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So this was the third time we've shot together.

Charley is not just a stunning looking model who produces the content and results I'm after; but she is just a genuinely nice person to chat with and spend a shoot together with.

Charley is definitely on my short list of 'go to' models and I'll look forward to seeing more of her again.



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Clayfield Images

At last....! I finally got to shoot with Charley! What a superb model! Beautiful and amazingly professional. Charley came loaded with clothes to shoot the video and sets I had discussed with her and she delivered on every level. She is so much fun to shoot with and as chatty as me. (well, nearly). Thanks Charley for such a fabulous shoot. The images are amazing. Hope we get to shoot together again soon. Highly recommended. xx

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First time shooting & meeting the the beautiful Charley.A very experienced model who has mastered her craft.Very expressive in posture & facial expressions,providing the perfect look & mood for each shot.To top it off,this beauty has a stunning body to go with her good looks.Charleys eyes have to get a special mention,they are absolutely gorgeous.

Charleys personality was a joy to be around,very bubbly & talkative.It almost felt like i had know her for years.

Thoroughly enjoyable shoot from start to finnish & would HIGHLY RECOMMEND this stunner....

Thanks For your time Charley x

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I had another great shoot with this fabulous model. This was the fourth time we have worked together and hopefully it will not be our last :)

This time we shot at a lovely 6 bedroom house close to where Charlie lives which was truly amazing.

Charley is a stunning looking model who is a joy to work with and full of ideas.

I can't recommend her enough :)

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After years of mistiming, injury and plan bad luck , I finally shot with Charley.

Looked perfect. Posed immaculately. Great venue.

Gave me everything I wanted.

Great comms.

Brilliant shoot.

Many thanks.

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I got to shoot Charley at her lovely home. Great comms before the shoot, When I arrived her hair and makeup was looking great, she was chatty and friendly and had the kettle on in no time.

She poses effortlessly and was happy doing her own thing and taking direction and had some great ideas of her own, she has a large array of outfits.

Highly recommended and id happily work with her again.

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Had a great shoot with Charley at a lovely house in Essex. This was my first shoot with her for a long time, because of time-out etc, but we got on as if it had only been a few weeks ago.

As ever, Charley arrived looking stunning with lots of outfits just as requested. Pre-comms were great and she even helped organise the location too.

Charley is a joy to work with, she works hard, poses effortlessly, is full of good ideas and most of all great fun! With her help we got loads of really fab pics.

I would highly recommend her and have already booked in another shoot with her!

Thanks Charley :-)

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Dave A

I was fortunate enough to have a shoot with the stunning Charlie yesterday!

Her pre-shoot communication was excellent. She turned up on time with all the requested outfits and loads more to choose from. Her make-up was flawless and the hard work she does to keep her body in top shape shows!

Working with Charlie is very easy. She move flawlessly from one pose to another with to direction. She is also extremely creative and came up with quite a few excellent ideas and improvisations to the photo and video sets!

Her very easy and relaxed personality also makes everything just work so much better.

I can highly recommend Charlie and look forward to working with her again very soon!

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Amazing shoot with Charley this week, had great feed back already from our clients already styling another shoot asap.

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Paul j White photography

What lovey model very nice to work with after long time try to shoot with this model got there in the end pool shoot was good had fun love the new tattoo as well will be doing bike shoot soon so so happy today got my mo Jo back

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Charley is such a cool and classy person.. highly skilled, friendly and beautiful professional model. Full of energy and experience. .. Many thanks Charley.. I definitely highly recommend Charley to anyone.

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Dave Turner

its been 3 years since I shot with this Lady...a lot has happened with both of us in this time.

it was damm good to meet, natter and shoot especially with the location she had found, so nice to see the magic is still there.

I'm sure we will shoot there again..and elsewhere... good to have you back x

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Say Something

All I can say is I can die a happy man knowing I got to work with Charley Atwell. Life Is good when working with her. She is beautiful, a blast to work with, produces nothing but top notch images and I was lucky enough to shoot her husband at the same time so got some killer images for my 'dude' stuff too.

I can not recommend her enough and hopefully she doesn't stay so busy that I can't find another window to work with her soon.

Too notch model. Book her. :)

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Had a fantastic shoot with Charley last week! :-) we shot at her home which has some great opportunities for shooting, and also meant that Charley had an amazing wardrobe of great outfits to hand too! :-) Pre-shoot comms were great and Charley was absolutely brilliant to work with - her experience really showed in her amazing posing and her enthusiasm for the shoot doing all sorts of different things like climbing stepladders meant that we had a really awesome fun shoot and got some really amazing images! :-) totally recommend Charley and hope to shoot with her again soon! :-)

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Had a shoot with the stunning Charley Atwell in a duo with Dani Maye . Charley was fantastic . Highly recommend this beauty to any amateur professional photographer .

Thanks Charley .

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After taking a break from modelling, I finally got the chance to shoot with Charley for a third time :)

As before, Charley is very professional, looks fabulous and is one of the best models I have ever worked with. She is also very friendly, easy going and great fun.

I came away again with some great images and am already planning another shoot with her now she is back.

I can't recommend her enough, book her you will not be disappointed.

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Charley is back again and as always it was pleasure to work with her as she has such a professional attitude. I find shooting her a breeze as she takes on-board what the shoot requires immediately like a fish to water. What a genuinely nice and friendly personality. Great communication with attention to bringing with her everything that was asked of her. Would happily work with Charley again and are in fact arranging another shoot. Welcome back Charley we missed you..

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I primarily shoot video; which is something Charley is experienced at. I snapped up the opportunity to shoot her again seeing she was returning to modelling. It's no exaggeration to say my emails exploded on announcing we'd be shooting again. Charley has a particular look that is very popular whatever genre or media you are shooting. Pleasant and patient with me during some of the more complicated requests. Now Charley's back, I'll be looking forward to our next shoot!

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CliveAusten said...

Charley is a stunning girl and great fun to work with.

It has been a long time since we worked in my studio, but we did a lot of shoots together and she also posed for other photographers who liked to use my studio.

She is totally professional and I warmly recommend her.


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1458432000Did not show up.