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Working with Chiara is amazing, so capable, experienced, talented and creative and I'm astounded that we have not worked together before now. Shooting at f/8 studio we had a really productive 4 hours working to art-nude. Chiara flows effortlessly from pose to pose and if not happy with one in particular will repeat it till perfection is achieved.

It's wonderful also to meet a model who thought's on many topics align with your own which stimulates both of you into long and interesting discussions. Could easily have spent the whole time simply exploring a variety of topics.

An amazing model who I hope to work with again before too long and who I wholeheartedly recommend.

Thank you Chiara.

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Photography is meant to be fun and what fun I had working with Chiara at Rob Golding’s place near Tewkesbury. We hit it off from the start with some great conversation and not a little leg pulling. Chiara’s pre-communication was great so we had planned the shoot in some detail. I wanted to experiment with some low light photography, where her knowledge and experience were invaluable, and she persuaded me to shoot in some very bright sunlight – collaboration at its best!

Chiara is the consummate professional; she posed effortlessly, took an interest in the back of the camera, adjusted her poses when necessary, offered constructive suggestions and took direction when offered. Nothing was too much trouble for her. With such a model, it’s not surprising that together we created some gorgeous images.

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Chiara's a model I'd go a long way to work with, and so should you.

So, I did, again.

Besides, I was fascinated to see the caravan and other sets she's constructed and styled there.

Chiara's a stylist I'd go a long way ...etc

Among the challenges, apart from simply doing one's best work, is finding an idea that hasn't been done with her before, or finding a way to go one better on an idea previously used. (And most of them have, that's the nature of art, and time).

So, I hauled a few ideas out of the pile, we collaboratively discared some of them and embellished a couple, mixed them up and I am very pleased.

And apart from being autonomous lightstand, for which thanks, Simone gave me a loaf. Which is bread worth going a long way for.

Pictures to follow.

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Had a really fun shoot with Chiara in Tewkesbury on Wednesday.

Chiara is always wonderful to work with, and the time just flies by.

We seem to have similar approaches to the creative image and we always get some great pictures. Mostly portraits which is my favourite.

Chiara has a wonderful disposition and a love of what she does.

I will definitely shoot with her again, a complete joy to work with.

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My first shoot with Chiara was a most enjoyable experience. She was happy to accommodate my ideas, and made several helpful suggestions. Chiara is very easy to get on with and was happy to have the furniture rearranged to suit different shots. I am hoping to have another shoot with her before she decamps to Bali and can definitely recommend her highly.

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Barb Lander

What a fantastic photo shoot.

Communications leading up to the shoot were great.

On arrival, we were made to feel very welcome. As the shoot progressed, ideas just kept flowing.

Chiara's creativity is astounding and her ability to create amazing scenes and poses is unrivaled. She had an excellent understanding of modeling as well as photography.

We couldn't have asked for more.

Hopefully we can arrange another shoot before she head's to Bali.

Thank you

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Malc Lander

Went to Tewksbury for the first shoot with the happy creative Chiara.

What an enjoyable and productive day it was. The time flew by as we moved from setting to setting.

Chiara is faultless in here pursuit of excellence and visual creativity.

Every superlative has already been used to describe this talented individual.

Highly recommended by me.

Thanks Chiara

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bad john

I had my first shoot with Chiara yesterday. It was great. She was easy and fun to work with. She struck a perfect balance between assisting and suggesting but without taking over the shoot. Her apartment is great for shooting, large and uncluttered with nice natural light.

Catch her before she disappears off to the Far East, you won't regret it.

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Ivor TL

I had another fantastic remote session with Chiara at a Gloucestershire location. We we tried fashion themed boudoir and achieved some fantastic motion images I didn’t think would be possible remotely with poor available light. Communication was excellent. Highly recommended.

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Captain Camera

So glad I made the decision to arrange a shoot with Chiara. Talented, funny, enthusiastic and she knows her stuff!

Top model!!

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AA Photography1

I have known Chiara for (God knows how many) years before today, even met her by chance one day! And finally the day came when I got the opportunity to shoot her, albeit remotely…but so what?!

I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours I spent interacting with Chiara online and getting some fab images during that time. You can tell a when a model is a total pro when she just flows through the poses and various sets.

Bottom line: please book this lovely one before she goes away.

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Mick Knibbs

A wonderful morning with Chiara she is fun to work with knowledgeable , talented, helpful and beautiful. What more could up ask, for book her now before she leaves for Bali

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I have shot with Chiara twice before. Once at my home studio and once remotely, so I know what a fantastic model she is.

I am just beginning to take photographs again after the boredom of Covid and wondering whether I could remember how to use a camera or to think of anything to do with a model.

So I was delighted when she contacted me to say she had a really interesting venue to shoot in, just down the road (35 minutes) from me and how would I like to go and make some images with her.

Needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity and I had four hours of wild excitement.

A first in that we wrote a word on her...not rude!!!! But symbolic of the free , for me, concept of running ideas wherever they flow.

She is a brilliant model and a delightful person.

Happy to try my ideas, but also happy to develop them and to tell me if mine are no good. This is just what I like.

We got loads done and I staggered home with many lovely, interesting images.

I have now been well and truly dragged by the scruff of the neck back into the world of Model Photography.....in the nicest possible way.

Thank you so much Chiara. A wonderful afternoon.

Unsurprisingly, I can recommend Chiara to other photographers in every possible way.

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When I saw that Chiara was travelling to Tewkesbury again I knew I had to book a shoot with her.

I absolutely love working with her as not only is she a professional, hard working model but she has a great personality, great sense of humour and is highly creative with her outfits, ideas and poses. We used the boudoir bedroom, chesterfield sofa and even the red wall in the lounge, and with our combined ideas we once more created so many wonderful, impressive and varied images.

As always I highly recommend her to any photographer, and I look forward very much to working with her again soon.

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Amazilia Photography

Another really outstanding shoot with Chiara; this time at the cottage studio in Sussex.

Chiara is such a hard-working and professional model that it is simply not possible to work with her and come away with anything other than beautiful, creative work.

Not only this, but she is a very friendly and helpful model, who puts you at ease within moments of your shoot beginning.

It is such a pleasure too, to bounce ideas with Chiara, and then to see all the developments and improvements that she can suggest so quickly. She is one of those models who needs the absolute minimum of direction, but equally if you do give some suggestions she is able to rapidly assimilate them, and make sure that the idea produces wonderful work.

I simply cannot recommend working with Chiara too highly, and will make sure that I do not leave it too long before working with her again.

In summary, a truly outstanding shoot which produced high-quality, creative and varied work across a number of sets both swiftly and in a very relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere.

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Just had a REMOTE SHOOT with Chiara and what a pleasure it was to be working with her. Our shoot was all set up within a 24 hour timeframe and inspite of the last minute arrangements, Chiara had everything under control and was very happy to accommodate my suggestions and the direction I asked for. We captured so many wonderful images, but then it’s Chiara, so how could you not. The mixing of lights was very much Chiara’s professional work and the combination of strobe and ambient created good clear images with soft background lighting that helped add atmosphere to the location of the shoot.

As one can see from her portfolio, a very professional model but also fun to work with and chatty which always helps. Thanks Chiara and to anyone unable to get to Chiara right now, book a remote shoot with her. Unequivocally recommended.

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Kevin Connery

Had my first remote session with Chiara yesterday. We'd discussed the concept, and she was prepared with not just makeup and styling very much in line with the theme, but at least 2 sets styled for that theme as well.

Enthusiastic, well-prepared, creative, very good at posing and quite expressive; I was very impressed. Highly recommended!

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Who would want to work with a know all?

Chiara knows her posing, her styling & her light. She knows how to get the best from you & how to get the best image. She knows how to make a shoot tons of fun & make you want to do it over & over again.

Do you know if I love working with her? Do you know if I'd recommend her?

I think you know the answer.

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Where to begin?

Quite unsure to be honest. Yesterday saw my second shoot with Chiara, the first being 3 weeks back (for which I never left a reference oops).

We should have shot ages ago, each time we made plans it seemed that the weather and a global pandemic plotted against us. This time we were going to shoot whatever, two shoots in different locations committed, and we covered some ground across the two shoots. No real plan, a few suggested ideas, looks and themes along with a 'let's see what develops' attitude, otherwise known as winging it!

First off I found myself in Tewksbury, the other side of the blinking country! Chiara had travelled with what seemed like half of her home sets - transforming the location into her own. Working predominantly natural light, Chiara did her thing both in styling and in front of the camera - I simply tried to keep up. Jeez she's good! After just the afternoon in Tewksbury, I began to wonder what I let myself in for with a full day on her home turf.

As the second shoot approached, the weather gods tried to prevent the shoot (again). Over a brief telephone chat a new plan was hatched. Instead of a full day at home we spent the morning in a nearby studio, with even less of a predetermined plan!!! The tardis of a suitcase, allowed a variety of styles and we shot a whole range from simple fashion through to dynamic gels. With the weather improving we decamped back to Chiara's home base. On her home patch a different mood was styled and created, we finished the day in the confines of the Bohemian caravan.

This lady totally rocks in any and all environments - be it a travelling location, studio, or home patch - your not going to be disappointed. Not sure how many looks and styles we covered over the two shoots - but Chiara aced them all. I don't think we had one bad set at all.

If you're unsure as to who to book for your next shoot - you'll not go wrong booking yourself some Chiara time. You'll get:

Fantastic model

Awesome stylist

Wonderful conversation

Laughs throughout the shoot.

and many, many, great images

Wholeheartedly recommended, and look forward to shooting again.

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At the end of the tab when creating a reference it says "Would you recommend.....?"

Hell yeah!

It's a little while since we've shot together, & today our planned tepee shoot was wrecked by howling gales & bloody rain. Boy was I disappointed. Not!

That bloody Chiara only went & created a bunch of amazing sets out of a tiny caravan, some bits of material & some sticky back plastic. She ensured I wasn't a "Blue Peter", in fact I was flippin' buzzing.

Combine her modelling skills with her vision & flair for set design & anyone would be delighted with the results she enables you to achieve. Plus she's funny as.... well you get the idea.

"Recommend"? Are you kidding!!!!!!!!

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