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Helen Stephens

I had yet another wonderful shoot with Graham!

Graham is just lovely, not only is he a talented photographer, he is respectful, friendly, enthusiastic and very kind. I enjoyed every moment of our shoot.

Very highly recommended! Thank you again for another incredible shoot!

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Inspire Studios Ltd

Well what a genuinely lovely guy Graham is and so easy to get on with. He was fabulous with the model and they worked really well together to get the shots he was looking for. Would absolutely have Graham back at the studio again, just a shame he lives so far away!

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Ella Rose Muse

I had a great shoot with Graham recently - he kindly flew over especially to shoot together, which was very lovely. I think we got a lot of different sets which made for a good variety of images, and we definitely didn't run out of ideas between us. I had fun! Thanks Graham!

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Me and Graham had a wonderful studio shoot the other day!

Graham is an amazing photographer with fun yet professional approach towards the model!

He was perfectly on time waiting for me at the station, very inspirational and relaxed at our shoot :)

I truly enjoyed the fun and art we created and love the images we have achieved !

I truly recommend Graham to everyone and I’m very much looking forward to our next shoot in the future 😊❤️

Wishing you all the best

Koneko xx

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Worked with Graham for the first time at Shutterworks Studio in Southampton, which was great we chatted throughout and had a fab shoot working through various different outfits and used a lot of the clothes I brought along which isn't always the case as I tend to bring too many to shoots often!

Graham is great to work with, respectful and knows what he wants to achieve and I was really liking a lot of the photos even just on the back of the camera so I'm excited to see how they come out! Thanks again for a great shoot, and I hope that we get to work with one another again sometime.

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Kelly Hathaway

I had the absolute pleasure of working with Graham for the first time at Little Chelsea Gallery in Eastbourne earlier today. Graham had stated in a group discussion a couple of years ago that he wanted to work with me and I feel so honoured and glad that he came all this way to shoot me :D Pre-communications were thorough and spot on and I knew what styles we would be shooting and the outfits I needed to bring with me. Graham is professional, respectful, creative and gave great direction during the shoot but also allowed me to pose freely too. Graham works at a relaxed yet productive pace and we managed to fit in a huge variety of different sets in the time we had. The photos from the back of the camera are outstanding, I am over the moon. Not only is Graham an excellent photographer, he is also so friendly, chatty and easy to get on with. Highly recommended and look forward to working together again hopefully soon! Thanks again :)

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I worked with Graham for the first time today in Salisbury. Pre-communication was perfect and he was ready and waiting at Salisbury to meet me.

Graham was very friendly, professional and easy to work with. He allowed plenty of time for breaks and we shot a wide variety of looks in quite a short space of time! He has lots of good ideas and the time flew by.

I loved loads of the images I saw on the back of the camera and I'd be more than happy to recommend him and work with him again in the future. :)

Thanks again Graham!

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I was thrilled to bits to finally have a second shoot with Graham recently, at the wonderful Little Chelsea Gallery. It had been several years since we last worked together, at a tuition session in Reading, but it really didn't feel like much time had passed at all! Graham is a dream to work with - he welcomes the sharing of ideas, and is relaxed but also really productive. I LOVE the images i have seen from the shoot so far! I thoroughly enjoyed working with Graham and recommend shooting with him without hesitation :)

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Keira Lavelle

This is now my second shoot with the lovely Graham, and my third visit to the beautiful island of Geurnsey where we worked together. :D I am sooo glad he took the plunge and we set up the shoot: even though I seem to love coming in the winter, and there’s always that little consciousness about weather etc. especially when you’re considering location! But Graham went for it (what a ledge!) and you know what? We had another sensationally productive shoot. :)

Graham had a couple of beautiful sites pre-recced and thought out for us (great quick-thinking and local knowledge from his side!) and these included (another) characterful fort, and a lush/vibrant park... So the range of images we managed to bag on location was quite varied! :) We nailed some wonderful art nudes using the textures/shapes at the fort and the shots just bursted with so many qualities from classical to expressive. We did well to snatch the opportunity in between other people walking about and literally ended up with a telepathic way of thinking as we cracked each shot and moved onto the next. :P Who says you can’t shoot nudes in winter??? After this initial high start to the shoot, we then changed it up and did some sassy winter fashion at the park giving us a dynamic collection of images before we’d even finished our work for the day. But this just goes to show how effortless it is to strike a rapport with Graham: he gets ideas into his head/sources such locations and knows what he’s aiming for - yet he’s totally down for the model bringing their bit of creative working to the shoot. The flow really does speak for itself as a result. :) To finish off a tremendous afternoon, we moved back to Graham’s place to shoot some edgy indoor stuff and create essentially more of a conventional “studio” setup with lights. Aaannnnd we had everything from cutsie portraits/lingerie to more atmospheric and gritty ambient light bodyscapey stuff at our fingertips. Goodness, was there anything we didn’t absolutely smash that day? :P So models visiting Guernsey - rest assured that Graham will deliver wonderfully in epic outdoor locations, but also has the comfort of indoor backup if needed. S’all good!

Graham as a person and photographer, I just cannot recommend enough. He’s got a big heart, great sense of humour, is sociable and can talk forever (not that I can speak haha!) He’s great company and the time has really had a habit of flying by when we’ve worked together! 🙈 Hence I absolutely recommend him as someone for my fellow models to shoot with: he is totally gracious, respectful and easy to get along with approaching his shoots with perfect professionalism and always looking after the models well-being/safety. On every one of our shoots he is the one telling me to have a few minutes to warm up before I tell myself on location haha! :D He has brews at the ready at his place... And even fed me with chocolate this time! Bad influences these photographers I tell you!

Graham was and is: brilliant with communications from the start, a true joy to work with during the shoot itself, completely down-to-Earth, and an unspeakably creative and passionate person where photography is concerned. He’s got a lot of time and energy for shoots, and it really does show! :D The images in the back of the camera just echoed that buzz further. Fantabulous!!!

Thank you so much Graham! Until next time?


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Keira Lavelle

This was our first time working together when I was able to make my second touring visit to the stunning island of Guernsey... It was a gigantic shame that we just didn’t catch each other on my previous visit last year, but this time we were on it like a car bonnet and the lovely Graham promptly got in touch to start the ball rolling. After a short spell of perfect pre-shoot communications and discussions of ideas - we were booked to go! Graham then sent over further inspiration with location images which allowed me to be as prepared for the shoot as possible, and given the absolute treasure of a location he’d picked... Needless to say I was super excited for this shoot!!

Graham is a true star and such a kind-hearted photographer, I just couldn’t credit him enough. We dodged the rain and were quite blessed with the light we got (given the time of year!) But we were still exposed to a biting wind and Graham was constantly encouraging warm-up breaks with us working efficiently as a team and planning well which areas/shots of the location we would nail next. After this part of the shoot; we went to Graham’s place where he made me a lovely hot brew to warm up, before smashing another set of super cool images around his home which gave us a completely different area of creativity to work with from the outdoor stuff. :) Finishing up in a photography studio, Graham’s first thought was: is the heater on to maintain a comfortable and nice working environment for us. We then proceeded to create endless beauty in the studio which saw us to the end of our shoot. From the opening to the end of this shoot; Graham was exceedingly professional and considerate towards me and my wellbeing. A well-looked after model is always a happy model, and the end result is a productive/good shoot... Well we had a BANGIN’ shoot so there! :D

Graham’s enthusiasm as a photographer is just limitless; he had so many cool ideas in prep for the shoot and we were on one serious roll. Even so, he was happy for me to contribute ideas which meant our rapport for the shoot was awesome; we’d review the images in-between to ensure the best possible shots were coming out and Graham took so much care with the lighting in each and every environment as well as taking the challenges of angles to turn a good shot into a fabulous shot! He has such a brilliant eye for his work, and this reflected further when he kindly sent me some processed images: several of which have featured in my port! :D

There was always a good vibe as we worked with endless chatter, laughs and positive bounce. He’s a great character with a hugely upbeat aptitude. I throughly enjoyed working together on our half day in Guernsey. Can you tell? :D

Very, very highly recommend!

Thank you so much Graham, roll on the next time!


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Carla Monaco

I had a lovely shoot with Graham the other week at Studio 8 in Salisbury. Graham is a lovely person to work with, easy going, great company and professional throughout.

I hope we can shoot again next year, always great to see and work with Graham.

Thanks again



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Studio 8

It was fantastic to have Graham in to the studio with Melany for a 4 hour shoot that they booked together. He used all of the equipment and studio with the utmost respect and left the studio spotless.

The photos I've seen so far look superb. These guys really made the most of all aspects of the studio using the infinity cove, boudoir suite and chaise lounge. Love to see you back here again at some point!

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M e l a n y

It was an absolute pleasure to meet and work with Graham today at Studio 8.

We had a very productive shoot, covering a wide range of looks from contemporary and vintage fashion to boudoir and art nude.

Graham is very positive and encouraging - full of enthusiasm and knows when he’s got the shot he wants.

We worked together so well as a team, I do hope to get the opportunity of working again with him soon! Highly recommended :)

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I was truly blessed that Graham had literally hopped on a plane to come and shoot with me!

He was a truly positive person to be around, creative and respectful and very knowledgable about the island of Geurnsey!

Thank you for a lovely shoot :)

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Helen Stephens

I absolutely love working with Graham. He’s highly creative and good fun.

This time, we worked at my home with Ella Rae and we had a great time, the pictures looked wonderful too.

Graham is a lovely man and I always feel totally relaxed I his company.

My highest possible recommendations!

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Robyn Summers

I worked with Graham for the first time alongside Helen Stephens the other week.

He was an absolutely lovely and pleasant person to work with, it honestly seemed as if we had worked together before.

I felt comfortable throughout and good direction was given whenever needed.

Graham was so easy to talk to and work with and also gave me regular feedback and showed me the back of the camera- safe to say I was very pleased with the results!

Thank you for a really great shoot, it would be good to work together in the future and hopefully I can get myself over to Guernsey!

Ella xox

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Had a fantastic shoot with lovely graham couple day ago what a lovely lovely person to work with. Pre comma were super he was on time very warm and welcoming and it was such a pleasure to have had the opportunity to shoot with graham! Graham made me feel very at ease and comfortable throughout the shoot making great conversation along the way! What more could a model ask for

Highly highly recommended by me

I hope to work with you again soon

Thanks so much graham


Tann xx

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Natural Happy Woman

I would definitely recommend Graham, he's just such a pleasure to work with. A thoroughly civilized experience. Good communication, no trouble making a booking, advises you what to expect. Enthusiastic and professional attitude at the shoot. Thank you Graham!

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Had my first shoot with graham, he picked me up from the station and we shot at shutterworks studio.

The shoot flowed and we managed to get a variety of sets done.

Graham is lovely, chatty, and a great guy to work with.

Highly recommend:)

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Jay Bee

Had an absolutely brilliant first shoot with Graham. Pre coms were amazing, he gave me an inspirational list of items to pack I knew exactly what he was looking for, he let me pose on my own and gave great direction when he had a great idea in mind.

From the offset Graham was super lovely, very chatty and made me feel at ease straight away.

The images looked fab on the back of camera and I can't wait to see them pop up on here!

Very highly recommended!

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