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Casting calls: What you can do and what you can't

By Russ Freeman, written 1363438823

Casting calls are a simple and effective way of finding people to work with. However, they can also be a great way to make a mistake and put people off working with you. Here's our quick guide to what to do and what to avoid.


  • Don't post a TF/Collaboration casting call and then ask for payment. If you don't wish to shoot TF with someone just say "thanks" and leave it there.
  • Don't post a casting call for someone else. If they are not a member of PP then encourage them to sign up.
  • Don't add multiple locations just to have your casting calls seen by more people. Add locations only where you plan to shoot.
  • Don't add multiple account types if you don't need them. Only select the account types you are looking for.
  • Don't just re-post a casting over and over. It's just spamming and will simply lead to you getting blocked.
  • Don't post casting calls for third parties or non-members.
  • Don't post casting calls for studio days, groups shoots, tuition days, workshops, exhibitions, or social meet-ups. Any of these should be created as Events where there are dedicated options.

Doing any of the above may result in a suspension of your ability to create casting calls.


  • Don't post a casting call unless you really plan to go ahead with a shoot.
  • Don't just say "let's shoot". Remember that a casting call is an advert so use it as such.
  • Don't post casting calls for the sake of it. Use them wisely otherwise you may get blocked and no-one wants that!
  • Don't put email addresses or phone numbers as our recommendation is to keep all shoot communication on site. You'll thank us for that when you have a dispute!


  • Use all of the wonderful formatting options PurplePort casting calls allow including images, bold, italic etc. Make it look fabulous!
  • Write as much as you like but if you do write a lot summarise your casting call at the top. This makes it easy to entice people into reading your casting call OR makes it easy for those uninterested to skip it.
  • Use a decent and well thought out title such that people can become interested based on the title alone.
  • Do put up regular casting calls but try to make them different.
  • Do read our article about how to create more impact with your casting call.

How to report abuse of the casting calls system

When viewing the casting call select "Report" from the grey cog near top right. It's quick, easy and 100% anonymous.

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