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Fara 🌞

I had the pleasure to work with Darren Saturday at the Hacienda and I truly can’t believe what a fantastic guy he is!! He’s such an amazing photographer I couldn’t stop looking at the pictures!!

On top of that Darren is fully equipped with ALL the gadgets, will literally think of anything you could possibly need for a shoot. He’s also got such amazing direction and attention to detail. I am definitely sure we will be working again soon :)

I highly recommend Darren, you’re guaranteed to have the best photoshoot in your life! -Fara

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After trying to organise a shoot for a while and then having to keep postponing it for various reasons we FINALLY got the chance to work together and it was definitely worth the wait!

Darren is such a great guy, with a great personality and we just hit it off straight away and he even understood my sarcasm (which doesn’t always come across as intended on first shoots so thanks for putting up with that!)

We worked on various different sets and genres and he even experimented with lighting in the studio which has turned out to be one of my favourite photos!

We have already been discussing further shoots and it would be a pleasure to work with him again. Highly recommended from me, and I look forward to future shoots!! :D

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The Clock Tower London

one of my favourite photographers and even better at a knees up! I hosted a shoot with darren some time ago but have only just got around to doing reviews (apologies)

What can i say that hasn’t already be said? great taste in music (and tshirts) comms were excellent, payment swift, the house was tidier when he left than when he arrived! an absolute pleasure to have in my studio. please come back soon! x

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Ellie Fox

Well what can I say? This guy is fantastic! I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Darren today and it was truly fabulous. Darren knows what he wants in each shot/set and knows exactly how to pose and direct a model. Love his creativity and we just bounced ideas back and forth. Such a variety of shots were achieved because Darren sees the potential in any space and can make any backdrop look incredible. I cannot recommend him more highly and am so excited to have met him today. 100 percent will work with him again anytime. Thank you Darren!

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I shot with Darren yesterday evening, and I would thoroughly recommend him to anyone. His photography is stunning, he has extensive knowledge in the industry, and was thus able to bring loads of exciting ideas and direction to the shoot. I can’t wait to see the images, but the back of camera spoke for itself!

He made me feel so comfortable and at ease throughout the day, with his communication and organisation from the get go giving an enjoyable day. I took so much away from the shoot, in regards to tips, advice and confidence!

I would love to shoot again and will definitely keep in touch.

Annalie x

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Naked Soul

I say he is incredible all round. A great photographer and first of all a great person. we had a great time shooting and created some fantastic shots. Pre communications were good, 100% professional

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NS Photo & Media (Aka Embankment Studio)

Finally got to meet Darren, what a pleasure to work along side. The ideas and styles he had where amazing. And what I saw from the shoot was both sexy and stylish. The booking ran smoothly and Darren is a great communicator. Look forward to seeing you back here soon.

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Beast Awakens

Shot with Darren at a charity photoshoot, so quick pre-shoot chat established what he wanted to achieve, we had an instant rapport! He's super knowledgeable, very friendly and approachable, and takes the most amazing photos! Definitely recommend and can't wait to work with him again!

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Alexandra Frances McCue

unashamedly happy to admit Darren is one of me favourites. I still stand by everything I wrote on my last reference and it's definitely hard to top! But every time we shoot it is just effortless, feels like a friend and his work is sublime.

This time it was the clocktower and it was the best day I had in a while. Scenery was incredible the company was impeccable and the shots are insane!!!!!

Always look forward to the next meet!


Lots of love!


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I really enjoyed shooting with Darren for the second time. He was very helpful, professional and friendly throughout and I loved his ideas. I’m looking forward to shooting together again in future and would recommend him

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Darren is a delight!

Enjoyed the shoot so much it felt as though I'd only just walked in the door then I was walking out again,the time went so fast.

Images on back of cam looked excellent.

Darren really knows what he is doing and completely took on all my input too which was lovely.

Cant wait to shoot again hopefully very soon :)

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Tania Aresti

Had a wonderful shoot with D Rowley Photography!

This shoot was just the most amount of fun. He came down to my flat to shoot and we got on well having a great chat and laughing lots throughout.

He is entertaining as well as a great photographer.

He knows what he's doing and i really like the images.

He is easy to work with, 100% professional & i felt completely comfortable around him.

If you get the chance to shoot with D Rowley Photography take it.

I would definitely recommend and I would love to work with him again.

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I had a fab shoot with Darren! He booked onto my Kent tour, turned up on time. Pre comms were great and we both knew the plan!

We had so much fun on the shoot, he was a good laugh to shoot with and had some great ideas! Couldnt recommend him more!

Cant wait to see the photos!

Thanks, Lottii

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Was a pleasure to work with Darren, very professional, engaging, gave good directions. Hope to shoot together again soon, definitely recommend!

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Jodie Ellen

I don't even know where to start with this reference, Darren and I have worked together over time for so long now.

I know when I get the message from Darren I'm in for something different, be it riding on a bull outside a bar or spending half hour lubing myself from head to toe to fit into some super tight latex. This time is was the latter.

We shot over at Coach House last month on a project Darren had been tasked to do, originally I didn't think I'd fit into some of the gear but with a little tug here and a little hand up there, we got there!

Darren is one of the most down to earth, talented photographers I have worked with over time who always delivers outstanding results. I have so much fun shooting with Darren which I hope carries over to our images.

He even brings sweeties!!

Obviously Highly Recommended from me!

♥ <3

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I recently had an incredible shoo with Darren; he instantly made me feel relaxed and was very professional and made sure I was okay throughout the shoot.

He's a talented photographer with an abundance of creative ideas. I hope to work with him again and highly recommend him to anyone interested!

Blue x

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Had great first shoot with Darren it was a real pleasure to meet him he made me feel very comfortable, had brilliant ideas, very professional & is a fab photograpgher. The images I saw on the back of camera looked stunning can't wait to see them & work with him again I'd highly recommend him :) x

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I've worked with Darren a few times and honestly one of the loveliest photographers. He offered tea and nibbles and was very fun but remained professional when shooting. Would 100% recommend!

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I loved shooting with Darren at The Clocktower, he has a really arty insight to photography as well as being intuitive about angles and framing. The images we captured are beautiful and in one of my favourite finishes - monochrome - yay :D

Darren is really interesting to talk to about a variety of topics and I really enjoyed our shoot!

Thank you :)

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Alexandra Frances McCue

I am so so so glad Darren and I got to work together. You know there are few that really touch your heart and Darren was one of them. (I’ll get to the photography bit in a minute - this needs a mention!!) To come across a genuine human being can be a rarity, when you find one, you just know. You don’t have to over think, you don’t have to explain yourself and you instantly feel comfortable in their company.

Darren is a genuine, kind, creative, loving soul. Blessed to of met you :)

ok ok, so on top of all of that…he truly is a fantastic photographer!! I don’t say this lightly. What he see’s in terms of lighting and composition is a passion that he has focused on and grown in, it was delightful to be part of his genius ideas.

Back of the camera shots are like….what!!! We were so pleased! Cannot wait to see the finished products, but furthermore, cannot wait to shoot with Darren again.

Thank you very much :)

Would absolutely recommend to all.

Many thanks,


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