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  • Hobbyist Photographer
  • More than 11 years experience
  • I work for either pay or trade depending on assignment
  • I can travel or work from home
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Alternative, Beauty, Commercial, Fashion, Landscape, Lifestyle, Portrait and Promotional


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‘That expression on your face. You remind me of how I used to look when I was your age’.

The two looked at each other.

‘You can’t imagine me your age, can you?’

The young woman blushed. Sometimes she thought her nan could read her mind.

Nan stood up.

‘Let me show you. She rummaged in the sideboard cupboard and came out with a large, flat box. Her granddaughter pulled up a chair as Nan lifted the lid.

‘Wow! Nan, is that you?’

Inside the box were a pile of large photographic prints. The top one showed an elegant young woman, dramatically posed in an empty landscape.

‘I told you that I used to look like you,’ she smiled.

It was true. The eyes, the hair, the figure. Across the generations, the women could have been sisters.

The young woman picked up the thin pile of photographs and started to look through them.

‘Nan, tell me about these…’


We are unique creatures. Only humans can communicate across time and space, even to people who do not yet exist and who we may never meet. Photographs can be those messages to our futures.
You and I; what message shall we send?


Why, hello!

Good to see you!  Have a look around; I hope you see something you like.

Amateur photographer.  I just like photographing people who like to be photographed.

I like photographing things that never happened.





-Costumes (authentic and imaginary).

-Creativity (please bring it, and throw it around on the shoot).


-Magic (even if my only spell is dodgy photoshop).

-Music (scroll down to have a look at my music album.  Too few do!).


-The Moon.

I won’t push your levels.  Seriously, I've not got any creative ideas that need a model to take any clothes off.  (Actually, since I wrote that, I have added two nudes to the images on here.  But I bet you don't find them.)

I will make sure, before we fix a shoot, that you check me out.  You won’t impress me if I think you’re not serious about your own safety.  Similarly, I will always want to see your ID.

Drop me a note if you think we might get on.

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