By Laura SJ FD, written 1493942787

We want your studio account to be first-class because we know it will boost your bookings. In fact, we want to be THE best place for you to get your bookings from. So we’ve decided to help explain what we expect to see from all our studio accounts on PurplePort.

Studios can come in various shapes and sizes. They could be for photography, but also be a space for artists to work in too.

Here are some of the types of studios we have on PurplePort:

  • Photography
  • Art
  • Private/home
  • Warehouse
  • Stately home/mansion

Whatever the space, it should be kitted out especially for the purpose which it is being advertised so that anyone wishing to hire the space will know exactly what they will be able to use.

What does your studio look like?

The first thing most people do - before they even read about the great facilities you have - is take a quick glance at your images. This means you must have clear, good quality images which not only sell your studio, but also inform others exactly what your space looks like.

Somewhere on your portfolio page you should have images which show the actual space you have before any images which have been taken during previous shoots at studio. Ideally, these initial and crucial images should cover key aspects of your studio and demonstrate to customers what they can expect to see when they walk through your doors on their first shoot.

You could do this by either using:

  • Your profile notes: Adding these images to your profile notes. This means any images from previous shoots can be added directly to your portfolio or albums.
  • Main portfolio: Using only these images in your main portfolio and adding images from previous shoots directly into albums (Link to adding images to album)
  • An album: Creating an album dedicated to images of your studio which could free up the rest of your portfolio, profile notes and other albums, to show images from previous shoots.

Once you’ve added these images, any images taken during previous shoots can also be added to your profile notes, portfolio and/or albums. These do not have to be images which you have taken yourself, but they must be images taken in your studio.

What’s available?

Equipment: A brief description of the type of equipment available at the studio. For example: green room, modifiers, backgrounds, backdrops, infinity cove, lighting, gels, wind machine, props, reflector, etc.

Pre-made sets: These sets could include a bathroom, bedroom, sofa, floor coverings, etc.

Lighting: List the different types of artificial lighting you have available, or whether you have a good source of natural light.

Facilities: Details of facilities and whether they are in the studio space itself or available nearby. This could be a kitchen, type of heating, toilets, car parking, etc, as well as the types of refreshments or tea/coffee making facilities available.

Access: Perhaps the studio is on the ground floor and has a roller door which means it can accommodate cars, motorbikes, and other vehicles, as well as any other large props.

Dimensions/measurements: Provide measurements for how large the space is, including the ceiling height.

Additional space: This could include a particular feature you have at your studio has which makes it different. Perhaps there is access to the roof which provides great views, or maybe beautiful garden space available for use. Make sure you add images of these special features.

Resident members (photographers, models, etc): If you have resident models, photographers, etc, you may wish to add links to their PurplePort portfolios. Additionally, you could also create an album to show some of the work they have created whilst at your studio.

Rates, deposits, and cancellation fees

Provide rates (e.g. per hour, per day, etc) for the cost of hiring out your studio and whether a deposit is required (and how much it is). Also mention whether you accept TFP work and cancellation terms, including notice required and fee. It also state which methods of payment you are able to accept (e.g. PayPal, bank transfer, cash, etc).


Use your PurplePort calendar to show when you have bookings and when your studio is available.

Transport links

If your studio is close to any transport links (e.g. train or bus station, tramline, airport, etc) it can be really helpful to mention it for those using public transport. You could also provide details of nearby car parking for those who are travelling by car.

Promote your studio

We have some great features on PurplePort which you can use to mass-communicate with other members and advertise your studio:

Still stuck?

If you are still unsure and need inspiration, why not take a look at other studios on PurplePort (using our Search feature) and see what they are doing.

Don’t forget that you can always contact us via support ticket and ask for advice.