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I had a fabulous shoot with Peter yesterday in his very technical and specious studio Mexico. It was enjoyable, fun and I felt very relax shooting with Peter. I also loved being restrained by metal handcuffs and colourful ropes being tied around me by lovely Jaculine while making sure I felt safe all the time. Peter also edited an image right there which was awesome! The time flew by and we created some amazing photos. He was generous and picked me up and took me to a local station as I was new to the area.

I can't wait to see more photos and looking forward to work with Peter again as he is highly professional, skilled photographer, kind and very interesting person.

Thank you Peter :-)

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Helen Diaz

I worked with Peter recently at his AMAZING spacious studio space that is StudioMexico! Peter had very kindly booked 2 hours of my London tour during my bookings at his studio and it was so lovely to catch up!

I really enjoyed my stay and wish it had been longer! Peter is such a kind, laidback, intelligent human- very thoughtful and capable. I really enjoyed working together and look forward to the uploads.

A gentleman to work with and highly recommended to all, Helen x

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Jess Harrington

Had my second shoot with the lovely Peter at his amazing studio from start to finish we didnt stop chatting he makes you feel so comfortable and is so kind every time you go there and makes you feel at ease he has all the top gadgets and takes the most amazing pictures effortlessly. This guy really knows his stuff xx its always a joy t work with Peter and was thrilled he had me back.

The time flew but am always happy with what he captures.

I would 110 per cent recommend Peter to any model who wants to work with not just a pro but a gentleman who always makes you fell welcome.

Thanks again for having me Peter 5*****

Love Jess xxx

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Bad Dolly

Yesterday I had a lovely shoot with Peter modelling along side Joss, and Peter's wealth of photography knowledge meant we could get the shot we were looking for quote easily and he gave brilliant direction. A lighting genius and a very intelligent man, shooting with Peter is a must!

Thank you x

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Helen Diaz

Peter was very kind to book me for a couple of hours whilst I was on tour and it was so lovely to catch up after so long! Despite having met and worked with Peter only a few times, I feel like we have known each other for years! Peter is a very intriguing, captivating soul- very knowledgeable, kind and enjoyable to shoot with.

Peters studio is amazing- so vast and such an amazing space to work in its unreal as to the photographic opportunities!

Too much time was spent having tea and talking but that I don't mind ;) I would love to work together again and really hope to on the next trip, Thank You Peter, Helen x

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Had a great shoot today with Peter while on my London Tour, he has an impressive studio full of awesome equipment

He's fun and very professional, pre comms were excellent and the shoot just flew by

He is a lovely person and we had some great conversations, I recommend him to all and look forward to working together again

Thanks again for a great shoot :D


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Rebecca Perry

Had my first shoot with the lovely Peter at his very impressive studio in Surrey & What a pleasure it was! I cannot recommend Ian and the studio enough! Smile

Fantastic pre shoot communications, everything planned/organized smoothly.

Also very personable on the shoot and we had some fantastic conversations during the session which helped keep things relaxed. If you shoot with Peter you will get 1.An enjoyable fun shooting! 2. Great comms, 3. Excellent on set experience, 4.Excellent images he is very respectful and a lovely person.

Thank you very much for a brilliant photoshoot & I look forward to working with you again in the near future.


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I did a pole dance shoot yesterday with Peter at his extremely well equipped and high tech studio. He had an amazing 4 metre competition dance pole, perfect for me to climb, spin and invert on to my hearts content.

Peter was professional and chatty throughout the shoot with plenty of tea and biscuits breaks. He also edited up a few shots for me right then and there which was lovely. I think we got some great shots, thanks Peter!

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Roxy M

I shot with Peter again but this time in Croydon! I loved our shoot! Peter always comes with ideas, which is very refreshing. As well as being polite, respectful and funny, Peter has a great eye for photography and we got some cracking shots!

Thank you for another great shoot, I hope one day i'll get a chance to work with you at your studio. Roxy :-)

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Miss Diamond Sparkle 💕☯

Really enjoyed being around Peter today...I had met Peter before through a shoot I did for Martin but I got to know Peter alot better today and he is a pleasure to be around and very witty...Peter has loads of flavoured tea and food in the studio...I put a forum up about whether to wear glasses for shoots and so Peter tested the idea and produced a really awesome low key image of me with them...I was extremely comfortable being around Peter and would not hesitate to recommend him to any model...I cannot believe how quick the time went...


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Worked with Peter today shooting studio props and content for the studio website and portfolio.

As always we have a cuppa and a natter and get some great shots. Love working with Peter and the time always flys by to quick

Emma Louise


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Bad Dolly

Another shoot with Peter and as always he comes highly recommended, has a fantastic studio with all you could want and more, as well as a fantastic eye for light and every flavour of tea known to man!

Peter is a skilled photographer and a very interesting person to chat to, look forward to the next shoot :)

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Worked with the lovely Peter again today :) Last shoot for 2018. We always have a chatter and create some beautiful images.

Emma Louise


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i worked with my friend Peter once again ...we shot so many times that i lost account , he is very lovely , caring , always make sure than the model is happy, safe and comfortable and warm and always give me some fantastic pictures for me to use and pay me as well , so yes highly recommend Peter x

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UkCuteGirl Lucy

Another ace shoot with pvfb.photo. I always love working at his insanely awesome studio creating lots of great, fun images.

Pvfb is always kind, respectful and fun to work with. He has very creative ideas and the images are always superb.

I would highly recommend! :)

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Anna Amy

I had a great shoot with Peter at his studio yesterday. Peter is friendly, considerate and great fun to work with. The studio is amazing. Highly recommended ☺ x

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I had my first shoot with Peter today. It was very nice from him to explain me in details how to get in his location. Peter picked me up from the station.

The studio looks great and it's warm!

I think we did really good images specially in black in white. We also did some experiments with lighting. I felt comfortable and relaxed during the shoot.

Hope to work with Peter again.Highly recommended.X

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Had my first shoot with peter during my tour down south!!

He arrived with a lovely attitude and some brilliant advice on bras... he’s such a pleasure to work with regardless half of the shoot being took up by his work calls we still cracked on and had an enjoyable shoot.

Highly recommended by me and am looking forward to working at his studio soon!

Thanks again for a lovely shoot x

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Elegant Eve

I worked with Peter in the weekend and it was great. He is a very knowledgeable person and brilliant photographer making conversation enjoyable and the shoot just flew by too fast.

The Studio is amazing too!! Great set up from a model's perspective with a fab room to get dressed in. Felt so comfortable working with Peter and a great giggle.

Highly recommended.

Thank you Peter x

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Worked with Peter yesterday after a few months gap of working together due to us both being super busy!

As always we have a natter and a cuppa and get some amazing images. Peter is a lovely man and I cant wait to work together for many years to come ☺️

Emma louise


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