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Pauls Studio – Studio Model Days & Location Events

This group is owned by Pauls-Studio and was created 1412181394. It is open to the public and currently has 486 members.


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Pauls Studio runs regular studio Models Days and Location events at various locations and has done so for over 20 years, I hope that I have inspired and helped many photographers get started and develop their skills.


Help and assistance is offered to new and also experienced photographer who attend studio and location events.


The purpose of this group will be to post and promote Studio and Location events. Also to encourage photographers who attend these events to post images and feedback from the events they attend.


Thank for visiting and joining the group.




  • Joining the group implies that you agree to accept the rules.

  • Posts not relevant to the group will be removed.

  • Images posted will ideally have been taken at Pauls Studio or at one of our events 

  • Other images are acceptable if they are deemed to be of interest to the group members

  • No offensive language, insults or other behavior deemed to be unacceptable by the moderators will be tolerated

  • Images posted must comply with standard PP conditions of posting.

  • The moderators reserve the right to remove any member in breach of these rules.


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