Header photo: Amee by hairstylist Chris Evans, make-up artist Melissa Vieira and photographer Stephen Norris

FEATURED interviews are a chance for us to put the limelight on the fabulous creatives in the PurplePort community and share their unique journeys and creative processes.

For this episode of FEATURED, we interviewed the talented Chris Evans, a PurplePort hairstylist based in London, UK.

Image by hairstylist Chris Evans, model Anastasija, make-up artist Narine Amamcian, and photographer Canonical Photography

Image by hairstylist Chris Evans, model Seisha, make-up artist Courtney Welsh, and photographer Stephen Norris

About PurplePort hairstylist, Chris Evans 

Chris is a multi-award-winning freelance stylist and artist with an energetic and dazzling passion for his vocation, specialising in creative haircuts.

He regularly arranges photoshoots with talented photographers and other creatives. As well as being a skilled hairstylist, Chris has a family background in film photography and is also an experienced photographer himself. 

Having trained at Sassoon and worked for Toni & Guy, Chris has won multiple competitions and prizes throughout his career, including the Hairdressers Journal Photo Competition (June 2010 and February 2011), the BaByliss Pro Style Awards (March, June, and July 2010), and Sassoon. 

His most recent award was in 2021 when Chris won the Wella National Trend Vision Awards.

He has also been published in Hair Now, Hair & Beauty and the Hairdressers Journal International.

Chris has a beautiful portfolio on PurplePort of his unique and inspiring work and has appeared multiple times in our Front Page Image (FPI) Collection (click here to check out his fabulous FPIs).

Rouhan by hairstylist Chris Evans

Amee by hairstylist Chris Evans, make-up artist Melissa Vieira, and photographer Stephen Norris

FEATURED Interview with PurplePort hairstylist, Chris Evans 

We were thrilled to speak with Chris about his work and find out how he began his journey into the hair and model-photographer industry.

How did you become a hairstylist?

My first experience styling hair was private tuition from a talented Italian stylist who wanted to learn English. I was very nervous at first but went on to take an NVQ Level 2.

Fellow students asked me if I was as nervous as them, and I explained my approach was "controlled panic". After that, I landed my first job as a hairstylist, working as an apprentice for Toni & Guy Essensuals.

Since my family background is photography, I began to capture my work in photographs and do the photography myself, but it is much less stressful now to focus just on the hair!

It sounds like you've always wanted to be a hairstylist, is that right?  

I have always enjoyed styling hair. I think it is in my genes!

At university, I used it as a creative outlet after cutting friends' hair. It was a form of fashion for me that could be turned into an art. Everyone wanted something unique for themselves. 

I just dabbled for a long time after university. Then I realised I should take it seriously and train for a qualification. I took a creative cutting course at Sassoon that was totally inspiring!

Image by hairstylist Chris Evans, make-up artist Danielle Brocklebank, model Danielle Brocklebank, and photographer Stephen Norris

What did you do before you were a hairstylist?

I studied philosophy and conducted university research in computing.

How do you prepare for your photoshoots?

I set up a mood board of haircut ideas and take inspiration from hair shows and social media. I also work closely with the make-up artist and stylist to make sure everything works together.

Image by hairstylist Chris Evans, model Jessy, make-up artist Amy Lennox, and photographer Philip Proctor Photographic

Kseniya by hairstylist Chris Evans, make-up artist Annamaria Pierdomenico, model Kseniya, and photographer Stephen Norris 

What style of photoshoot do you enjoy working on the most?

Creative haircuts in which the model will let me do anything I want, and I can make it up on the spot.

What's the most interesting photoshoot you've ever worked on?

Working on the photographic entry for the National Trend Vision Awards was a lot of fun, with everyone working in creative synergy.

I had the beautiful model Danielle Brocklebank who worked with me for six months, and talented photographer Stephen Norris. The shoot was organised at short notice as I found out about the competition only just before the deadline.

The model and I worked together to do the make-up! It was so much fun creating a unique haircut with some creative colouring.

We exploited the pandemic and gave Danielle a surgical face mask! I was shocked to learn we had won "craft artist".

Winner Trend Vision Award 2021 by hairstylist Chris Evans, model Danielle Brocklebank, make-up artists Danielle Brocklebank and Chris Evans, and photographer Stephen Norris

What do you most enjoy about being a hairstylist, and what would you describe as your main strengths?

I love the creativity and the satisfaction of making hair models look and feel amazing.

My biggest strengths are that I have an artistic approach and I am a perfectionist. Unfortunately, being a perfectionist means you are never entirely happy with the outcome!

What's your absolute favourite photo?

I have a Front Page Image (FPI) on PurplePort (below) with over 2,300 views, of which I am very proud.

Jasmin by hairstylist Chris Evans, make-up artist Fanny Burgos and photographer Stephen Norris

Is there anyone in particular who inspires you? And what advice would you give to a hairstylist just starting out?

I love the work of Mario Mesaric, who is an artistic genius from IM Academy in Croatia.

My advice to anyone starting out in the hair industry is this: get the best training you can afford, never stop learning, and follow your dreams.

One final question. Pineapple on pizza, yes or no?

Whatever makes you happy Smile

Image by hairstylist Chris Evans, model Danielle Brocklebank, make-up artist Tia Fontaine, and photographer Stephen Norris

Thanks again, Chris Evans, for speaking with us and sharing your creative journey.

We hope you all enjoyed this interview. Check out the links below to see more of Chris' fabulous work!

Here's where you can find more of Chris' work

PurplePort: Chris Evans  

Instagram: shortcutshair 

Facebook: shortcutshair 

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