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Joanna Mills

I had my first shoot with Mike recently and it went so well! I'm really glad he's coming back to shooting after long break!

Mike has a nice studio and plenty of outfits and props to choose from - not to mention absolutely adorable cat!!!

3 hours with him flown by - we've been chatting all the time so atmosphere was really nice and relaxed and I'm looking forward to see the results!

Would definitely recommend

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I had my first shoot with mike and I loved every minute! Lots of chat and I felt comfortable in his company! The shoot was relaxed and fun but the best bit is all the amazing props he has it’s like wonderland! Cannot wait to see the images! I would highly recommend!

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I had a fantastic second shoot with Mike on friday. We caught up and chatted about everything and anything.

I got to model some of his beautiful evening dresses. Truly an impressive collection!

He’s such a gent and it’s always a pleasure to work with him. I look forward to our next shoot!

Always recommended.

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I shot with Mike on Friday, a mixture of fashion and art nude. He was welcoming, considerate and easy to talk to. He allowed me to pose freely with minimal direction.

Mike has the most amazing and enormous model wardrobe! I only tried a few of what must be hundreds of dresses and unusual outfits that he has collected.

All in all a lovely, relax shoot. Thanks Mike!

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Cheyenne Peach

I shot with Mike in his home studio, he has a wide range of backdrops and the biggest wardrobe of dresses, props etc. that I have ever seen. I absolutely loved the dresses I wore for the fashion shots.

Mike is friendly, easy to talk to and just an all-round lovely guy. He was very forgiving when I arrived nearly half an hour late! Sorry again!!

As I am new to the industry Mike dropped lots of useful hints and tips throughout the shoot, so not only did we get some fantastic images (from what I could see from behind the camera) but I also learnt a lot, which was nice :)

I'm looking forward to seeing the final images and would love to work with Mike again.

Highly Recommend.

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Ashleigh Rae

I was lucky enough to be shot by Mike at his lovely home studio recently.

Top home studio with a wardrobe full of dreams! Just amazing.

The shoot flew by and I love the images that I was shown at the back of camera.

Mike is a real gent, and a pleasure to work with.

Hope to come back soon

Recommended by me.

Thanks so much


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Twinkle Nose (Hannah Aisling)

Shot with Mike for the first time at his home studio and wow ! The dresses! I thought other references were exaggerating at his extensive wardrobe! Despite me not feeling 100%, we still managed to get some great pictures and the conversation was easy too :)

Mike has several backgrounds lending themselves well to different themes. We shot from fashion to nude and BOC looked brill :)

Thanks for having me Mike!

Twinkle x

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layla anne

Another great shoot with Mike last Thursday!

I always enjoy shooting with him and he has a great selection of clothes to choose from.

He is really friendly, great to talk to and always makes me feel comfortable throughout :) has so many cool backdrops and different ideas for each shoot.

Thanks Mike :)

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Bobbi Castle

Another fab shoot in the bag with bradders. I always love coming to shoot here because he has such a wonderful wardrobe of lovely dresses for you to wear when you shoot. It was nice to catch up as well. I would recommend for sure as he is a lovely guy and verry good photographer. Cant wait until next time.

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layla anne

Had an awesome shoot with Mike at his home studio yesterday evening. He made me feel really comfortable straight away - he is lovely and so down to earth!

He has an amazing range of clothes to choose from with great ideas for each set we did.

His work is very impressive is very professional!

I would 100% recommend.

Looking forward to future shoots!

Thanks Mike :)

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Great shoot with Mike! He has an amazing selection of clothes and made me feel very at ease and comfortable. Photos look great, with a keen eye for detail. Mike has an impressive assortment of backdrops at his home studio which we played around with and made some lovely contrasting shots. Look forward to working with him again.

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Rebecca Perry

Mike is so lovely to work with, such a gentleman. very respectful and his knowlege of lighting and creative ideas is fantastic.

From what I could see from the back of the camera, we got some superb images

Thank you for a fabulous photoshoot Mike

Look forward to the next.

100% recommended

Rebecca Perry


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Alicia Black

Had a fantastic home shoot mike, pre comms were great. He is warm and down to earth, and has a very extensive range of fancy elegant womens clothing to model in and magnificent hats :)

He is very professional and has a keen eye for landscape and nature photography as well as photographing models :) I had a lovely time and I look forward to working with him again soon.

Thank you

Regards Alicia

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Had yet another great shoot with Mike on Friday at his home studio. He has a huge range of great outfits, very friendly and easy to get along with and always get some excellent pictures. Highly recommended and looking forward to working together again very soon:)

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Mike is a very polite and professional guy, who kept me entertained for hours with good conversation.

It was our first shoot together in his home studio and I drove up after performing in a panto earlier on in the day (oh no she didn't!)

He has an extensive wardrobe full of sparkles and exciting outfits for me to try on. He has a great eye for fashion and photography.

Thank you for a fantastic first shoot... hopefully one of many! :)

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Another great shoot with Mike!

At his home for three hours in the evening. Mikes wardrobe is bigger than mine and he always has gorgeous things for me to wear which I love.

He is kind, easy to get on with and a genuine person.

Highly recommended

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Krystal Cole 01

Had a shoot with mike last night, was nice and relaxed. I was very exited to see one of the rooms was full of clothes and props I could use (more clothes than me)! He is also Very lovely, professional and easy to talk to x

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Bradders was funny, polite and professional.

He had loads of outfits to chose from and is so creative with his photos!

the photos he sent me look amazing and I would 100% recommend him if you get a chance to shoot!


Katie xx

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Sammi P

I had a lovely shoot with Mike and will highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for a good photographer. He is creative and methodical with his input and I will absolutely work with him again. He is very professional and provides a very friendly and relaxed atmosphere to work. I enjoyed the indoor shoot and wouldn't mind trying an outdoor shoot sometime. 2 thumbs up!!

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What can I say that everyone else hasn't already.

I had such fun on this shoot. I don't even own as menny dresses and outfits that I was lucky enough to have my pick off.

Mikes studio is better equipped than some professional studios I have worked at.

He is such a perfect gentleman I would as every one else has recommend him to any model new or pro.

Thanks again for the shoot.

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