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Make up by Saayana said...

Shooted with Greg at his home based studio with a model shooting an Indian bridal look and the pictures were amazing! Greg is very creative and has a very good eye for detail and is able to capture the perfect shots without taking hundreds! Would work with him again.

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Marla Pandora

I worked with Greg when I stopped to Birmingham during my recent tour and he also kindly offered for me to stay at his home while I was visiting. We shot for the whole day and we did so many different sets! Greg is great to work with... he knows exactly what he wants from each set, just take a few snaps and when he feels he has a shot he's happy with, he just moves on to the next set. He also made sure I was feeling ok at all time, making coffees (always keeps me happy to have coffee!) and asking me during the shoot if I was ok. Not only he is a brilliant photographer, but he is a great host. He cooked me a lovely healthy dinner and I really enjoy being in his company! I absolutely adore the images from our shoot and I would love to shoot with him again. Highly recommended! Thank you Greg for an excellent shoot and for your kind hospitality :) Marla x

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Shann Rose

I had my first shoot with gregg today, first of all he made me a brilliant cup of tea so I was happy :)

But other than that, he is a brilliant photographer and made me feel really welcome and comfortable.

He gave great direction when needed. I can't wait too see the finished images!!


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Karmel said...

Had a shoot with Greg on 25th of January. He is a nice person with a great personality. Easy to work with. I really enjoyed my time. Definitely recommended photographer!

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Rhianne Butler Stylist

I worked with Greg on a location shoot at The Bartons Arms and found the whole process to be easy, relaxed, friendly, professional and a really great day. Greg came with all the equipment needed to create the amazing images we came away with. The shoot was a lot a fun and Greg even let us do hair and make up at his house before hand. Great guy & most all great photographer! I hope to work with him again!

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Katie Gee

I had my 2nd ever shoot with Greg yesterday. Greg is such a nice guy very friendly and laid back! I felt very comfortable. We had a great day shooting various different styles. He knew what he wanted and creates amazing shots! I cannot wait to see the finished ones! Would highly recommend Greg. Thanks Greg! 😊👌

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Just got back from my second shoot with Greg, as always he was super :-) not only is he welcoming and friendly, he also makes an awesome cup of tea :-) I had the pleasure of meeting Michelle today, who did my makeup and was also excellent and all round great few hours and hopefully we will meet again soon! Fully recommend, looking forward to seeing the images :-)


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Sherelle Nicole

Shot with Greg at his home for the second time. Really enjoyable shoot, he's so layed back and easy to get along with. He's a super talented photographer and creates amazing images, I would recommend him 100%, working with Greg never gets boring I could do it over and over again! It's not the first and deffo won't be the last time we work together. Thanks again Greg always a pleasure x

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Rileydoll said...

Had a wonderful first shoot with Greg, would recommend him to every one. He has clear ideas of what he wants to achieve but also gives you chance to have your own input when it comes to poses. Greg made me feel completely comfortable from the get go and I'm very much looking forward to seeing the results of our few hours together :)

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Had a shoot with Gregory yesterday, all went well, he was very informative and easy to get along with, the shoot was very technical and I enjoyed seeing all the different elements that go into getting the shots, I would recommend Gregory, top bloke and very good at what he does :-)

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Louise Anne, Model & Mua said...

What you can expect when working with Greg.

From the start there was great communication, via emails and messages on here we discussed ideas and concepts for our shoot. The first date we had I unfortunately had to cancel but Greg was really understanding about it and happy to rearrange for another date.

On the day he was kind enough to email me travel details on how to get to him as I don't drive and am new to the area which was a massive help, and he even came to meet me off my bus!. It was very relaxed, we chatted over a cup of tea and looked over his portfolio and showed him the outfits I bought...sadly though I made the mistake of not packing enough for the shoot lol. He showed me to a private room where I could change and touch up my makeup during the shoots.

During the shoot itself he was really easy to talk to, he gave great directions on how to pose properly and what he was looking for and even explained about the lighting effects on where I pose. Throughout the shoot which was around 2 hours he would show me the images he had taken so far so I could see what I liked and what I wanted to try out.

It was a very relaxed and easy shoot and I would be happy to work with him again and I look forward to the images as I am sure they will be fantastic as his previous work speaks for itself.

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Katrinagy said...

Had a Shoot with gregory last month , Amazing photographer easy to get on with .

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Had a great shoot with Gregory last month, really pleased with my images. He is very professional and great communication. Would definitely recommend. Thanks Gregory!

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Louise George

Had a great shoot with Greg , he was very professional and was made sure i felt comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot, pics were fab!!

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Sunita Jassal Artiste said...

Worked with Greg for the first time, had a very professional approach and captured the moment within each of the images, which will be added to my portfolio, would love to work with him again.

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Netsaengsai said...

Had a shoot with Greg today and it all went well. We shot in great barr area which it was nice location. He was very professional. We had a bit of a laugh as I asked him to shoot me at the play ground. After finished shooting I got to see some of images that he took and Wow! They were very good ( even they haven't been edited yet) recommended!!


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Had a really nice time shooting with Greg. He was polite and friendly and extremely courteous. Separate room to change, heating on and offered plenty of coffee. He was creative and gave perfect direction. Pre shoot communication was great and he had good time management too! I look forward to shooting again in the future. Sammi x

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Michelle G make up artist

I worked with Greg and Anna on a shoot on 25th Jan 2014, Greg is first class, really knows his stuff , very sincere and thoroughly enjoyed collaborating. . Would definitely work with Greg and indeed Anna again. Michelle Grey Eyes Make Up Artist. :)

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Sherelle Nicole

First shoot with Greg today, lovely guy, easy to get along with and gives good direction. Would recommend :)

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Anna Adelina said...

I had my first shot with Greg 2 weeks ago .. Greg was a genuinely nice guy who knew what he wanted to create,and made sure I was happy with the results,and the pictures I saw were great. Highly recommend him and love to work with him again soon .. Thank you ...

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