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Had a fantastic shoot with Peter at his home studio. He kindly offered to pick me up from the station. We worked through some portraits and some art nude, both working really well. Peter carefully deliberates over the lighting, ensuring it is perfect for each shot. He is a very interesting person too, with vast tech knowledge.

Highly recommended by me and would love to work with him again


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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Had my third shoot with Pvfb in London at his absolutely incredible studio in London this weekend.

He is always fun to work with and has some great ideas. On top of that the pictures are always brilliant.

I enjoy working with Pvfb. He is a lovely gentleman and would recommend him to anyone :)

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Alice Summers

So I have had many shoots with Pete and my last positive reference for Pete was quite a long time ago. I believe it is time to refresh my reference for Pete.

This guy is the most perfect photographer and friend. In fact, he is my favourite photographer. There are many reasons for this:

Pete is extremely respectful of the model. He is patient, understanding, friendly, highly intelligent, accommodating, calm, and a pleasure to be a round. Pete produces fantastic images mainly because the atmosphere he creates is friendly and peaceful. We look through the images at the shoot itself and we both share our opinions on the images and consequently rate each photo taken. That in itself is fun, enjoyable and builds rapport. Pete doesn't even realise what a wonderful man he is. He owns a fantastic studio- best studio I've seen. He has everything you need in that studio and more!

Pete as a person and a photographer is a genuine, trustworthy, and a kind hearted man.

Thank you for being so great, Pete! See you soon, Holly x

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Raven Lee

Had a lovely shoot with Peter between the xmas and new year period, I travelled down to his fabulas studio in Hampton Court, it was a long journey but worth it and once I arrived a was made to feel very comfortable was given time for a nice brew and choccies and the place was lovely and warm (always a big plus in January)Peter is extremely easy going and a pleasure to work with. He takes great care in getting the lighting just right and directs well. Prior to the shoot the communication was excellent and I was sent a full detailed brief of how to get there where to walk in the station and tube details, extremely helpfull when youre traveling a distance to somewhere you've never been. I would certainly go down to work with Peter again..Top Bloke

thanks Raven Lee

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I answered Peter's casting call for a last minute shoot and he booked myself and Gestalta for a duo model/rigger shibari shoot. His information pre shoot was very helpful in getting to the studio and there was parking available for me :) the studio itself is amazing with lots of professional equipment and a lovely dressing room and plenty of tea! Peter was very friendly easy going and open to creative ideas together, the shoot was relaxed and we ended up with some lovely shots. I enjoyed working with you thank you Peter!

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Had a really great shoot with Peter from pvfb photos on Sunday. Peter was really professional and a genuinely lovely guy. The shoot was very relaxed and fun.

Peter edited and sent me some of the photos we took whilst I was still at the studio which I thought was awesome. The studio itself was probably the best studio I've worked in. It was really well equipped and was easy to get to.

I hope to work with Peter again soon!

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Penny Lee

Had another fantastic shoot with Peter today.. love shooting at his studio.. it is just fabulous!!! Peter is a really nice guy to work with too... Always lets you see the pictures which I loove... looked like we got some great shots..so thankyou for a great shoot! x

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Always have a great time working with Peter, we always have a good old chat and the time flies whilst getting some gorgeous shots :-)

Emma louise


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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Another great shoot with Pvfb at his awesome studio in London.

Pre shoot comms were great as usual and the shoot itself was lots of fun as it always is.

Pvfb is an extremely friendly, respectful and genuine photographer who I enjoy working with and would highly recommend to anyone.

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Scarlett - Alice said...

Lovely man, felt extremely comfortable and very interesting conversation. Highly professional and great creative mind.

Studio is great and will all the necessary facilities!

Highly recommended and looking forward to working with you again soon.

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Roswell Ivory

I had a fantastic first shoot with Peter last weekend and cannot recommend him more highly! He's a lovely person, fascinating to talk to, with a relaxed way of working and was always mindful of my comfort and safety. (Thankyou also for sharing your camera knowledge- it was very much appreciated!)

I look forward to working together again!

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Tina Kay said...

It was lovely to see and to work with Peter yesterday again on my short visit to the UK!

He is one of my favourite people to work with of all the times and always a pleasure!

Every time different ideas, new technology to shoot, and never less impressive images of myself!

The most important thing, always respects the model, keep warm and happy! :)

Till the next year.... Thank you Peter!

Tina. xxx

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Another shoot yesterday with the lovely Peter, we always achieve such stunning images and have a good old catch up at the same time. He is such a lovely guy and a true professional and knows what he wants from an image. Here's to many more to come :-)

Emma Louise


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Gosh well I have lost count now the number of shoots that I have done with Peter over many of the years we have been working together and every one has been more and more enjoyable!

Peter is such a lovely man and a fantastic photographer and would highly recommend him to anyone without any hesitation!

Always professional, respectful, polite and friendly and he has a heart of gold!

I look forward to every shoot with Peter! So if you get a chance to work with him jump at the chance :) 200% recommended!

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Had a short and sweet shoot with Peter at his studio in London. As ever he was such a lovely guy to work with, knew the shots he wanted and was highly professional :)

Looking forward to working with him again in the future :)

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Kirsty king said...

I Had my first shoot with Peter last week at his lovely studio.

Pre shoot comms were spot on!

Peter is a superb photographer & a consummate professional.

He gave great direction, put me totally at ease.

Top tog

Highly recommended to all models!!!!

Can't wait to see some of the images. Hopefully we can shoot again real soon.

Thank you Peter

Kirsty x

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Alice Summers

I had my first shoot with Peter today and what a fantastic shoot it was.

Peter is extremely knowledgeable on so many topics and knows the modelling and photography business very well.

He is a very interesting, intelligent, friendly but respectful and professional man.

Peter has the perfect studio. It is large, has different backgrounds, large choice of lighting, heaters, changing room- the works!

It was a true pleasure shooting with Peter. He knows what he wants and knows how to get it. His direction is spot on. I felt so relaxed. I honestly could not recommend Peter highly enough!

I am so excited to see the images and I can't wait to shoot with Peter again soon.

Thank you for a fantastic day, Peter!


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Worked with Peter today on a shoot for a client after quite a few years since our last shoot due to both being so busy and we achieved some truly stunning work. As always Peter is very welcoming and makes you feel at complete ease.

Highly recommended and a genuinely lovely guy who makes you feel 100% comfortable and happy :-)

Looking forward to our next shoot, hopefully won't be too long till the next one!

Emma Louise


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Penny Lee

Had such a lovely shoot with Peter..was really pleasure to work with the guy!

Full of ideas and gave direction well!!

The time really did fly by when we were shooting and would not think twice if he asked me to shoot with him again!!

Highly recommend Peter to anyone


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Georgina Smith

Had my first shoot with Peter at his studio in London yesterday!

Pre comms were spot on we arranged the shoot fairly quick. Peter picked me up from the station which is always handy!

Very relaxed and easy to be around, think we chatted away for hours ha!

Studio is fab! Great set up with lights etc and Peter is clearly very experienced with this. Knows what's lighting works etc which of course helps to make great pictures!

Also gives great direction and really has an eye for what works and doesn't work.

Genuinely thoroughly enjoyed this shoot and really looking forward to seeing the pictures!

Would highly recommend working with Peter if you get the chance to!

Thanks for a great shoot look forward to another :)

Georgie x

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