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Why has PurpleBot deleted my excess images?

By Chris Cook, written 1499762299

What has PurpleBot done?

PurpleBot has some automatic tasks he performs, and one of them is to remove the excess images on free accounts. All of a members first 15 images are kept as-is, though anything more than these will be deleted, temporarily to begin with. The images still exist but they are completely hidden from everywhere and everyone.

Why is this happening?

Simply put, we've noticed that lots of inactive and free accounts on PurplePort have an excess of images beyond the 15 by default, in some cases hundreds of extra images, and they all take up space, so we need to do some house-keeping now and then.

What about my loves, comments and FPI's?

Images PurpleBot deletes are kept in a safe place for 60-days, so that in that time, if your VIP subscription is renewed, we automatically bring them all back, including saving all of your loves, comments and FPI's - which we prefer as images that have been getting all the love are a huge part of the community and we hate to see them go, too!

What happens next?

You can see the images PurpleBot has removed by clicking the 'Your deleted images' option from the grey cog on your profile

If you want them all back to normal, you can re-subscribe to PurplePort which allows more than the default 15 images, and also proves to us your account is active and therefore we'll hold onto every single one, including all the love they have already collected.

Other than purchasing a subscription is there any other way to get my images back?

Yes, you can get PurplePort VIP membership for free by referring people to PurplePort. You can read about how here.