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Had a shoot with Jon in Birmingham. was arranged last minute but we got so much done in such little time. Couldn’t recommend him enough one of my first proper shoots in awhile as I’m new to modelling. He made me feel at complete ease, gave me loads of little tips and tricks to help me. Was the perfect photographer to have my first shoot with! Couldn’t thank enough! Would recommend him to anyone!! 🤍

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Had a fabulous shoot with jon about a week or so ago. He was kind enough to collect me and take us to our church location in Dorchester. I have always thought the world of Jon,fabulous photographer and a fabulous human! We go way back with calendar girls so have a lot of respect and trust for him. Couldn’t have been happier with the images! Can’t wait to arrange our next shoot together! Team Tash and Jon all the way! I would always highly recommend Jon📸📸

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Barney Douglas

This is probably one of those references where I might run out of suitable superlatives.

Jon has been the solid rock of support behind all of my most recent group shoots and someone without whom it would never have been possible to achieve the smooth running of the events in recent years.

His unerringly dry wit, and equally his ability to call a spade and spade has seen me through several event crises over the years, but he's always there with a smile on his face, camera in hand and a bucket load of ideas for the models with whom he works. This years was no different.

Jon I will miss our chats often late at night and would like to very personally thank you for everything you have done.

As a photographer you show immense creativity and respect towards models covering a wide range of genres. I will very definitely miss both watching you and working with you.

Thank you once again

Highly recommended.

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I has the most amazing first shoot with Jon. He has so many ideas and sent me a Pinterest board of different styles so you can put in input too. He makes sure you are comfortable. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

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Had the pleasure of working with John on two shoots during the charity photoshoot day.

The pre coms were great and he had a clear idea for a shoot in which I was able to find outfits for.

These two shoots were a first for me but hilarious as well. At one point I was in fits of tears (laughing). John is so easy to chat and work with.

I would recommend John and I look forward to seeing the photos

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Had an amazing shoot with John today found him very helpful & easy to work with. John was very welcoming to myself and my partner. He Gave me lots of tips and advice on poses. Hope to work with him again.

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Louise Love

Yet another shoot with Jon! This time bluebells/skater shoot in the new forest.

Went amazing as always, Jon is one of my favourite photographers he is great to chat to and have a laugh with throughout. Great photographer very knowledgeable on lighting and has good ideas! :)

Had a look through the images already and they're amazing - already look edited through back of the camera! :) can't wait to see final product!

Always a pleasure to shoot with Jon, 1000% recommend. Can't wait till next time!

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Had an amazing shoot as always great to work with friendly reliable, and embraces the chaos that the shoot may bring! Always finish a shoot on a high note with no pose unturned feeling amazing!!

Highly recommended

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Thoroughly enjoyed shooting with Jon...pre comms were great and once he found his way to the apartment (after his long walk ha ha) we set to planning shoot sets with some improv along the ways. We came up with some great ideas which then turned into great shots!

Jon was very professional and fun to work with. I adore some of the images that we've created.

Would love to work with Jon again in the future and highly recommend

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Freya Maire

Had an absolutely great shoot with Jon, he was so helpful and very invested in producing an image that suited the image in my mind!

Very dedicated to his work, at one point he was lying down in the mud in order to get the perfect shot.

A bubbly, kind and easy to talk to photographer who really went about and beyond to produce images we could both be proud of.

I’m extremely happy with my shoot with Jon and appreciate his hardworking and sunny disposition!

Definitely recommend!

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Louise Love

Yet another shoot with Jon this time in a lovely park in havant! We shot multiple sets in a park including on a beautiful bridge! Throughout Jon was great to chat to, has a fantastic sense of humour and a complete gentleman always making sure you're comfortable/not too cold etc! Thankyou for yet another amazing shoot! :) one of my fav photographers 1000% reccommend!!

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Tinks Kinks

I shot with Photowizard (aka Jon) a week ago now and still absolutely in awe and loving the images he captured of me on the beach!

This is my most enjoyable shoot to date and has definitely produced my most favourite images. I could not recommend Photowizard enough!

He gives great little posing pointers and got me in all sorts of poses on trees and beach groins; producing fantastic imagery.. the man has an eye for it without a doubt!!

Finally, I would just like to add that he made me feel comfortable throughout. He is the most cheerful, chatty photographer that I’ve ever worked with and I don’t think I’ve ever felt more comfortable from start to finish; especially as my changing space was on the open beach with not much cover haha! Although thanks to Jon, he managed to find me some good sheltered spots!

Thank you so much again; I had a fantastic day and choosing the images for editing is nearly impossible as I love them all!

Tinks xo

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Crystal Amethyst

Had a lovely first shoot with Jon! Such a lovely and chatty guy and humble guy. Knew how to make you look good in poses and different angles. Also shot some on my camera for me too😆 Thankyou Jon! Look forward to the next one☺️💕

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Naomi Rhiannon

We had such a wonderful time on this shoot. Jon knew where to go, and despite it being quite a trek to the location, he kept my spirits high and we laughed the whole way. He came equipped with snacks and drinks too, which I very much appreciated.

Pre shoot comms were perfectly clear, and I knew what to expect.

My second shoot with Jon, and both times we've created some stunning images. Can't wait to shoot again.

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Katie Wells

I did a great sunset shoot with Jon at Hengistbury Head. He was very friendly and lovely to work with. He even got in the sea with me! I really enjoyed the shoot and we got some beautiful images. I look forward to shooting with Jon again in the future!

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Louise Love

Shot with Jon at a charity group shoot and as always - amazing shoot! He made me feel super comfortable as it was my first charity shoot! We also got some great shots as always! Thankyou again! :)

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Had the great Pleasure of shooting with Jon on a charity group shoot. Jon is funny and easy going and we had a good laugh despite it being so hot. We found an old truck which was great and gave us a different look. Jon really knew his stuff and we got some great shots. Jon was a gent and made sure I was ok the whole shoot.

I would totally recommend any model to shoot with Jon and I would love to shoot with him again soon.

Thank u ❤️

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I always look forward to seeing and working with Jon, just his general joyful presents is infectious and I always have such a laugh with him, so to see he was attending this years annual charity group shoot just honestly made my year! :D

We had a bit to contend with being in a more public place and a tour about to begin and having to get some nude shots done in about 5 mins before it started, having to adjust lighting far too quickly and then doing some other sets that were less risky of course.. but Jon took it all in his stride and battled through it all well all things considered and we still managed some awesome shots even from the record quick nude set we did!! :P

He not only did an amazing job helping organise everyone's schedules for the day with various drop outs leading up to the event, brought his usual amazingly positive personality with him on the day, but also equipped me with some extra bottles of water after I finished mine as it was such a hot day (I honestly don't know how I would have got through the rest of the day without him helping me out!!) and he even had a spray plaster to help out my blister I got on my foot!!

He's such a lovely guy, that looks out for everyone else no matter what it takes and I know he did various other things to helps others out during the day too so a massive thank you from us all I'm sure!

Very highly recommended from me, and we've already spoken about another shoot again some time soon which I'm massively looking forward to!!!! :D x

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It was brilliant to shoot together at a charity shoot and I would definitely repeat the experience! With some fun conversations and brilliant directions, I thoroughly enjoyed the shoot. The photos of course brilliant, I would definitely recommend working with him!

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Dark Horse

What a joy it is to shoot with Jon once more. Jon is an artist. He's always in good humour, even in the most difficult of conditions, and shoots with him are always too short. He is quick to set up and excellent in direction and his photographs are always excellent. I cannot recommend him enough.

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