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Last minute availability - What is it and how does it work?

By Russ Freeman, written 1465149756

We've all been there. Either we have a gap to fill in our schedule in the next day or so, or we're suddenly available. Either way the last minute availability can help bridge the gap.

On the home page is a button (). If you click it then you'll be prompted to say when you are available. Tick the boxes, save it and then click the button again. You can now untick the boxes when you are no longer available.

This allows you to say when you are available to shoot. You'll need to do this whenever you are free. It's not a replacement for casting calls but it helps.

When you tick the boxes and make yourself available then a small note saying when you are available appears near the top of your profile. It also appears below any group posts you write.

How do I find someone who is available today, tomorrow or the day after?

Click Search at the top of every web page, put in the criteria for who you might be looking for and then select an option from the "Available" drop down list. You will then be shown all of those people matching your criteria who are available when you wanted.

Simple :-)

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