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Gregory Mason has 164 references; 164 recommended, 0 not recommended, 0 late cancellations, and 0 no-shows.

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Debbie D

Enjoyed my shoot with Greg - his communication is great, ideas were discussed and finalised beforehand - and he makes a wonderful cup of tea :) Greg was both professional and courteous, and I felt comfortable, totally at ease and relaxed from the beginning. He produced some great images and I would love to work with him again. Highly recommended.

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I worked with Gregory on a group shoot with a number of other photographers and models. Time, unfortunately did not allow us to work together, but he was a thoroughly polite, professional and creative photographer that added a lot to the shoot, and I would recommend him very highly.

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Had a great shoot with Greg alongside 3 other models.Greg was very easy to work with, got on with the job and we had a laugh doing it. I would recommend him as a photographer and would be delighted to work with him again.

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Sexy Scorpio

Great to shoot with Greg yday. Had some great ideas aswell. Posing and getting a good.image is always important, the photographer can always see the bigger picture so any ideas are always welcome and Greg had some good ideas too! Would like to work with Greg again. We shot yday and I already have images to look through! Thank you!

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Lady Sextasy

Had a great group shoot on Wednesday with Greg as one of the photographers. He has some great ideas and really uses lighting creatively. Nice and relaxed and easy to work with, he's happy to try out the models' ideas as well as giving direction clearly. We were shooting some ideas which were outside my experience but I found the ideas fun to try! Thanks Greg for a sympathetic introduction to the world of fetish.

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Phoenix Spider

I have worked with Greg on many projects and have many more planned! He is great to work with and makes amazing images! 5 star highly recommended

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Had my first shoot with Gregory and I was very excited to try out his ideas!

We shot at his home studio which was comfortable and I felt at ease as we discussed what we both wanted from the shoot that day. I was offered a cup of tea and was shown where I could get changed and adjust my hair and makeup.

Gregory offered me some fantastic advice, which as I am new to modelling I will be taking on board, and we came out with some superb images.

I highly recommend Gregory to new models and will look forward to working with him again in the future.


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Beau Diamonds1

Had my first shoot with Greg at his home studio,where he was very welcoming and put me at ease straight away. Greg had sent me a mood board prior to the shoot so I knew what ideas he wanted to create, which helped me to plan my outfits. Greg was very polite,friendly and professional and made me feel comfortable and relaxed throughout the shoot. I have some fabulous photos and am looking forward to seeing the final images. Would definitely like to work with Greg again ☺

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Gemma Victoria

I worked with Gregory at his home studio and first of all he sat with me and offered me a cup of tea and we chatted about what we both wanted from the shoot. This put me at ease and he showed me where I could get changed in the spare room & carried my case upstairs for me which is lovely manners. We worked longer than a usual shoot as we were getting through a lot of the outfits I bought and really experimenting with looks which is great for me as I'm expanding my portfolio. All in all Gregory was a pleasure to work with and I love the work he has produced!

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June S

I have known and worked with Gregory for about 14 years now and can't recommend him highly enough. Extremely professional and passionate about his work as well as being a really nice guy and easy to get along with. Currently in the process of setting up a shoot with him again after my long break from the business.

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Maria x said...

Had my second shoot with Greg on location in Birmingham. Gregs communications were excellent before and during the shoot, he is highly professional and he has fantastic ideas. The location he chose was perfect to add something different to my portfolio!

I highly recommend working with Greg, and would love to work with him again!

Thanks Greg :)

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Envii Mi

I have worked with Greg for a few years now and love working with him.

He is very creative, very careful, polite and very professional.

Good at direction and composition, has clear ideas and vision. Also very good with lighting.

As well as being open to new ideas and modern twists for shoots he has a very classic and elegant style.

Gregs fashion and beauty work is wonderful and something I adore from the results we have had over the years.

I would recommend Greg as a photographer to any model.

I look forward to our future projects together as always.

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I shot with Gregory at a recent group shoot. He was a delight to work with, and the unedited shots are already with me . Gregory was well prepared for the shoot, the results are fabulous and I would be happy to recommend him to other models.

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Kat Hubery

Shot again with Gregory on a group shoot organised via Facebook and he soon settled me into the swing of things giving direction and taking time to get the perfect shot. Can't wait to see at we have achieved. Thank you!

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I had a 1st shoot with Greg today. Greg is very professional, and made me welcome. He was full of great idea's. We shot some low key and bodyscape's, and Greg produced great images, looking forward to seeing the pics.

I love Greg's work and I highly recommend him 100% I would definitely work with Greg again. Thank you for a great shoot.

Lindy :-)

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Aisha reynolds

I shot with Greg last week and it was fab! He is extremely creative and had lots of fun ideas for us to try. Due to his creativity and easy going but professional approach we got some great shots. I would definitely recommend Greg and I'm Looking forward to working with him again ☺️

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Charlotte Bourne

Loved working with Greg - he is really easy to work with and gives just enough direction. He is creative and was able to adapt to the weather with ease which wasn't easy on such a changeable day ! Would definitely recommend him and looking forward to seeing the images

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Anna Jo

First met gregory a few years ago when I first started in the Modelling, he was and still is a lovely person. We shared ideas prior to the shoot and finally worked towards them, he has amazing ideas and great to work with because he's down to earth and friendly but professional. Be great to shoot again Greg :) :)

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I had my first shoot with Greg and he's an absolutely fantastic person!

The day before the shoot I had issues with my accommodation and he very generously let me stay in his house for the night on a last minute notice, where I felt safe and welcome (also his cooking is fantastic)!

The shoot went great, he is very creative, respectful of levels and the photos looked fabulous, it was a great day and I'm looking forward for the next time.

Highly recommended :)

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Had a lovely shoot in Gregory's lovely home. it was relaxed but productive and we got loads of gorgeous images. I really enjoyed it, and would recommend anyone shoots with him! Had a lovely day :)

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