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Rebekah was chosen to model the launch of our clients Swimwear brand.

On what was probably the hottest day of all time, she really did a great job in taking our ideas into images.

Straight shots, product shots, shots with energy, some off-the-wall concepts, On-the-spot shooting ideas, Rebekah handled them all...and all taken within her stride, with a sense of fun that really showed through in the final edits.

Rebekah just gets on with the job, takes direction well, and (if invited) can add her own ideas too.

This was a model rotation shoot over a 5 hour period.. Rebekah was always ready to go, didn't ever disrupt the flow, posed with energy and was fully focussed on delivering for the client.

I have no hesitation in recommending Rebekah.

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A seven in the morning start, a tight schedule embracing three outfit changes, a city centre location, plus the unexpected (TV Crews from all major news channels and a certain Mr F)

Rebekah was on time, immaculately made up, completely un-phased by the requirement to make her clothing changes in Starbucks or the activities of the TV crews that surrounded us.

As usual, Rebekah rose to the occasion and produced some fabulous style images.

All of this accomplished with plenty of good humour, making it a fun and truly enjoyable morning ………. Thank you R

Recommended? - Absolutely yes !

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Catherine O

I had the pleasure of photographing Rebekah last week, she was absolutely lovely to work with, and I have some amazing shots. Friendly, professional, beautiful, with a really nice energy, she was open to ideas, & had great communication prior to the shoot too, she was a joy to photograph. I really enjoyed working with Rebekah and would thoroughly recommend her as a model.

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John Wilderspin

Had a great shoot with a really superb model. Pre comms were good and she arrived on time with discussed lingerie etc and ready to go with makeup already done. Rebekah took direction well and we discussed a future shoot which I am looking forward to. Highly recommended.

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Onyx Photo Studio

Lovely to meet Rebekah for the first time this weekend as she was here for two half day shoots with Iank.

She was immediately full of energy and enthusiasm and was great to talk to with a lovely friendly attitude. Looking at some of the shots they achieved, Rebekah has some great poses and looks in her repertoire.

Hope to see you back at Onyx Studio in the future

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Rebekah is a very talented young lady with a lovely warm personality who brought her own MUA to our two day shoot! - Rebekah arrived early fully ready to start shooting. She was keen to experiment with new & original poses that worked well and made a significant contribution to our work. Rebekah showed an instant understanding of how to model lingerie to the highest professional standards

Rebekah's pre shoot coms. were excellent and she arrived with a very well thought out selection of clothing props

Altogether an excellent shoot with a brilliant model - Would I recommend Rebekah?..... absolutely with no reservations

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Worked with Rebekah today. Really lovely girl, total professional. Brought lots of outfits, shot inside and outside in the sunshine. Totally recommended 10/10

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Tim Steele Photography

Rebekah is a beautiful woman with a lovely disposition and a fabulous figure. I have been lucky to shoot with Rebekah twice and we got endless stunning shots on both occasions. She may not have done a lot of shoots but you would never know; her posing is natural and she gives 100%. If that wasn't enough she is a really lovely person so very easy to work with and a lot of fun! Highly recommended! Thanks, Tim

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Rebekah is a joy to work with. A truly beautiful girl with a personality to match. Works the camera and knows how to get good pictures. A true joy to shoot with and already looking forward to the next shoot, highly recommended!

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