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Lovely to work with the fabulous Tanya again. I'm so grateful to have worked with her several times now and each time is such a joy! She's wonderful to work with and we always produce amazing images. Already looking forward to the next time! Thanks Tanya! :-)

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Absolutely chuffed to get to work with Tanya again. She is such an awesome model. She's great to work with and always delivers outstanding results.

I hope we get to work together again many times in the future.

Thanks Tanya :-) Love working with you :-)

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So excited to get to work with the lovely Tanya again. She's just awesome to work with. She has a great look, it full of wonderful poses and is just the loveliest person.

I'm thrilled we were able to work together again so soon and I can't wait for the next time.

Tanya is highly recommended. She's fabulous! :-)

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I have shot with Tanya a few times now (4?) and every time she has blown my mind.

Physically, Tanya has looked different each time we have shot. From cut and ripped ready for competition, to muscly and toned as she was last time. But with each and every shape, she has looked truly beautiful.

Tanya is a pure diamond - a beautiful lady both inside and out. I love working with her (it never feels like work!) and she is a superb model.

I just wish she had more free time and lived much closer to me as I would shoot her every week if she gave me half a chance :)

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So happy to get a second chance to work with the fabulous Tanya :-)

She's wonderful to work with. She flows from pose to pose so effortlessly and knows exactly what it takes to create a great shot. She's so much fun to work with too. I really have enjoyed our shoots and I'm thrilled with the results we've created.

I very much hope to shoot with Tanya Fitness again soon.

Thanks again Tanya - see you soon I hope :-)

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I had my first shoot with Tanya this afternoon and it was so good.

I hoped having looked at her Portfolio that maybe I could shoot with her. And I could.

I was so excited at the emotion and feeling that she can convey with the subtelest change in her body and face.

And those eyes!

She is a delightful person with great humour but totally professional.

We got some very interesting images which I can't wait to work on.

I recommend her totally to all photographers.

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My first chance to work with the wonderful Tanya and it was everything I'd hoped for and more! Even with freezing temperatures outside, Tanya braved the snow to make it to me and we had a great afternoon shooting together. Tanya is a fabulous model - beautiful, professional, charming and great company too. I loved the images we were able to produce together and I couldn't be happier with how the shoot went.

I really hope we get the chance to work together again soon. Tanya is simply awesome and she gets the highest possible recommendation from me!

Thanks Tanya - really loved working with you :-)

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Just had the most wonderful afternoon with Tanya shooting in a hotel, it is definitely my most enjoyable and successful hotel shoot ever. Tanya is an amazing model with such a great body. I did, however, fall in love with her face as she has the most gorgeous eyes and this delightful cheeky smile that is enchanting.

Pre comms were great and she arrived on the day with two suitcases of outfits which we preceded to rummage through to come up with shoot ideas. The 4 plus hours flew by and Tanya really threw herself into all the suggestions i made and came up with with great ones herself too. She is a really warm, friendly and chatty person who i felt at ease with instantly.

I have to say she is a natural at this, she oozes confidence and is brilliant at posing with little direction, a togs dream really. I am very much looking forward to working with her lots more in the future, she is a real gem and highly recommended.

Thanks Tanya for a very relaxed, positive and creative experience.

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I was privileged to have the beautiful Tanya come and visit me again for a couple of days, and as always she was great company and great to shoot.

I always enjoy her trips down and we get some beautiful images from our shoots. And I love the variety of what we get depending on the type of training Tanya is doing.

A massive (y) from me and I have already offered Tanya my place to stay in when she does her next competition :D

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Dag Nammett

Superb, simply superb!

This was my first experience of shooting with Tanya, we had planned a two hour studio shoot doing art nude and experimenting with lighting. Pre-shoot comms were excellent, and the shoot itself flew by.

Tanya has a fluid posing style, effortlessly finding shape after shape with very little direction, and when direction was offered she adapted expertly. She has great ideas about what will work, she understands well how to work with light, and she's also great to talk with! Fully recommended, and I hope to work with Tanya again soon!

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I had the pleasure of shooting Tanya again, this time out of competition season, but she still blew me away. This time Tanya came to me with awesome soft curves rather than the ripped tones we had previously shot, so we got much softer images.

As always, Tanya was a pleasure to work with, took direction really well, came with lots of ideas and outfits and worked hard for us to get some beautiful results.

I love shooting Tanya and totally recommend her. I am really looking forward to her next visit and making some more great images together.

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Tanya travelled to Cardiff to shoot with me, and I was mighty grateful for her making the trip. We had a 4 hour shoot arranged which absolutely flew by, and we managed to shoot a range of different ideas to good effect.

It seemed like we had been planning this shoot for months - but Tanya was well worth the wait. Pre-shoot comms were top notch, some fabulous posing, and you couldn't ask for a more down to earth and easy to work with model. It was one of the most fun and stress-free shoots I'd had in a while.

The memory of Tanya dancing round and round in circles to keep warm between sets, dancing to Rick Astley will stay with me for a long time :-) Many thanks for a great shoot - next time I'll have to catch you near Derby for a change! :-) Highly recommended.

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Robin French

Well this was a birthday treat to be asked to be lighting assistant on the shoot with ANHphoto and the lovely Tanya. Tanya came well prepared with a huge suitcase full of great dresses, other lovely outfits and shoes, far to many for us to get through so hopefully we can do more next time.

Tanya has the body of a goddess and has all the moves to go with that from her competing and portfolio work. Posing was effortless so made the day flow.

Definitely looking forward to working with her again soon and she is of course highly recommended.

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I had my second shoot with Tanya last week and I was chuffed to bits. Tanya is a dream to work with! Relaxed, confident, full of ideas, great outfits, up for a laugh but works her ass off, not afraid of getting cold and she is so easy to work with.

I really can't praise Tanya enough. I LOVED working with her, I am over the moon with the images we got and I would happily work with her again (and again). She has an amazing figure, but more importantly, she knows what to do with it and she knows what shapes make a good picture.

If you want some stunning shape, tone and muscle wrapped up in a beautiful woman, make sure Tanya goes on your 'want to work with' list (y)

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Watch out, this reference is going to be a cheese fest of positive comments 8d

My first shoot with Tanya and what can I say ..... Not only is Tanya beautiful, she has a body to die for! I have never seen anyone so well toned and ripped before and my mind was blown!

Tanya is friendly, relaxed, confident, fun and very easy to work with. She is open to ideas but full of her own too. We had a chilled but productive day and the time just flew by.

A massive thanks to Tanya for braving the traffic and apologies for you not getting home till stupid o'clock in the morning. You were a delight to work with! You have the mind of a scholar and the body of a goddess and I adore the images we got together. Here's to more to come :D

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My first shoot with Tanya, who travelled all the way from Derby for the shoot!.

Pre shoot comms were excellent.

The weather was against us, drizzle/rain/cold but Tanya got on with the task in hand,making my job easy by creating great poses, either art nude style or fitness style. Tanya is easy to work with and a smile/laugh is never faraway.

We have already discussed our next shoot.

Tanya comes highly recommended.


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Had a shoot at Matchbox studio with a most incredible and awesome woman - Tanya Fitness.

Tanya is - and I know this sounds like discussing racehorses - in peak condition. After many messages and pre-shoot discussions agreed to do a shoot where Tanya would "replicate" Greek and Roman statues and for this with the aid of a paint brush and paint (body paint) Tanya converted herself into a Marble figure.

We achieved the results we were looking for and Tanya posed in a most wonderfully athletic fashion using her 'honed and toned' body to perfection. Tanya was full of ideas of how various poses could convey the results wanted and her experience and ability in being a life model for many years was brought to bear.

Tanya is also a very engaging, interesting and intelligent woman and we talked on many topics - from nutrition to travel and many other things.

Tanya is very highly recommended and thank you for a wonderful shoot.


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I had the great pleasure of working with Tanya following a long discussion about when to shoot for the best. Tanya is an absolute professional and suggested that as we were looking at bodyscapes, fitness and art nude shots then it might be best to find a window when she would be in her absolute prime condition as she was competing in national competitions and wanted to be at her absolute peak of condition. The professionalism of this wonderful lady is a great credit to her. I cannot rate this lady high enough or even come close to giving her any kind of reference that reflects how great to work with she really is. Her pre shoot comms were great, she kept me up to date with her training and how she was looking/competing etc and ensured that she had everything arranged and packed all the essentials for our shoot. She is very friendly and very comfortable in front of the camera and i could shoot with Tanya every day and not tire of shooting her.

Book her, shoot her and enjoy working with this exceptional lady. Very highly recommended.

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Our second shoot with Tanya, again she didn't disappoint.

We arranged a 2 day shoot with Tanya, first day at Far Forrest Studios where we made good use of the outside space. Tanya is fearless, laying on wet soggy logs, damp grass and ending the shoot in the waterfall. She is such a fabulous person to work with, knowing how to pose, what works for her body and just been a good all round sport. The hours flew past with lots of giggles, many cries of 'whoop!' and a few squeals in the freezing waterfall. :)

Day 2 was in our Studio, The Old Chapel, we got through many sets from Art Nude to clothed. Again lots more laughter, fabulous posing, patience when we were faffing with lights and a fantastic day shooting.

There are so many super images from the 2 days we are spoilt for choice. Would we recommend Tanya - Hell YES! We are already planning working together in 2017.

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Far Forest Studio

We were pleased to welcome Tanya to our studio Saturday for her shoot with Jo and Kev.

The whole shoot was outside and it was obvious from the echoes of giggles and laughter that they all enjoyed themselves.

The waterfall shoot was a brave effort... Even if the screams from the cold water disturbed the wildlife for miles around but at least she soon had a smile on her face when she popped in the jacuzzi afterwards.

All in All it was a pleasure to have her here and they all left pretty happy with the results. Hopefully she may well be back again soon.

We would recomend her to any studio or photographer.

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