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Olivia K

I had an opportunity to shoot with Greg couple of days ago and it's been a pleasure.

He is professional and easy to work with. He gives good directions when needed.

I am looking forward to seeing the results of our work!

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Rose K

Had a last minute shoot with Greg as I was shooting as a hand model for a nail artist and was plensantly surprised to have the opportunity to work with Greg again. He as usual was professional, patient and paid great attention to detail especially when suggesting the right poses to show off the nails best. Had fun and was a smooth shoot from start to finish! Highly recommended

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Gregory was great to have on our 70s Event with models Natasha, Mystique Fay, Elle Baldwinson and Rose.

This event was of course unique to others with the location, we hadn't been to Manchester for quite some time, it was great to revisit. Gregory was fun to be around, friendly, polite and a laugh, images that were produced were amazing.

We would love to have you on another event!

Thanks again so much for coming and helping us support Homeless House!



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I had my first shoot with Gregory as part of the UK models '70s theme event.

Gregory was very friendly and made me feel very comfortable.

He was fantastic a directing me in various poses and allowed me to pose freely.

He also got to shoot me while shooting the images and has posted them on Instagram, and they look great love them.

I highly recommend him to any model. Hopefully get to work with him again near future.

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Gregory got in touch with me about doing a fashion shoot and we communicated many ideas before the shoot regarding clothes, hair, make-up and poses. During the shoot, he had some great ideas for lighting and use of chairs and boxes as well as creative poses. Gregory is very polite, professional, experienced and a pleasure to work with; the resulting pictures look first class and I would definitely recommend him!

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Aurora Phoenix

Had an amazing evening shoot with Gregory Mason at my Hired Apartment in Birmingham during my Tour.

Prior to shooting pre-communications were spot on and everything was super easy to organize. Gregory even made a mood board and sent it over to me and what we were going to shoot was clear and planned really well before the shoot.

On the day of shooting Gregory was prompt and ready to shoot. He brought along some amazing equipment and lovely fabric & silk sheets which literally transformed the Apartment. The shoot just flowed so well as we went from look to look everything just really worked.

Gregory is kind, professional, creative and respectful.

110% recommended. Can’t thank him enough for such a fab shoot!!!

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Irida S

First shoot with the fantastic Gregory from his home studio !

Gregory is brilliant , very welcoming to his home and also provided me with my own changing space .

Gregory made sure I was comfortable at all times and the place was nice and. warm .

A very creative , down to earth and easy to work with photographer who I am happy to highly recommend to all models and I also hope to work with again when I'm visiting the area again

Many thanks ,


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Amy Lou_x

Had my first shoot with Greg on 5th December.

Had a great shoot and got some great images. He was brilliant at giving direction when it was needed, a very easy and relaxed shoot.

Will definitely be shooting with Greg again.

Thank you.

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Beth Kate

Had a great shoot at his home studios with Greg on Monday. We shot for half a day working though the ideas Greg had previously expressed in a moodboard. The focus was mainly on art nude, but we incorporated some lovely items of clothing and materials. I look forward to seeing the final images and hopefully working with Greg again in the near future!

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Everly Rose

Gregory answered a last minute casting from me on my recent tour of the South.

We shot at Gregorys home studio and he made me feel very comfortable, there was coffee and a good chat on arrival.

Greg had some good ideas already lined up and had reference images available for me which was a great help.

Greg is a real gentleman, easy to talk to and easy to work with.

Highly recommended from me :)

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Belle Noire aka Black Beauty

Thank You for answering my casting and inviting me for a shoot with you.

Communication to organise the shoot was easy, the conversation flowed constantly throughout the shoot and I felt totally at ease.

The only negative thing I have to say is there wasn't a biscuit with my brew haha.

Recommended To All x

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I was so lucky to work with this gentleman whilst I was touring in the midlands. Gregory booked a couple of hours on one of my studio days in Walsall.

We worked through loads of sets, including some outdoor stuff - the images look great.

Gregory is a pleasure to work with, very relaxed, kind & chatty :))

Honoured he wanted to Photograph me.

Thank you for a great shoot.

Debs xx

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Aatish Studio

It was so nice to have met Gregory having been aware of his work for some time.

Very friendly and easy going. Works well with models and produces fantastic images.

Thank you for coming and recommending my studio. I also recommend models to work with Greg.

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Maisie Mae

My first shoot with Gregory messaged before Lockdown and finally got to shoot at his home set up i'm sure there will be some great images look forward to seeing the gel ones as well as the other styles we did

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Greg's home shoot space has everything you need to take some really striking images!

- Very professional, respectful & kind

- Makes it a relaxed experience

- Brilliant photography knowledge & setup

Thanks for working with me!

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Kym Williams

This was my second shoot with Gregory (after waiting 3 years) I’m so so glad I got a chance to work with him again! He was full of so many great ideas and gave me direction when I needed it :)

We had a 4 hour slot and managed to do about 5 different set ups :)

Gregory is easy going but also professional, fun and chatty with a fantastic knowledge of photography and posing :) I hopefully I can work with him again soon ☺️

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Rose K

Had a lovely time shooting with Greg again after quite some time. Pre coms were spot on and he was very understanding and patient with me which didn't go unnoticed or unappreciated! We did a number of themes and each one beautifully organised and prepared by Greg. Very professional and easy to work with and his attention to detail shows in the images we created. Highly recommended

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I had a second shoot with Gregory a couple of weeks ago in his home studio. Communication pre shoot was great and clear. He shared with me a very useful mood board. This time the theme was art nude, with focus on yoga poses. The day of the shoot he welcomed in his studio with a well prepared set up and made me feel comfortable playing some funky tunes I really loved. The atmosphere was very relaxed, I was able to pose freely, when needed he gave me some useful directions and we also tried different ideas. The back of the camera looked great and can’t wait to see some of the final images.

Greg is professional and very talented photographer. I am still amazed by a magnificent edit he did to one of the image from our first shoot, just wow!! I would definitely recommend to work with him if you get the chance. Thank you Greg! Hopefully we’ll work again soon :)

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Greg has responded to my casting call. He is very polite, respectful, easy to communicate, well focused and organised. I wanted to create something different this time and he took the challenge. I have received the mood board weeks in advance and once I have arrived, he had the list ready with different ideas, together with all the props. We have managed to do a few sets in a short time. I have never done something similar before and now, when I have received the edits I know, that it was a very good choice. I'm very impressed.

Greg, thank you for your hard work and fantastic results!

Highly recommended.

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Leonie Constance

Greg was a delight to work with and im looking forward to our future projects, i would recommend him to anyone! Very nice character, professional yet easy to get along with.

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