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Melanie Bond (Butler)

A great shoot with Richard at F8 recently for the 1920s Flapper Girl Group Shoot! Richard is reliable and a relaxed photographer to shoot with. He gets on well with other photographers at group shoots. Richard did an amazing job of turning some of the back of camera shots around in 48 hours to hit a magazine deadline for publication! We did the same for Christmas Pin Up and got a centre spread future so really great idea of Richard to head for publications. I am looking forward to seeing what goes into this magazine submission!

I would definitely recommend Richard and look forward to shooting with him again in April :) x

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Jessica Maria

Had my second shoot with megapixel! Have wanted to shoot at Sanctum Southampton for a long time - so was very excited to be booked there!

Pre comms were very good and it was clear what he wanted me to bring. He also helped direct me to the car park when I couldn't find the place! Megapixel is sooo easy to wrok with. It was a very relaxed shoot, and we shot various different outfits in different places across the studio, and included some pole too!

I would definitely recommend, and hope to work with him again!


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Melanie Bond (Butler)

I've had a couple of really good group shoots with Richard recently! Richard is easy going, chatty and general fun photographer to shoot with! On our last group shoot together, Richard suggested sending off images for Retro Lovely magazine from the Christmas Pin Up Group Shoot. Not only did they get published but we got the centrefold!! Which was a lovely surprise. I liked that Richard thought outside the box to do this and researched the magazine well. Richard joins into conversation and is good fun at group shoots as well as being professional! Thank you for two enjoyable group shoots and looking forward to shooting again in the future. I would definitely recommend shooting with Richard :) x

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I recently had my first shoot with Richard which was very relaxed, with a good variety of shots taken. He arrived on time and maintained great communication throughout, and pretty much let me do my own thing with a lil prompting too at times. Currently looking into a possible 2nd shoot soon too. 😊 Great Guy easy to be around.

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Richard was absolutely amazing today. We shot at Sanctum and what an amazing place and an even better person to shoot there with.

Richard apon arrival was chatty and his great energy made me feel relaxed. We had a cup of tea and a great chat about all sorts, he answered any questions.

Our shoot went really well. Richard gave some directions if needed which was great. He had lots of ideas and together with mine we created some amazing images..

I cannot wait to see our images & hopefully work with Richard again soon. X

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Richard and I had our first shoot today. We covered a variety of different styles, finishing with some bodyscape

Richard is fab. Friendly and professional, we had a great shoot that flew by.

I look forward to working with him again soon

Thanks for a great shoot! Definitely recommend from me

Lou ☺️

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I really enjoyed this shoot , communication with Richard prior to the shoot was fantastic , we work together to get the perfect 50’s dress for this shoot , Richard was a polite and respectful a perfect gentleman to work with , the shoot flew by as Richard knew exactly what he want from the shoot getting in some really interesting pose and props . 100% recommend working with Richard

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Melanie Bond (Butler)

A very enjoyable shoot yesterday with Richard at the Lavender Fields. It was our first time shooting together but we had positive pre comms and Richard was an easy person to get on with - especially when I found we had some common interests such as dogs and race cars!! :)

Richard is a very relaxed and a genuine person / photographer and completely professional at all times. Our creative ideas bounced off each other as we moved around the Lavender and wild flower fields so shooting felt very laid back and natural. I would definitely shoot with Richard again and would 100% recommend him to other models.

Thank you for a great afternoon Richard! :)

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Ariel Taylor

Absolutely fabulous first shoot with Richard at Hallam Mill :)

We had two hours of fun and covered mostly lingerie and hoop.

Richard is super laid back and really friendly. He let me take the reins and direct most of the shoot, including wardrobe and sets. The pictures also looked fab on the back of the camera!

A serious pleasure to shoot with and would definitely do it all again!

Highly recommended :)

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Jessica Maria

Had a lovely shoot with Megapixel! We shoot in some poppies and did a couple of fashion shots and some lingerie. He was amazing at being on the lookout for people whilst I changed outfits! He is a lovely guy, extremely easy going, easy to work with & talk to, professional, and had a great time :)

Recommended :)

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Had a great shoot with Richard who travelled to a location near me.

He was friendly and polite and I felt at ease throughout the shoot.

Would definitely recommend

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Florence Day

The communication was great from the start and it was a very lovely shoot. Despite having a painful injury, Megapixel powered on through the shoot and went through with the original shoot plan. I was impressed at his resilience to continue when he was in pain. A very kind and professional photographer. It was a pleasure to work with him and I would recommend.

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Natasha AK4790

I had a fun evening shoot with Richard recently at Neon Dreams!

He was chatty, chilled, respectful and generally nice to be around. We did a few different sets and got some great pics!

Richard was great to work with and I would love to work with him again

Highly recommended, thanks :)

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Had a great first shoot today.

Megapixel had scouted out a location for our shoot and was able to provide me with a map for parking.

Megapixel brought props as well as the props I brought with me, this offered a great collection to play with during the shoot.

He was lovely so easy to work with and very relaxed. I found me it super easy to talk to and he was super respectful of me and my levels.

I look forward to seeing the images and hopefully get the opportunity to work with him again.

Highly recommend

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Had my first shoot with megapixel today and i cannot recommend him enough. He arrived promptly was very polite and respectful and so easy to work with. Can't wait to work with him again in the future!

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Had another amazing shoot yesterday with megapixel2448

A bit different from the last one but equally as good

Mega had great energy throughout and made me chuckle allot.Got some great shots....and wasnt afraid to let me go nuts and climb all over a digger for some shots at the end of the shoot making me a very happy birthday girl

I'd definitely recommend him for a shoot ....untill the next time xx

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I had the pleasure of working with Richard on a very last-minute shoot last week.

Our 2 hours together absolutely flew by and throughout the shoot Richard was great company, super professional and polite, organised, prepared and just a thoroughly lovely guy.

I really hope we can work together again and I would 100% recommend him to anyone. :)

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Richard booked myself and Bodyline Studio for a tutorial session in order to help improve his studio lighting and photography. His precomms were great and I had an idea of what he wanted to achieve before the day. He was on time, well prepared, keen and eager to get stuck into a few different ideas and set ups and was easy to get along and chat with too. He has been super prompt with delivering photos since the shoot too. Would gladly recommend him to models happy to work creatively and welcome him back to Bodyline :)

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Chelsie Faulks

I had a great Shoot with Richard at Elvaston Castle, very relaxed and enjoyable with plenty of images taken on the day! Richard is so efficient we even managed to finish that little bit early!

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Had a great shoot with megapixel2448 we went to one of my locations and did a range of levels and tried some out if the box stuff. Mega is great to shoot with very polight and I would 100 %like to shoot with him again

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