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I have shot with the ever delightful Scarlett in the past and have been looking forward to this shoot for some time. It was great to "catch up" with her and I hope it is not long before we shoot next. Scarlett was punctual arriving with a case full of costumes. Bearing in mind our preferences, several were not used. Scarlett is a lively, energetic and totally adorable model and person. Delightful shoot during which I feel we produced many worthwhile images.It was a hot day but Scarlett posed effortlessly in a variety of locations around my home and garden.

Unhesitatingly recommended, thank you Scarlett

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Springfield Photography

Well we picked the hottest day of the year for our shoot but despite this Scarlett worked so very hard to give me the shots I wanted. Scarlett is a true professional, pre shoot communication is great and she always arrives with exactly the right outfits for the shoot.

We split the shoot into two distinct sections, 1950s cheesy pinup and a duo shoot with another model.

Both sections went perfectly and we survived the extreme heat and created some superb images.

I am looking forward to our next shoot, hopefully on a cooler day.

I can thoroughly recommend Scarlett to you all.

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Springfield Photography

Working with Scarlett is always amazing, but this shoot surpassed my expectations. We had planned to cover a number of different styles. That is always a challenge for the model but Scarlett was absolutely brilliant and we romped through the shoot with many outfit, hair and makeup changes.

Scarlett is such great model, with a bubbly personality. She is totally relaxed in front of the camera and is a joy to direct.

Thank you, Scarlett for an amazing shoot.

Very highly recommended.

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Billy Whizz

I have shot with Scarlett a few times, and she has absolutely crushed it every time. Every time we try different locations and different themes, and there is nothing she cannot do. She brings creativity and enthusiasm to all of her shoots, she has endless energy and is an absolute joy to shoot with every time, as well as being a wonderful person who is fun company to be around. If you only shoot with one person, shoot with Scarlett. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

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Having not worked with Scarlett for a while now I was delighted when we arranged a duo shoot with Rosie Flame. They worked so very well together, nothing was beyond them and they approached every new theme with imagination and enthusiasm. I think they enjoyed the shoot almost as much as I did, working with two gorgeous redheads to create some incredible images. I was looking forward to the next shoot with either of them before they had left. Thank you ladies, you made today very special indeed with your professionalism, your experience and your attitude.

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Ron Andrews Photography

Well, just had my 4th duo shoot with the lovely, talented and friendly Scarlett and Rosie Flame. My 4th time and each shoot gets better and better these two girls work very well together. We worked from casual fashion right through to nude and art nude our 2hrs passed by too quickly. Thank you girls for all your posing skills and time. Will look forward impatiently to the next duo shoot. can recommend both Scarlett & Rosie to any photographer with confidence.


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Had the pleasure of shooting with Scarlett today. Wow what a bundle of fun, she knows what she likes and gives her all from the moment the shoot start, no actually she gives her all from the moment I arrived. Easy to work with, full of energy and yes I would love to work with you again.

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Springfield Photography

The great thing about working with Scarlett, is the enthusiasm she brings to the shoot. This latest shoot was truly wonderful.

Scarlett is a very talented model, very professional but with a tremendous sense of fun. It is impossible not to have a great time and get amazing pictures.

During this shoot we tackled a wide range of styles and Scarlett was superb with each of them, even the styles she had never tried before.

I am looking forward to the next shoot, it can't come soon enough.

I highly recommend Scarlett if you shoot with her you will not regret it.

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Our paths have crossed a couple times, but this was the first time we have shot together, and I realise we should have done that ages ago!

Scarlett partnered with the lovely Rosie Flame ("aflame and ablaze" - hot stuff!) to give a master class in how to pose as a nude duo. It can be tough to direct two models at once to make a single and beautiful form, but these two made it easy for me.

Our shoot flew by, with a lot of laughter, and a really collaborative and super-relaxed feel to the session. Scarlett has a confident and fabulous posing style, her experience and love for what she does always apparent - but she's no diva, and is totally unafraid to go for it in the search for next show-stopping image! So beautiful to photograph (did I mention that long, long red hair?) and so lovely to spend time with, she really is a delight. I know she's taken a little time out in 2021, but I can report that she's lost none of her beauty, charm and pizzaz. In short, The Blaze is Back :-).

So did I figure out why we'd taken so long to get together for a shoot? No. Will I be booking Scarlett for another one? You bet!

Highly recommended to all.

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Its been far too long since our last shoot, so when the chance to shoot Scarlett as part of a duo with Rosie Flame it was all systems go.

Using my studio and opening it up to other photographers the day sold out within hours and a great day it was.

Fun,creative and forever the total professional Scarlett worked tirelessly through the day to produce great shooting opportunities.

*note to self don't leave it so long next time.


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I have known Scarlett now for a few years but we kind of lost contact what with the pandemic and stuff. So when she asked me if we could do another shoot together I was only too happy to oblige. She is such a bubbly character and always such fun to be around. We chose to shoot at the harbour side at probably the worst possible time, with the kids off from school and people on their lunch breaks. Did I say it was also hot..! Anyway Scarlett was not in the least bit fazed by all the passerby's with their phones out and their amusing comments and we produced some great images together. I really enjoyed our time together and would highly recommend her. Can't wait to work with her again sometime.

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Managed to grab Scarlett for a few pictures with my camera on my trip to Bristol. It is clear from the off what a professional she is and her posing is so fluid, perfectly reflecting on this. Scarlett is a happy, bundle of energy who will give you a very fun and energetic shoot. She takes direction too (even if it is from someone bossy like me :) ). Scarlett is an absolute breeze to work with and it's a pleasure having her on my port!

You don't want to pass up an opportunity to shoot this stunner!

Thanks for having me Scarlett!

Hannah x

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A super awesome model.

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Rosie Flame

Another super fun shoot with Scarlett, this time in Warminster.

Scarlett and I have been working together now for 4 years. Each shoot is super fun and Scarlett is so easy to work with.

Always recommended :)

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I had the immense pleasure in shooting with the awesome Scarlett again today after a few years of talking about another shoot, this time with the equally fabulous Sammy Jane.

This was a shoot that they had been talking about for around 10 years.

Scarlett duly arrived with outfits and ideas that suited the styles that had been talked about and as always she delivered with her usual great posing, unique style and sense of fun.

We got through many sets and styles and we all agreed that we had got many great images that they both were pleased with after 10 years in the planning.

As always I would certainly recommend Scarlett to all.

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After 10 years of discussion but never being able to confim a shoot together for different reasons today was the day i finally got to work with Scarlett!

Absolutely amazing model, fantastic to work with and so easy to work with!

They say good things come to those who wait! So true but hopefully we dont have to wait another 10 years for another shoot together!

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Had my first shoot this year with Scarlett and what a great shoot, she is great and happy model to work with, just a lovely day cant wait till next shoot xxxx

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After what seemed like an age I had booked a shoot. How could I refuse Scarlett & Rosie Flame as a pair... Our 3rd shoot together & just as fun, relaxed & productive.

Brought some ideas along which we ticked off quickly then left them to their own devices. As experienced models I had no problem with this and would have no qualm booking them again, given the chance.

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klick kernow

I shot with Scarlett and Rosie Flame at their ‘Duo Day’ in Plymouth.

As always, 100% from both models and their patience as I found my way round a new camera was much appreciated.

Thanks again ladies.

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What a delight to shoot with Scarlett again, she is bubbly full of enthusiasm and makes shooting a fabulous occasion. Good comms, ready and waiting, warm welcome, what more can I say very highly recommended.

Thanks Scarlett see you soon XX

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