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Charley Atwell has 116 references; 113 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 3 no-show.

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Totally professional and great fun to work with. If I could recommend her twice, I would!

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Had a fab shoot with Charley and Danielle Maye at Flirt Studios in Harlow.

I have worked with Charley several times before, but this was my first shoot with Danielle, but will definitely not be the last. They were both easy to get on with and posed effortlessly. The girls being being friends meant they worked together really well and created an instant 'chemistry' that came through in the shots.

As requested, they both brought lots of great outfits to go with the really wide range of sets at the studio from lingerie through American diner to boxing ring! All in all a really fab shoot and I would highly recommend both models either alone or together.

Thanks both x

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Flirt Studios Essex

Charlie is a regularly booked via photographers to shoot at our studio and is a pleasure to have in the building, remains professional at all times and we'd recommend highly - Top model!

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blacklion said...

Had yet another great shoot with Charley yesterday at her place. She's very welcoming, stunning, total professional! Willing to work with my ideas and threw in some of her ideas too. This modelling lark comes very easy to her, very experienced, great make up and outfits and a laugh too! Very highly recommended and I'm looking forward to our next shoot already! Thanks xxxx

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To say Charley was professional would be an understatement. She is professional and then some. From the outset she communicated with me clearly to organise the shoot and all the details. She arrived early and got straight on with the job. She is such a good model that almost every shot was perfect and the only ones I did not use were the test shots when I changed the lighting. I will be rebooking Charley without doubt. She definitely has T&A power.

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Matt Belshaw

Had a shoot today with Charley. She is a wonderfully kind lady. She poses perfectly and actively checks herself to make sure that she is giving the best possible performance possible. Her look is simply exquisite and her personality is wonderful. She has a great sense of humour and is fun to chat with as the shoots progresses. Will definitely shoot with as often as possible and cant wait to do it again xxx

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Have worked with Charley over 10 times and can not recommend highly enough.

Lovely girl and her movies and pictures are always stunning.

Highly recommended

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Had a fantastic shoot with Charley.

Very professional model. Very helpful and easy to work with. Got some great pictures. Full of ideas and suggestions and makes the shoot fun and enjoyable. Good communications throughout. Arrived with lots of different outfits. Committed to getting the best results. for you

I thoroughly recommend Charley as a model to work with.

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Babes For Heroes said...

With out making this sound like some EBay or Amazon feed back I can honestly recommend Charley to any level of photographer. She is cool, very hard working and made the shoot very easy through her professionalism. Without doubt I would work with Charley again, I have come home with hundreds of pictures and I can use everyone of them.

Happy days

Thanks Charley x

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Finally managed to shoot with Charley today!

She is hot, easy going, professional; I spent some funny hours working with her, and I'll definitely hope to shoot with her again soon!

Thank you Charley! ;)


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If you get a bad picture of Charley it will be your fault, not hers. 'Proper' model and lovely lady. Better at her job than most of us photographers are at ours - and polite enough to smile at some shockingly poor jokes. Recommended? Hell yeah!

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Had the great pleasure of a shoot at Charley's place last Sunday. The pre-shoot comms were fine, the location nice and tidy and the coffee good. Charley herself is, obviously, drop-dead gorgeous but also charming, relaxing and just great fun to be around. A total professional with a full wardrobe. Got lots of great images and look forward to the possibility of a second shoot in the new year. Thanks Charley.

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Wow wow wow Charley was an absolute delight to work with very funny, sings random songs, wants to know how things are done and takes great interest in what's going on.

Stunning lady, wonderful model, brings ideas to the mix as well so the end results are amazing.

Can not wait to work with her again and hope to do so very soon.

Recommended in the highest regard.

Thank you Charley

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Bicester Studio Hire

Had Charley in to shoot with one of my customers, pre shoot comms where great, she arrived ready to shoot and full of life, Charley was a pleasure to have around the studio, recomend this young lady fully.

Thanks Charley,


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Had a great shoot with Charley at her home today. She was easy to get on with, full of good ideas and plenty of great outfits. She posed effortlessly and was keen to make sure I got lots of different really fab shots. A real pleasure to work with and highly recommended! Thanks Charley :-) x

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1379116800Did not show up.

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Buzz PhotoGraphics

I had a great Photo Shoot with Charley on the 10th, and what a great professional model, she turned up early with lots of outfits, she has a great range of poses and needs very little direction,

It was an absolute pleasure working with Charley, the hardest part of the shoot was picking the images to edit all of them turned out fantastic,

So all you budding David Bailey's if you want good quality images, get a professional model like Charley,

Thanks Charley see you soon...

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AlexJ said...

Worked with Charley a few years ago.. as ive only just become a member on here.. she was a very pro model and had a great attitude.. the snow was quite bad but she came all this way to do a shoot with me and was pleased with the end images.. she is a brilliant model and highly recommend her to anyone

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Woodford Photography

Had an excellent shoot with Charley, she was an absolute pleasure to work with. I'd recomend her to anyone.

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Mmmfire Photography

Shot with Charley for the first time yesterday. She was on time, professional from start to finish, knew exactly what she was doing and what was required. She's friendly, engaging and I would happily recommend her to anyone.

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