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Lady Vengeance has 28 references; 28 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Great girl, easily stepping into the photographers thoughts!

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Olaf Schulte

Lady Vengeance and I had a last minute boudoir photo shoot. We had a lot of fun and she is very easy going to work with and poses easily. I'd recommend her anytime!

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We had an excellent photoshoot with Lady Vengeance! Very good communication before and during the shoot. She is very professional and easy to work with. I can only highly recommend her. Last but not least or first and foremost - she is the Lady :)

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Bram De Ceurt Photography

Yesterday I had my very first shoot with Lady Vengeance. Although we were already working towards a complete concept shoot, this one was a bit a last minute free agenda shoot from my part, so basically we let the moment and location decide the flow of our shoot, which was actually a very pleasant way of getting to know each other and find out our mutual photographic interests.

The afternoon turned out in an awesome shoot, a lot of joy and laughter, and kick ass photos. All thanks to this wonderful lady, who I hope to capture again shortly! Highly recommended!

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AC and Awesome

There is nothing vengeful about her!

Had a great photoshoot with this amazing model.

Great in communication, right on time, does a mean make-up, thinks about her wardrobe, practical, knows her poses, ...

the results are great.

Would love to work with her again! Highly recommended!

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Had a fantastic photoshoot with LV in a city centre apartment.

An absolute gem of a girl to work with.

Planned a last minute shoot on my trip to belgium. Good pre shoot comms for planning.

Talented young girl, very easy to work with, lots of ideas, willing to try newer poses.

Would highly recommend and would love to work with LV again.

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Sensual Art

Three messages exchanged over the course of less than an hour to set concept, availability and agree a price, and we'd arranged everything we needed.

That, boys and girls, is how it can be done if you have the right mindset.

That Lady Vengeance then turns up fully equipped not just with a caseful of suitable clothing but a headful of ideas and plenty of experience in the style that I wanted meant that I was able to achieve my target pictures quickly and effortlessly.

Highly recommended!

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I have worked a lot with Lady Vengeance, and i have loved the results every time. she is easy to work with, thhinks with you, and does not does not complain if things get a bit dirty/cold/uncomfortable...

She is also a verry sweet person, and the times we worked togethet where always injoyeble.

I would deffenitly recomend her :)

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