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How does getting suspended work on PurplePort

By Russ Freeman, written 1363427422

We can suspend (either temporarily or permanently) specific abilities (privileges) on PurplePort accounts. The duration of a suspension is variable, depending on the crime committed and circumstances of that crime, and how often it happens.

Abilities which we can suspend include (but are not limited to):

  • Group participation (see our Group participation suspension and ban policy)
  • Use of lists, either creating or adding to
  • Image commenting/collecting/love
  • Use of the message system
  • Use of the shoutbox
  • Image uploading
  • Casting calls/events
  • Adding references

A suspension from any the above does not affect any other abilities on PurplePort. For example, if you are suspended from the Groups, this will only affect your ability to post in the groups. Nothing else on your PurplePort account will be affected. 

We think this is a fair system. We don't think it's fair to have done or said something in the groups, and then to have your account suspended entirely. We recognise that people are earning a living by working with others on PurplePort, and we want them to continue doing so.

Persistent offenders will have their abilities permanently removed, but this usually only happens after they have offended a few times, or have offended particularly severely.

You'll receive an automatic email notifying you of any suspensions on your account. If you receive this type of email notification, we recommend that you take it as a gentle nudge and change your behaviour.

At the extreme end of the scale is total account suspension, either for a time or permanently. This is rarely used because we hope that we can all get along just nicely, play fair and abide by the rather liberal rules we have. But, should we need to, we can (and will) suspend an account in its entirety. If this happens to you, then you won't be able to log into your PurplePort account until your suspension is over, or ever again for a permanent suspension or removal.

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