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  • Hobbyist Artist/Painter
  • More than 3 years experience
  • I work for pay only
  • I can travel for shoots

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Above (left): The background artwork was created for a shoot at Studio f/11 with Jerome Razoir. The artwork on easel in the foreground was the inspiration for the shoot. The entire shoot lasted about 4 hours. Photo was taken by MidgePhoto from Studio f/11.

Above (right): Artwork completed at a free wall in Manchester in 2009. First attempt at spray painting with the help of Benjamin Hurley (someone much much much better at painting than me).



Since observational artwork has never been my 'thing' (although I have always been pretty good at copying cartoon style artwork). I have always loved to create artwork that comes from some bizarre place in my head. And that's basically what I do. I create images that are from my head which are usually bizarre.


  • On - canvas, paper/sketch pads, wood, walls, rubbish, old car parts, and anything else really
  • Using - acrylic, spray paint, acrylic pens (isn't that technically drawing?!)


  • On - canvas, paper/sketch pads, wood, walls...and so on.
  • Using - felt-tip pens, pencils, gel pens, ball-point pens, permanent marker pens


  • Glueing, sewing, sticking, folding...and so on (imagine the way a four-year-old might operate)

Outdoor painting

Occasionally I get the guts to go and do some outdoor painting or sketching at the free graffiti wall local to me Phear Park Graffiti Wall - Exmouth. It's a great space and there is some really interesting artwork that pops up there.


I love creating art, and I couldn't image my life without it. Over various periods in my life, it is the one thing that keeps coming back and remaining constant (though sometimes a 'quiet' constant!). Artwork is my life. I live and breathe it as much as possible. My world is 'grey' without it. I do it because I love it. Not because I am paid or because I want fame. I simply, just, love it and it's part of who I am. 


I'm pretty much doing artwork every day in the comfort of my own home, or half a dozen times down the local graffiti wall, but I work this around family life and my full-time job.


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Facebook: Laura SJ FD - Artwork (@laurasjfd)

Twitter: Laura SJ FD (@laura_sj_f)

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