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Bobbi Castle

I have worked with Pete a few times now. I love shooting with him, we always spend most of the time talking hahaha. I have to say thanks to Pete because i messed up with my bookings and double booked him but he was lovely enough to wait until later. When we did get around to shooting we got loads of lovely images as always. I love the ones he has already uploaded. I would recommend him for sure and look forward to our next one.

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Lovely first shoot with pete and Charlie today at my home,we covered a few different styles today.Cant wait to see the results.

Pete was a pleasure to work with and hope to work with him again.Thank you for a lovely day

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Rachelle Summers

I've worked with Peter for sooooo many years now! So always look forward to catching up with him when I'm in the area :)

This time was no exception! As always it was like catching up with an old friend :D We actually probably natter more than we shoot haha :')

Peter is so respectful and you are guaranteed to be well looked after if you work with him. He is honestly one of the most genuine, down to earth people I have met in the industry and a total gentleman too!

I can 100% recommend him to others and hope to catch up with him again soon :)

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Bobbi Castle

Me and peter worked together recently at pathways studio. He booked me as part of my tour to Chester. We where shooting a mix of fashion, lingerie and nude. It was a fun shoot and i enjoyed chatting. I love the photo you uploaded as well. I would recommend for sure and hope full we will get to work together again soon.

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Pete is wonderful guy to shoot with. He brought some fun props with him, including electric guitar. He was very relaxed and respectfull.

Thanks for a fab time :)

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Splash Point Photo Studio

This was Pete's first time at Splash Point Photo, and with him being so local, hopefully not the last! Pete also bought his own smoke machine after enquiring in advance to ensure it was ok so I knew what he had in mind. Again, he needed very little assistance as a result of having some solid ideas in advance, so with his previous experience, I left him and Savra to it.

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I met Pete on a shibari workshop run by Scarlot Rose and myself.

The workshop involved learning some ground based freestyle rope methods, followed by two portfolio building sessions.

Pete picked up the shibari techniques well and was a joy to shoot with. He was mindful of myself and Scarlot's wellbeing.

Hopefully I'll be able to shoot with him again in future.

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Georgia Brown

Another studio evening at pathway and another chance to work with the lovely Pete. It is always a pleasure, a polite and professional man with great ideas and a keen eye for a good photo. I look forward to meeting again, thankyou Pete.

Highly recommended!

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Keira Lavelle

Pete and I go way back to when I first was modelling in-and-out of university term time early in my career - we’ve since worked together on other occasions (routinely having a corking time), but it was the most cheer-inducing moment when Pete confirmed that he was to join myself and my fellow Arts Voyage events host: the beautiful Renaissance on our most recent duo trip in Malta where we had an endless selection of pre-scouted camera-sizzling locations awaiting us! :D One of my previous shoots in the meantime with Pete had been at a lovely location so I already knew how passionate and enthused he was about shooting with lush environments... We had so many exciting solo and duo opportunities lined up for our team, as well as fun-filled exploration of the local area in which we stayed - I just cannot stress clearly enough how wonderful it was having this epic gentleman as part of our unit for the event. Thank you so much Pete for the laughs, the divine photographs and the wicked company - we would welcome you back on board for another event with buzzing glee! :D

Pete in-person is the kindest, most laid-back and down-to-earth photographer that any model (or photographer) could cross paths with in this industry. In the organisation period before the trip: we conversed as to get everything set up and tailor the experience accordingly with the one-to-one shooting opportunities. Pete was fantastic in his continuously pristine communications; we kept each other in-the-loop in the run-up and spoke about cool ideas/possibilities; it made the ‘prep’ side a total breeze for us as organisers because the whole point of what we’re doing is customising the event to each member of our small group and really wanting to work closely with what they want to achieve from the trip. Pete planned to bring his drone so automatically: this sparked inspiration for our locations recces which continued further into when the trip was in full swing! He’s a completely team-driven person who seriously appreciates the input that models have to offer on a photo shoot; it’s a two-way street in getting that goal image and Pete is just a diamond to work with on this level. The kind of working relationship that (clearly many models) are able to strike with Pete is that very road to a tremendously enjoyable, and productive session: the kind where when you review the back of the camera, you need to make sure there’s not something above your head because you’re more than likely going to jump out of your shoes/flip-flops with hysterical happiness! :’)

Basically, Pete’s professional aptitude and shoot etiquette is utterly on-pointe! He’s a brilliant person to work with in the sense of the enormous degree of respect he has for models... And also because he’s just a lovely person with an enormous heart and someone you can laugh and chat endlessly with as you work. Not forgetting emphasise on the MEGA SHOOT RAPPORT side! :P

When he gets focused into “making pictures” mode out on the field, he’s on-it (like a car bonnet?) Silly saying but oh well! My point is that he is extremely driven photographically and with multiple scheduled sessions within the trip where we got to indulge in decent-length shooting durations both solo and duo with Renaissance - I’ve subsequently had a lot of time to work creatively with Pete and enjoyed every minute! No matter where we were: his brain was ticking for new ideas and inspiration, if an idea popped up and it was worth spending a bit more time on then he had endless patience as we battled the usual location challenges which models and photographers face: from cactus needles to times ocean waves to dodging traffic! He remained so cool and took it always in his stride; we reviewed what we were getting together and new inspo popped to mind... Perseverance, enormous appreciation for creating beauty from a scene/series of circumstances and sublime photographer visions is the best way to sum up what it’s like working with Pete Roberts: the photographer. :) Nothing phases him and some of the gorgeous edits he has kindly sent me since the trip have been received exceptionally well by others too! The images do really speak for themselves, so whilst I can ramble on about how fabulous they turned out - simply take a look! :D

Do you think I recommend Pete as a photographer then? YOU BET I DO!!!

There’s so many fun and memorable moments I could recite from our amazing week with this gent, but I really would be here all day! But he was ultimately delightful company from start to finish, a completely warming person to work alongside (as usual) and such a giggle too. We had as much of a ball in the downtime accompanied by Pete as shooting with him and I’m so happy to have had him as a valued member on our Maltese Arts Voyage adventure. :)

PETES A TOP GUY! Here’s until the next time we get the chance to work together... Apologies for the long-winded spam on your page Pete! But all true! ♥

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Wendy Louise Howard

I had the absolute Pleasure of working with the Fabulous Pete for a week long trip with Arts Voyage.

When he booked on to our Photographic Trip to Gozo, Malta, I was absolutely over the Moon.

I have known Pete for 10 years now and class him as a really good friend. I hadn't seen him for a while, but as it should be with good friends, we hit it off like we had seen each other the day before.

I Modelled both Solo and Duo, alongside the Stunning Keira Lavelle and Pete was great to work with under all different opportunities that arose.

Pete is really easy going, Great fun to be with, has a Professional attitude, is Creative, Friendly and creates a relaxed Shooting environment making it a huge success.

Pete also brought along a Drone and we had great fun shooting with it at the Pool, Cheese Rock and the Flowers to name a few :D He even made a video for me dancing at the Cheese Rock at Sunset which I adore :D It will forever be a reminder of the great fun we had on the trip.

Thanks Pete. Im really glad you came along.

If you get the chance to work with Pete... JUMP AT IT.

You won't be disappointed. A true Gent with a big heart and a good eye for the Camera.. (or Drone ;D)

Highly recommended by me as always with 5 stars *****

Look forward to catching up with you again in the future Pete.

Renaissance xx

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Rhianna Grey

Pete has become a very close and amazing friend Over the last few years and every shoot we have is filled with creativity, good company, and a good laugh.

The last shoot we did together was in May 2019 And we took to the Welsh hills in North Wales surrounded by beautiful mountainous views all round. Despite it being windy we still managed to achieve some amazing imagery and even managed to capture a little video and still Shots using the drone.

Pete always ensures that his models are comfortable and taken well care of and more importantly is great company and provides many a laugh which in my books really does help prepare for creating the best and most relaxed/expressive images.

Since then me and Pete have met for a good old chinwag over coffee/dinner and hope it’s not too long before we can have another catch up.

Thanks for the many highly memorable shoots and meet ups, and for being such a great friend who has helped me out during very difficult times, of which I am truly thankful for.

Rhi x

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Scarlot Rose

I had a lovely shoot with Pete at Natalia Forrest's home studio. Pete was friendly, chatty and respectful. We made good use of the beautiful natural light and he was great at spotting something that might just work and then executing it to perfection! A really lovely shoot and I'm happy to recommend him!

Thank you again Pete,

Scarlot :)

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kayah louisa

So yesterday was my third time working with Pete and our first one on one.

He travelled to me in Wales and we went on an adventure through the snow and rain to a selection of locations.

I had such a great time working with Pete despite the cold!

And I've already received images as he makes sure they are so close to perfect on the camera that editing is quick and minimal.

I definitely recommend you work with Pete and hope to do so again soon.

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Rachelle Summers

It has been so long since Pete and I had got chance to do a 1-2-1 shoot together, so when he booked me on my first tour of 2019 in Chester I was really looking forward to it :D

I've known Pete for years and he's a real sweetheart, always respectful and kind, and just a genuine lovely guy!

We had a lovely evening shooting followed by a meal out and it was really super catching up with him :D

100% recommended by me! Let's not leave it so long next time haha!

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Pete came to the Christmas themed group shoot that myself and Vivian Blue arranged.

I have worked with Pete on many occasions and as always, it was lovely to work with him. Pete always makes sure the models are okay (it was freezing that day in the studio and he made sure me and Vivian both had warm drinks and blankets in between sets!)

I definitely recommend Pete to anybody :)

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Had another fabulous shoot with Pete tonight.

As always as soon as I meet him he makes me feel at ease... always the gentleman!

We got some great shots and Pete always comes up with some excellent ideas!

Images top quality(nothing changes there)

Pleasure to shoot with you again Pete...

Hope to plan another shoot in the near future!

Dana x

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Velvet Fox

I had a great shoot at Pathways studios on Wednesday which Pete attended at. Pete is friendly and easy to get on with and I am happy he attended it. Recommended :)

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Bobbi Castle

I met Pete during a shoot I was modeling for at pathway studio. He showed up on one and ready to shoot. He gave me good directions and the shoot was great. I really liked the images I was seeing on the BOC and would certainly recommend to work with him.

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Vivian Blue

This was my second shoot with Pete, he booked onto my duo studio weekend with Misuzu at the X factory studio. Pete is really friendly, easy to talk to and bro gs some great ideas to the shoot. We managed to create some lovely artistic images and I can completely recommend Pete to all.

Hope to work together again soon,



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Stacie Mai

I have shot with Pete before at a club night at Pathways Studios and he is always the perfect gentlemen, so I was glad to hear that Pete was to be attending our Bulgarian trip too!

Pete is full of ideas, knows exactly what he wants from a shoot and I am very happy with the images I have received from the trip.

Thank you for being a wonderful travel buddy Pete and I hope to work with you again in the future! (:

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