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How does getting suspended work on PurplePort

By Russ Freeman, written 1363427422.

Like a lot of things around here we have taken a slightly different approach to that seen elsewhere.

We have the ability to suspend or permanently revoke individual privileges. The suspension duration is variable and is really dependent on the crime committed, the circumstances of the crime and how often it happens.

The privileges we can suspend or revoke include, but are not limited to;

  • Group participation. See our policy.
  • Use of lists, either creating or adding to
  • Image commenting/collecting/love
  • Use of the message system
  • Use of the shout box
  • Image uploading
  • Casting calls
  • Adding references

Each of the above does not affect any of the others. For example; if you behave anti-socially in the groups you'll likely get your group participation privileges suspended for a while. Read about how that works.

You'll still be able to use the site and still be able to message people. Your portfolio will remain and you can continue networking and arranging shoots as normal. If you have been suspended from posting in the groups for a while you will just be silent in the groups. The community will think you have gone on vacation!

Persistent offenders will of course have that privilege permanently revoked but only after they have offended a few times or have offended particularly badly.

If you are unfortunate to have gotten yourself into a situation where you are suspended for any reason you will receive an automated email telling you when your privilege will be reinstated.

If you do get such an email then take the time to ponder it and consider it a gentle nudge, a course correction, because your behaviour was clearly not in sync with the ethos of this site.

We think this is a fair system.

We don't think it's fair to have done or said something in the groups to then have you account suspended entirely. We recognise that people are earning a living by working with members on PurplePort and we want them to continue EVEN if they are persistently misbehaving in the groups.

At the extreme end of the scale is total account suspension, either for a time or permanently. We hope this will rarely be used because we hope we can all get along just nicely, play fair and abide by the rather liberal rules we have BUT should we need to we can and will suspend an account in it's entirety. If this happens to you then you won't be able to log into the site until your suspension is up...or ever again for a permanent suspension.

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