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D Rowley Photography has 136 references; 136 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Hi did a Pole Fitness/Dance shoot with D Rowley and we had a lot of fun!

He was professional, kind, understanding and considerate to my needs throughout the shoot as it was hard work :).

I would highly recommend working with.

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Had such a great shoot with Darren.

He was very friendly and made me feel comfortable. We got some cracking shots from our shoot and allowed me to post very freely and in between each set he allowed me to look back on camera. Look forward to seeing the editing images.

I would highly recommend him to any model and look forward to working with him again soon.

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Louisa Lu

Polite and easy to work with. Friendly and professional. Highly recommended! Hope to shoot again soon :)

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Emily Stanghan

I really enjoyed my shoot with Darren.

He made me feel very comfortable and was polite and considerate throughout the shoot. We shot some fantastic pictures and he gave me the freedom to experiment whilst also offering specific direction which I really appreciated.

I would definitely recommend Darren and look forward to working with him again!

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Aurora Phoenix

Had a lovely shoot with D Rowley Photography during my Studio day at the Asylum in Rochester.

This was my second shoot with the lovely Darren and as always everything went super smoothly from excellent organization and planning to the actual shoot day.

Darren arrived promptly and we were soon ready to shoot. We shot a variety of mostly latex and implied nude looks which I just loved. I’m just mad on latex and me and Darren shot in practically most of the latex I brought along. It was really good to get the opportunity to shoot in a few new pieces that I hadn’t shot in before.

Darren utilized the studio really well and we took a variety of different shots in different backgrounds and set ups. The shoot just flowed so well and Darren was really great at letting me try out some new poses and facial expressions.

Darren kindly brought along some towels for the shower shots which was such a cleaver and kind idea. Darren was super respectful during the implied shots and was really good at sticking to my levels and boundaries making sure I was comfortable ect. We had a good laugh and chat as well. I feel really comfortable shooting with Darren and he always puts me at ease.

110% recommended!!! What a fantastic shoot session!!

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I had a fun shoot with Darren, and really enjoyed working with him. He made me feel relaxed and very comfortable. I also liked Darren ideas on what he wanted to shoot, and the directions he gave me too. looking forward to working with Darren again.

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I am very happy with my shoot with Darren ,everything went really well. Darren is obviously a very talented photographer , he tried his best to settle all lights, used many different light techniques ,and was a fun to shoot with. The shoot was amazing in all senses,I spent time with quality, Darren is a professional and polite photographer. I have many great memories from meeting and shooting with Darren. Darren is always on positive wave, our shoot got me a nice distraction, the atmosphere was really friendly.

Looking forward to shooting with you again

Highly recommended, 100%

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Had a wonderful shoot with Darren. Communications was excellent, he had brilliant ideas and we was able to work together on various different genres.

The results are brilliant and I hope I am able to work with Darren again. Talented photographer that I highly recommend.

Thank you for a brilliant day.

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Louisa Lu

Had a great shoot with Dean during my Kent tour :) he is professional, very welcoming and easy and to work with. He gave me a lift and back to the station and he is very creative. He has great ideas and knows his lighting and angles very well. He also bought me lunch which was very nice of him. He looks after his models. Definitely recommended! Louisa :)

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Ashley Merwin

Having worked with Darren for many years I can safely say he is one of the best photographers you will ever have the chance to work with.

Darren is a fantastic photographer and the only thing I can praise to a higher level than his top notch equipment and photography skills would be his personality.

Finding someone like Darren is rare and with him being so personable it changes work into fun and always delivers content which exceeds expectations.

Being a highly professional, punctual, talented and creative person if you are on the fence at all of who to work with you cannot get better that Darren.

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Elle Baldwinson

Met Darren for the first time this weekend at an event. I had seen Darren’s work previously and was aware he was a fantastic photographer who is clearly very talented. Darren was lovely upon approach, a great person to work with such a fun personality! Darren was also focused when shooting and knew what he wanted to achieve,it was wonderful to work with someone so passionate about their photography! I’d absolutely recommend shooting with Darren and I hope to again very soon!

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I’ve been lucky enough to shoot with Darren a few times. He’s incredible! I love spending time with him, he’s a kind, easy going person who gives great direction and is insanely talented. If you get the opportunity to shoot with him, you simply must!

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Jessika Blaze

I had my first shoot with Darren a while back after wanting to shoot with him for aaages, and it was so worth the wait!

Darren made me feel so comfortable throughout and was careful and respectful not to push boundaries. I'm an amateur model and Darren talked me through absolutely everything, giving me many tips and constructive feedback so that I can improve my skills.

He has a wonderful eye for lighting and shapes and the images we produced are stunning.

Cannot wait to work with him again :)

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Beast Awakens

Another amazing and very easy shoot with Darren, this time at Burford Manor! Communications were excellent before hand, the shoot itself was very flexible and we adapted to what we collectively wanted to shoot on the day. Had a good laugh but also ran through all the sets and shot a lot, but the time flew by! Really cannot wait to shoot again, highly highly recommended!

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It was lovely catching up with Darren after not seeing him in two years! We shot throughout the afternoon working on several themes and experimenting alittle. Got some lovely photos, I simply can’t wait to show them off!!

One thing I’d like to add ( Darren forgive me ) is that Darren gives amazing direction, he has a really good eye for detail, like when on one set he observed if I moved my head back too far my cheekbones created a shadow under the eyes, most would not even notice this !!! He will direct the models pose so your photos are flattering and beautiful. For this reason I think he’s a great photographer to shoot with if you want quality photos for your portfolio taken by someone who is kind, considerate and respectful

Totally a big thumbs up from me

Thankyou D


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I had an amazing shoot with Darren at Burford manor on an event I was running with a small number of photographers.

This was my first time shooting with Darren but I had heard fantastic things from other models. His pre comms were excellent, especially since there was a lot of chopping and changing due to covid restrictions yet he remained responsive and understanding.

Darren is one of those photographers where you feel so comfortable that your true creative spirit comes out to play. He worked hard, considering his light and composition but let me flow from pose to pose and I felt alive during our shoot. He is a gentle, warm, open and kind person and it’s photographers like him who keep my passion for modelling alive.


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Aurora Phoenix

Had an incredible shoot yesterday with D Rowley Photography photography at Burford Manor. Communication was great and we discussed lots of exciting themes and concepts prior to shooting.

On the day of the shoot Darren was both easy to work with and talk to. He is a very talented and creative I loved how he used natural light to his advantage during shooting. I really enjoyed bouncing ideas of each other and working together as a team. We shot a variety of different looks and themes and even managed to get a great set with smoke grenades which was so exciting.

Talented, professional, respectful and easy to work with 110% recommended!

Would love to work with him again.

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Awesome Photographer, really professional will shoot with him again definitely recommend.

Easy communication, reliable and amazing outcome😊!

He respects his models to the fullest and makes them feel really comfortable.

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Emma Elizabeth

Darren and I managed to arrange a pretty last minute shoot at Burford Manor yesterday, which I jumped at the opportunity to shoot at before I leave for Italy!

We had an awesome shoot, many ideas, locations, genres, sets, moods, themes...the ideas and creativity just kept on flowing!! Darren is a super professional photographer, our styles gel well, he was considerate and always made sure I was well rested between sets and he is the easiest person to get along with and chat to.

I can't wait to see some edits and organise our next shoot as the BOC was looking insane! Highly recommended.

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Having worked with Darren for the better part of a decade and over multiple shoots, I absolutely cannot recommend him enough. Always not only the highest level of professional, he's fantastic at making shoots a comfortable environment; the best environment, I believe, for getting the best shots.

Yesterday was not exception. A great day had by all, and the results were fantastic.

Highly, highly recommended.

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