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A Quick Guide to Creating Casting Calls

By Russ Freeman, written 1365258515

What is a casting call and how does it work?

A casting call is essentially a notice that you are looking for someone to work with, whether locally or when travelling. Fundamentally it has a title or subject, and it has some content.

Once you have finished creating your casting call there is a 10-minute delay before we notify anyone that has asked to be alerted about casting calls. This gives you a small window of opportunity to edit your casting call before it is sent to everyone. Depending on the type of casting call and its location, we'll typically notify somewhere between 100 and 1,000 people, but it really depends on the casting call.

The different types of casting call

Casting calls come in three basic flavours:


A collaboration casting call is one where no money will change hands. Instead, everyone will get paid in images they can use to boost their current portfolios.

For a guide on what this all means see our article on shooting TF, expectations and agreements.

You want to hire someone

If you have a need to hire someone (a model, photographer, make-up artist, etc) then this is the option you would choose. You will have to pay for their services.

You want to get hired

If you are available to hire (as a model, photographer, make-up artist, etc) then this is the option you would choose.

Options - dates and location

When creating a casting call you have the option to put in a from and to date. These dates allow the casting call to naturally expire so you don't need to disable it after it's run its course.

You can also specify a location. By default, your location will be used but you can change it and VIP members can even add multiple locations. This is especially useful if you are planning a trip abroad or to some other part of the country as only those people in and around that location will be notified of your availability.

Things to get right

  • Use the formatting options such as bold and italic to emphasise certain bits.
  • Use bullet points, like we are here, to make lists of things.
  • Use headings, as we have done in this article, to break up sections. Avoid using Heading 1 though :-)
  • Review your casting call and ask yourself "does this look awesome?". If it does, then you have done it right!

Things to avoid

  • Do not add adult images or links to adult sites in your casting calls as it may result in the casting call being deleted.
  • Although you can add images don't overload the casting call with images!
  • Avoid writing all capital letters as IT MAKES IT LOOK LIKE YOU ARE SHOUTING!
  • Avoid using Heading 1 as a style :-)
  • Don't post casting calls too often otherwise, people will block you.
  • Don't post casting calls for studio days, group shoots, tuition days, workshops, exhibitions, or social meet-ups. Any of these should be created as Events where there are dedicated options.
  • Things you can and cannot do with casting calls


For VIP members there are no limitations.

Free accounts can only post 1 casting call every 7 days. They cannot create casting calls asking for paid work or apply to casting calls offering paid work. 

Go for it!

I know it might seem scary and a little like you are putting yourself out there but you really have nothing to lose and the potential gains with finding either work or collaborators could do wonders for your portfolio!

Don't forget to read our article about creating more impact with your casting calls. It's packed with great advice!

Frequently asked questions

Q: Why can't I see my casting calls on the home page or the casting calls section?
A: Because the filter is set to show the opposite of what you are looking for. Change the filter settings to show everything/everyone and you'll see it. Don't worry, the people you are casting for can see it.

Q: Why do I have to publish my casting calls?
A: This extra step allows you to see your casting call before you send it out to the world, proofread it and make sure it looks amazing!

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