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Rachelle Summers

Just had a lovely shoot with Peter!

He is extremely laid back and easy to talk to, and we had some great conversations throughout the shoot :)

He sets up the computer so that you can see the images as you go and can tweek something if you feel you need to, which is great as means you can perfect what you are getting :)

I had a lovely afternoon with him and would love to work with him again!

Highly recommended :)

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Another great shoot with Peter yesterday, ive lost count of the number of times wev'e worked together now, but every shoot is always good and Peter knows exactly what he is looking for and is a perfectionist when it comes to lighting, to really bring out your bodies lines and muscle tone.

Shoots are always relaxed with plenty of little breaks throughout the day, and Peter is a lovely person and very easy to work with and chat to.

Highly recommend and look forward to another shoot sometime.

Thank you :)

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I have worked with Peter numerous times over the years mainly as make-up artist but also as a model.

He provides great preshoot communications and really knows his stuff in regards to lighting.

He is easy to get along with and his shoots are always relaxed which in turn puts the model at ease and makes for great shots.

I would recommend and work with Peter anytime.

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Tina Kay said...

We seems tend to catch up on the shoots once a year or so, without even noticing the amount of time passing, as it always feels like it was just a couple months ago since we shot last!

Always a pleasure to shoot with Peter, always a quality results, easy, pleasant and relaxed day of the great company! Thank you for all enjoyable time throughout the years of shooting together!

Highly recommended to all models to shoot with!

Tina Kay. xxx

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I worked with Peter on Sunday I really cannot count how many shoots myself and Peter have done but we have been working together for many years now! I really look forward to working with Peter as we work together on ideas to shoot! This time we did an Aerial Hoop shoot which he went out his way to sort and buy all the equipment and to make sure that I was safe at all times! We got some amazing shots and I had so much fun! Peter is not only a great photographer but he is now a very good friend! I am very glad I get to work with Peter and very glad I met him! It is always a pleasure to work with him! 200% recommended by me!

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Catchysnaps Photography

I worked with Peter as his partner and helper on a location shoot in Wales. He was a very knowledgeable photographer and between us, we got some very nice images of all the models we worked with. I hope to meet up with Peter on future shoots. He is a national treasure and has a kick ass Bentley ( which was used on location!).

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Tina Kay said...

Thanks for another 2 great shoots together recently: one on my studio day in Reading and another one G&G with Ashleigh McKenzie in London. Great time, enjoyable company and productive shoots! Always a pleasure, highly recommended!

Thank you - Tina Kay. xxx

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Faith Starr Model

My second shoot with Peter, the first time at Saracen house and this time at his new warehouse converted studio. It was such a pleasure working with Peter on these two occasions, very down to earth, lovely and yet professional photographer who knows exactly what he wants. He is very relaxed and easy to work with, will gladly recommend him to all.

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Third shoot with Peter! Yet again another great, fun, productive and creative shoot, where does the time go?!

Had a full day shooting with Peter this time in Cambridge at The Works studio and he bought loads of amazing lingerie.

Got some fantastic shots and played around with different lightning set ups, looking forward to our next shoot and I highly reccommend Peter to others.

Thanks again



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Tina Kay said...

Fantastic shoot with Peter after 2,5 years gap from the last shoot !

It was so lovely to see same pleasant face and to work together again and to achieve some fantastic results ! Peter is always a joy to work with, always well organized, great communication, perfect companion to talk with, great ideas to shoot with and fantastic results ! His studio is so comfortable to work in, warm, well equipped, clean and with all facilities that models may need.

Highly recommended to all models to work with and I am looking forward to come back to shoot together again !

Thank you - Tina Kay. xxx

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My second shoot with Peter this time a full day at his studio in wear molesey.

Absolutely fantastic Photographer he knows the type of shots he's wanting to achieve and will shoot till he's got those killer shots and then move on to the next idea which ensures for a productive filled day.

Always feel spoilt shooting with Peter as he always has brand new agent provocateur lingerie for the models to shoot in and ensures you have plenty of breaks in between.

Really lovely guy easy to chat to, hard working and makes you feel comfortable, is professional and respectful.

He even fixed my car head light in the cold and dark after the shoot after he noticed it was broken as I was driving off so he's a very thoughtful and kind man and I would happily recommend him to other models with no hesitation at all.

Produces beautiful work and I'm looking forward to our next shoot.

Thank you Peter

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Nikita Banana

I had a lovely shoot with Peter today in Cheltenham. We had worked together quite a few years ago at a group event so it was great to work together again. Peter was very organised and the shoot was very relaxed. Peter had some cool ideas for images and he was friendly and chatty to work with. I would highly recommend working with him.

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Helen Diaz

Peter is so laidback and calm to work with, I could shoot with him all day! I really enjoyed our shoot, the time flew by; I felt very comfortable and Peter was a gentleman to work with. The photographs also looked beautiful, Peter has a great eye for detail and is very creative with light and ideas. It was nice to see what we achieved as we went along during the shoot, which I always find very helpful. Highly recommended to work with and I hope we work together again soon! Helen x

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Had a fab shoot with Peter last week at Saracen House Studio. He was creative, inventive, a joy to work with, he bought the most gorgeous Agent Provocatuer lingerie sets and even seeing the raw unedited images straight from camera they looked great!

Enjoyed working with him and would happily reccommend to other Models without hesitation,lovely guy and look forward to working with Peter again.

Thank you!

Jo x

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What can i say shot with Peter Yesterday on a very short notice shoot He's a lovely guy sure nos his stuff about photography an hopefully the shoot was worth it in the long hall, has it was to test out a new camera. Defo looking forward to doing a proper shoot with him once he has his camera sorted an nos the ins an outs :) Defo Recommend Xx

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Jenni Czech

I can highly recommend pvfb.photo. We have great cooperation and fun cause we worked already few times together and I like his ideas for each set. Its fun! xx Jenni

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I worked with Peter as make-up artist and also once as model.

He is professional, easy to get along with and has good ideas.

He also got the pictures back to me fast.

Recommended and would work with again!

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