It’s been a few months since we last updated you all on what we’ve been up to. Since the last blog post in October 2020, we’ve made 100s of changes across PurplePort, fixing bugs, improving performance and adding a couple of small features.

New Features

Two new shoot styles have been added

Following various requests from many of you, we have created two new shoot styles which you can now add to your account. 

These two new additions are listed (along with other existing shoot styles) in Shoot Styles - Work Preferences

It's important that you have the correct information on your account so others can find you using our Search feature, and this also includes the shoot styles added to your account. Our search feature has a specific filter option used for finding members with certain shoot styles.  

You can add shoot styles via your Work Preferences page. For more help with this, check out How to add (or change) shoot styles

Remote -  A remote shoot means you are shooting with another person without being in the same room (or even country) as them. It can be done in different ways, but mostly it refers to tethered shooting  (i.e. the photographer controls the camera via a computer). Anyone on the receiving end of the camera (e.g. a model) usually selects this shoot style if they have the appropriate setup and equipment to accommodate a tethered shoot.

We also have the  remote shoot group, for all things related to shooting remotely.

Life Drawing - Drawing the human form, usually with the model holding different poses for periods of time. The model could be required to be nude, so it's always worth double-checking what level these shoots may involve. 

Love an image using a keyboard shortcut

While viewing an image, either in full screen mode or normally, you can now hit the “L” key to love it.

Image filter warning when viewing Image Collections

When viewing an image collection while using the image filters, it was confusing if there was, say, just a single image showing, but the image count said there were more. Now there is a warning letting you know that your image filters might be hiding more images, and the image count is more in line with what you can see.

Removed ability to “dislike” an image comment

After much debate, we have decided to remove the ability to “dislike” an image comment as we realised that it wasn’t really adding any value.

Bug Fixes

  • Insert/Edit link now appears in front of the shoot plan window
  • Removed sin bin posts from the recent discussions gadget
  • Removed unnecessary limit on block list
  • Changing the distance on search now refreshes the results
  • “Your deleted images” link on images page now correctly redirects to the image manager
  • Image manager, when bulk adding images to albums, changed wording to avoid confusion
  • No longer asked about leaving the site when creating a casting call

Castings and Events overhaul

It’s early days still, but we wanted to let you all know that we have now started working on designing a brand new feature which will replace both the Castings and Events features. It’s a huge task and will take some time to develop, but we are really excited to begin working on this and we wanted to share this with you all.

Let us know...

If you spot an error or think of something that will improve PurplePort, you can let us know by either creating a support ticket or creating a post in the Bugs, Errors, and Suggestions group. Doing so helps us and every member of the PurplePort community.

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