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  • Full time Photographer
  • More than 35 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Shoots styles

Alternative, Beauty, Body Paint, Commercial, Erotic, Fashion, Fetish, Fitness, Glamour, Landscape, Lifestyle, Lingerie, Nude, Pinup, Portrait, Promotional, Sheer, Swimwear and Topless



Still able to work from my studio and on location during COVID-19 due to commercial commitments

Website: LINK   Calendar: (this link, not the Purpleport calendar)   My own studio: Hangleton Lane Studio 

"Reference 100!  Says it all really.  Barney is a great guy and an amazing photographer.  He is so creative and has amazing vision for finding the perfect shots that nobody has ever thought of or tried..." Harley Page

Freelance photographer covering commercial product photography, fashion, dance, fitness, tourism, fast cars, food, architecture and interior design, and erotic-artistic stills and video.    I am the highest rated full-time commercial photographer in the world on the world's largest freelancing website,,  and also the most followed commercial photographer worldwide on

Published in over fifty countries on five continents. 

I am a preferred supplier for businesses in the digital advertising, motor cycle, insurance, catering, tourism, interior design, fashion, finance and construction industries.

Member of SIFGP, People-per-hour, Freelancer, Purpleport, Model Mayhem and Madcow amongst many others, and listed on Spotlight and Mandy for headshot work.  I trained and worked as a dancer and choreographer in my youth. I still speak "ballet".

I shoot virtual tours as an independent supplier for Google and private clients, and I am accredited to a number of major insurance and property management companies.

As far as I know I am the only photographer in the world shooting a unique variation on virtual tours for models.  The multi-exposure images of Natasha KalashnikovaBexie, Mischkah and JJ Phoenix in my portfolio are stills from those products.

I have over 35 years experience.  My avatar, the ballet dancer, was shot on a Bronica ETRS camera using Tri-X film for a small modelling and entertainment agency where I worked regularly from 1984 to 1986. Whilst there I shot the portfolio that got Clare Mulholland into Select agency.

Prior to returning full time to photography in 2008 I undertook freelance photography to fit in with my work as a senior consultant within the UK online and hard copy advertising markets for over 12 years.

I always supply images to models on TF, collaboration and syndication, but not if I am paying you.  All I ask is that you credit me please.  If models want photos for their own publication purposes, for content share or their own portfolios, I will be happy to collaborate or profit-share with those models meeting specific potential business requirements which benefits both of us, otherwise I do charge a fair rate for the job.

*Please note: I do not provide free (TF / Collaboration) photography services to commercial enterprises i.e. if the purpose of the images is to help you sell your products and/or services then I expect you to pay for my services.  In the event that you are a serious business looking here for a commercial photographer and you have a need and a budget, my rates are very reasonable and you'll receive a reliable, efficient, fully insured professional service for your money.  See my website for full details.

I have signed up to the Protecting Actors Casting Agreement, ID number 12656, helping to ensure all actors and models receive a copy of the final footage / images, where possible, in a timely fashion.  All models who have not completed full time compulsory education are licensed by the relevant authority.  All models under 18 are chaperoned.


Numerous calendars including Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research (now Blood Cancer UK), Cancer Research UK and Help for Heroes 

Other credits featuring models from this and similar sites: 

  •  Key-less ignition security device for Innogadgets (Germany) - model Lauren Allan - November 2019
  •  Eco friendly food bags and sauna equipment for Pichunter (Finland) - models Pollyanna Hale and Maddie Elizabeth - October 2019
  •  Braided hair accessories for Nico Lee (China) - model Tamyka Jones - September 2019
  •  Crazy Sand (UK) - Featuring four child models from the Mandy network sites - April 2018 and July 2019
  •  Dinesh lingerie (India) - models Maleficent, Monika Lara Smith and NatalieJ- June 2019
  •  Kremke knitwear (Germany) - models Ria Fantastic, Monika Lara Smith and Jodele - June 2019
  •  Keneto (Canada) - arty illustrations - model Amber Rose - January 2019
  •  Curriculum Kids (Australia) - several shoots producing educational study images with child models from Mandy Network and the Rebecca Middleton Agency - July 2017 to October 2018 and ongoing
  •  DNP (UK) - Facebook and website fashion banners - model Mishball- February 2018
  •  Christian Laws (Australia) - medical research stills - models Angel and Lucy Borthwick - January 2018
  •  OSS Clothing (USA) - fetish-based party clothing - model Chaarlotte - Photoshop OleksandrK - November 2017
  •  So Fly International (Slovenia) - fitness equipment - model Georgia Emily - Photoshop OleksandrK - November 2017
  •  Bluefin (UK) - hoverboard images with two children (10 and 12 years) from the Mandy network sites - August 2017
  •  Yaron Matzuva (Israel) - manufacturer of copper drinking tankards - models Jade LyonandNicky Paul Rollett - May 2017
  •  Mr White's Collection (UK) with Marco-Pierre White Jr (Velvet Love) and model Holly Rose - April 2017
  •  Fashion jewellery for Sveta Eyre (UK) - models Elle Black, Bexie, Harley Sparks, - April to June 2016
  •  Black Beauty & Hair magazine (UK) - model: Pocotoria - April 2016
  •  Adams Gear (USA) - survival equipment product images - models: Darkhorse, Silky -  April 2016
  •  Ultra Screen Doors (China) - mesh fly-screen door product images - models: Petra Callisto, Jodele, Sophie Read (hand model), and my gorgeous border collie called Doggie ... (yes really!) - November 2015
  •  Cover and entire image content - "Yoga for Beginners: A simple guide to a slim body, stress relief and inner peace" by Nicole Talbot (Australia) - model Chaarlotte - October 2015
  •  Braided hair accessory jewellery photography for Hair My Words (UK) 2015 - model Pocotoria 
  •  Swimwear and lingerie photography for Nik's Life Style (India) 2015 - models: Jess Mae RoseChaarlotte,Satine Spark,Kyra69Lexi Lane,Spiky,Gemma Louise
  •  Advertising material for security company Vigilant Solutions (USA) 2014 - model Dan Robinson
  •  Advertising material and giant roadside banner for gamers' handsets manufacturer Avatoy Media (USA) 2013 - model Calum_B
  •  Literary illustrations for Living Research (Italy) 2014 - model Katerina Diamond 
  •  Children's' fashion for MD Textiles (Singapore) 2013 
  •  Jewellery catalogue images for Designed to Dazzle (UK) 2014 - model Fiona Jane 
  •  Packaging imagery for Tatying (Hong Kong) 2012 - numerous models from this site 
  •  Fitness exercise images for Body Shape Design (Germany and Saudi Arabia) 2012 - models Walles Hamonde, French Chloe, Zesty
  •  Extensive work as required for Exposure 2000 Ltd (UK) 2010 - 2012 for their suite of 150 websites - numerous models, many on this site 
  •  Oriental and Middle Eastern bridal wear for Dalila's Kaftans, (UK) 2013 - models Chaarlotte and Stef Keogh
  •  "The Audience" documentary series 2 episode 3 Channel 4 TV (UK) Dec 2013 - model Ami-Li Chase 
  •  Book cover and content The Wicca Queen by Steven Burton (UK) 2013 - model Elle Black 
  •  Lingerie images for Kinky Provocateur (UK) 2012 - model Penny Lee 
  •  Twice published in Jade International Magazine of Art - 2010 and 2012 - various models

UK's highest grossing fundraiser for Photo Aid (part of Live Aid / Band Aid) in 1986 working with Linda Lusardi.

The General Data Protection Regulation:  All elements of the business which includes BDFoto and Hangleton Lane Studio are legally required to declare the purpose of the retention of any data held on its clients from May 2018.  BDFoto and Hangleton Lane Studio are part of IBUDEC, the Independent Business Development Consultancy, which normally retains only such information as it is required to do for the purposes of managing its business and financial affairs, and in particular for those purposes is normally limited to clients' and sub-contractors' names and business names (if different), relevant full postal addresses, registered offices (if different) for limited liability entities, email addresses, telephone numbers and such other contact details as the client or sub-contractor provides for the purpose of business contact.  Where IBUDEC makes payments or refunds to such clients or sub-contractors, IBUDEC shall retain essential bank details solely within the password protected facilities provided by IBUDEC's bankers, Barclays Bank plc, but nowhere else.

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Seeking minimalist interiors for commissioned photography ... and people to shoot them - post lock-down requirement
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Lyminster, West Sussex, United Kingdom


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