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JDL Studios

This was my first shoot with Natalia, a video shoot with Jasmine de Launay and Bonnie Bellotti. Natalia was absolutely amazing (as were Jasmine and Bonnie), it was really easy working with her. Obviously stunning, she understood straight away what I needed from the shoot and the footage was fantastic. I'm definitely booking her again.

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After a gap of about four years I was lucky enough to be able to arrange a shoot with Natalia at her beautiful home in Shropshire. It was great to see Natalia again (my 27th shoot with her, I think!) and I enjoyed the not too difficult process of taking a set of lovely images. Natalia always presents herself immaculately in terms of both her physical appearance and her outfits which on this occasion included some very nice high end lingerie. The stylish decor of the house was another big plus factor. The conversation flowed easily and it was interesting to catch up on events since the advent of COVID. All in all I had a most enjoyable session with Natalia - she is a busy lady but if the opportunity arises to work with her I would obviously recommend her to all togs out there!😀😀

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Fantasy Dabblers

We had a short day shoot with Natalia at a studio that was new to us but she was familiar with. Arrangements worked well. In the studio's small sets, Natalia created endless amazing pictures with the many outfits she had brought and the few fun props we had with us. She also makes the whole day lots of fun.

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I have shot with Natalia so many times and been to exotic places around the world with her, so when it came to shooting after a long Covid layoff, there was no one better than her to ease me in.

As ever,a brilliant shoot. Lovely images. Fun time.

I can recommend her totally as an organised, professional, lovely person and I can't wait for the next shoot.

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Fantasy Dabblers

We can never tire of shooting the amazing Natalia Forrest and it was a delight to return to Two Wei Location with her for a day of dramatic images lit by a single light in their elegant sitting room. Natalia is a very experienced and beautiful model and always looks just right.

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I booked Natalia for a shoot with Jasmine de Launay and Kelli Smith - and was delighted that I did! She's an amazing model who immediately hit it off with Jasmine and worked fantastically with Kelli, who she'd met previously. Natalia is gorgeous, down to earth, friendly, reliable, and was the perfect choice for the shoot! Jasmine will be working with Natalia again later in the year.


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T.R. Devlin

Took a while to schedule a new shoot with Natalia. I was glad it all worked out. She is a great model and a lovely person to work with. We created some great pictures and I could not be more happy with the results.

I can fully recommend Natalia and hope to work with her again.

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Fantasy Dabblers

We had a day’s shoot at Natalia’s lovely home. She is always a super model to work with and she has created some lovely set options in her home. We took a number of props with us and Natalia used these with imagination and skill. On this occasion we used Natalia’s constant LED lights. Thank you for another great shoot Natalia, and we hope we can shoot again before too long.

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We had a very pleasant productiv photoshoot in the studio in Woerden. Natalia is not only friendly, but also very professional. She is easy to work with and very creative in her way of modelling. She is very pleasant and communicative.

I would absolutely recommend Natalia and would love to work with her again in the future.

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We had another shoot for my Sexy Stereotypes project and like previous times I had so much fun with Natalia, she is so easy to work with, needs no directions to get great results, and is such a lovely girl! She always gives me hard times to select images for my portfolio to upload, I could use them all...

When you want great pictures for your next project: choose Natalia!

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I had the amazing privilege of working with the living legend that is Natalia.

From the get go she was charming, talkative & more than happy to pose with direction or none at all. All this in a rather cold studio and in a state of undress what an incredible model!

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the stunning & very talented Natalia & I do hope I can repeat the experience in the future.

I can't recommend Natalia highly enough & every portfolio can do no wrong but have some of her incredible work on it.

Thank you Natalia for epic shoot!!


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The Coach House Studio

We had the fantastic pleasure of hosting 2 art nude workshops with the awesome Natalia today. Despite having our kitchen/reception out of action due to a serious fire in the adjacent building a few days beforehand, and the loss of our boiler, Natalia was a total professional and totally unfazed by a slightly more cramped shooting area.

Natalia has a wonderful, bubbly personality, infectious smile and an ability to put even the most nervous of photographer feel totally at ease. Her energy and enthusiasm is wonderful, as she was able to pose effortlessly for each of our photographers and interpret their ideas for 8 hours with only short breaks between sets.

Natalia's stunning looks and physique are fantastic, her hair and makeup skills are faultless. The BOC images we saw during the day are amazing. It's a true testament to her incredible talents that all the attendees have asked us to book another workshop with the awesome Ms Forrest! :)

We couldn't recommend working with Natalia highly enough.

Thanks again Jon, Ross & Paul

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Pete Buckle

Had the pleasure of working with Natalia at the Coach House Photography Studio day in Farningham

Natalia is stunning and a true professional. Even though the studio had been affected by a fire earlier in the week and was not up to its usual 100% Natalia still turned up and worked all day with little rest, what an absolute star!

Natalia poses brilliantly and works well with suggested props and poses, she has a lovely personality and is easy to talk to. I am more than happy with the images I have and that’s down to Natalia.

If you get the chance book Natalia I guarantee you will come away with fabulous images .

I would absolutely recommend Natalia and would love to work with her again in the future

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I thoroughly enjoyed the morning at the coach house studio working with Natalia on Sunday.

She was a true professional throughout the morning despite the studio being cold given the loss of heating due to a fire only days earlier, yet she worked through the art nude shoot without batting an eyelid!

She brought with her a superb attitude and personality and worked through an enormous multitude of poses - her experience is abundantly clear and I cannot recommend enough.

I’m thrilled with the images that I reviewed from the back of the camera and looking forward to working through them soon.

Thanks for being a superb model!

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Paul Langford

Despite the building next door catching fire a few days before the shoot, resulting in a cooler than usual studio, Natalia was a consummate professional throughout the shoot. Her sense of humour and experience combined to create some fantastic images. Highly recommended.

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I recently had a fun second shoot with Natalia on her trip up north. Cant say enough to praise all elements of what she does from comms all the way through to amazing array of poses.

Hope i dont have to wait as long for shoot no3:-)

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I have reached 25 shoots with the delectable Natalia and enjoyed 2 delightful photo holidays with Natalia so it will not surprise anyone that I highly recommend Natalia

Thanks Nat for 25 great shoots

Jim x

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Guy Clix

First shoot with the fabulous Natalia at Paul's Studio in Reading. Been wanting to shoot with Natalia for a while now and certainly in reality she exceeded all my expectations : besides her great looks, toned and well proportioned figure, she is a lovely person and an absolute delight to work with - friendly, chatty and easy to create with. Always so good to work with an experienced model like Natalia who instinctively knows the types of poses that create great pictures.

Thx Natalia for a great afternoon shoot together x... like all good things time went too quick, but definitely look forward to next time we shoot together (hopefully again soon).

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I have shot Natalia so many times, been on shooting holidays that she has organised and loved every minute.

We realised that we hadn't even met never mind had a shoot recently.

So, with great difficulty, we fixed two hours at her place. (Natalia is busy....and I mean busy.)

She just inspires me to come up with ideas, where they come from I have no idea. She is not just beautiful, but a model of the highest ability. She even encourages me to make images that are...I don't know what.

She is always immaculately prepared and loves to work hard on a shoot.

If you have shot with her, you don't need me to tell you to shoot again with her, and if you haven't. Get on with it .Book a shoot with her.

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We had a little bit of a problem with the logistics of the shoot - normally, a recipe for a panicky, nervous session, and poor pictures.

Not like that with Natalia!

We started with a cuppa, and then spent a relaxed two-and-a-half hours shooting around Natalia's new home, which is as perfect and stylish as the lady herself.

Comms, at all stages, were clear and precise. Natalia is as charming and lovely as when I first took pictures of her (in 2009 - I had to look that up!). And the results are better than ever.

There are a lot of good models around. There are a few very special ones, WHO YOU MUST WORK WITH AT LEAST ONCE. Natalia is one of them. Book her. Book her soon.

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